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At Wayfairer we love to read, especially those books which educate and enlighten us on different countries around the world.

In our Recommended Reading series, we regularly look at some of our favourite books set around the world, which are inspiring reads before visiting any of our destinations.

But this time we wanted to look specifically at inspirational books for the little travellers in our lives, and so we decided to create a map of some of the best children’s books set around the world that will encourage your children to explore the incredible countries around the globe.

We looked for children’s books set in every country around the world, picked out our favourite and mapped them in the beautiful map you can find below.

From tales of colourful rainforests to adventures with local wildlife and stories of globetrotting explorations, these books provide children with an insightful and educational look into the culture, environment and history of different countries from around the world.

Many of these books also boast incredible illustrations of beautiful landscapes and city skylines to provide your little one with a vision of how these different countries look. Some books, such as the Philippines’ Filipino Friends, even include educational language lessons to help your child pick up some basic phrases from different languages.

We think every one of the books included in our guide will be a fantastic read for your tiny travellers, but we do have a couple of favourite reads across some of our very own destinations.

Love to Jaixai and Vonchai, From Laos is a charming story of a young girl living in a Laotian village, which also includes delicious local recipes your little once can try out. Elsewhere, the story of Monsoon perfectly captures the sights, sounds and even smells of India as it paints the scene of the country during monsoon season, while the Rwanda tale, Banna and Bree Blown to Rwanda educates children on the threats faced by mountain gorillas in Rwanda in an accessible and entertaining way, through the story of Banna and Bree and their new friend Jastin the gorilla.

Have a look at our map below to see more children’s books set around the world, and view the full list of titles by country in the table at the bottom of this page.

Childrens books from around the world



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