Best Time To Visit Argentina

From sun-soaked summers to snowy mountain-scapes in winter, Argentina delivers a tantalising journey no matter the time of year.

Are you looking to discover the unbounded beauty of Argentina but still trying to decide when to set off?

We are here to guide you, offering all you need to know about the country’s seasonal changes. Decide on your holiday bucket list and discover the perfect time for your trip to Argentina.

Deciding when to travel to Argentina

When booking a trip to Argentina, you’ll notice the country’s versatility, expansive natural beauty and animated cultural hotspots offering a variety of holiday types. Argentina’s seasonal cycle and climatic variance do nothing but enhance this. There is no decided best time to visit Argentina.

No, the weather will not stop you from experiencing the best that Argentina has to offer, no matter the time of year.

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There are vast differences in climate depending on where you are in Argentina; its southern regions generally bring lower temperatures. It would be best if you considered the specifics of your itinerary before deciding on the time of year – or vice versa.

You are likely to capture the beauty of Argentina’s snow-capped Andes most of the year, and the glistening facades of the country’s most prominent glaciers. Contrastingly, Argentina’s subtropical northern region, especially the Chaco Region, brings warm temperatures year-round.



Summer in Argentina

Summer in Argentina falls between December and February, fostering brilliant conditions throughout the country for adventure travel. Families who adore the outdoors flock to Argentina during this time, especially those who seek winter sun holiday destinations.

Temperatures tend to sit between 16 and 30 degrees Celsius, generally hotter in the north and peaking during January. Precipitation is high in Argentina during summer, although this flourishes luscious green and lively wildlife.

Summer is attractive for travellers more adjusted to warmer temperatures, especially those who wish to explore Argentinian Patagonia. Those seeking serenity and exclusivity on their holiday in Argentina expect large crowds and high rates between December and February.

Hiking and trekking toward mountainous, lakeside scenes bring endless thrills during the summer in Argentina, making it a popular time to visit Argentina’s national parks and reserves.

Relaxing days spent on Argentina’s best beaches, like Mar del Plata and Pinamar, are also best during summer, or perhaps further aquatic adventure on white-water rafts down the Mendoza River. Visiting Mendoza at the very end of summer (February/March) is perfect for those who wish to taste the bounty of freshly harvested grapes.


Autumn in Argentina

A more temperate heat sweeps across Argentina between March and May, bringing fabulous opportunities for an Easter break paired with lower rates.

Hues of orange, green and yellow drape across Argentina’s mountainous landscapes down its western edge, complementing the colourful wildlife which comes out to play. Autumn is a fabulous season to hike and trek Argentina’s Andean region, bringing beautiful scenery and a comfortable temperature.

We think autumn is a great time to visit Argentina, as you can avoid the intense humidity of its northern rainforest region, around Iguazú Falls, and the aridness of its deserts and salt flats. Marvel at the country’s natural landmarks whilst blessed by an appealing atmosphere.

Due to shoulder season rhythms in the tourism industry, you will find fewer crowds, lower accommodation rates and a generally more peaceful vibe. Autumn in Argentina is a great time to seek stillness from your busy lifestyle back home.



Argentina in the Winter

Again, due to the country’s vastness, winter in Argentina (between June and August) can vary hugely depending on where you are. Argentinian Patagonia sees freezing temperatures, especially around Tierra del Fuego, which can be considered a subpolar region. However, you can shed some layers as you head northward.

If you want to explore Argentina’s north and northwest regions, whether this be cascading falls of its subtropical zone or the snowy peaks and rolling hills of Mendoza, winter might be the time for you.

A lack of crowds, cool temperatures, and beautiful scenery make Argentina a great summer holiday destination for those who can face a slight chill. However, expect Argentina’s urban areas to be less lively during this time, as winter for Argentines is the time for cosying up inside!

Interestingly, Argentina is also a popular skiing destination during its winter months around its Patagonian region. Among Argentina’s southernmost points, wintry towns like Ushuaia and El Calafate make for beautiful, warming stays to complement the south’s frosty winter temperament.




Spring in Argentina

Visiting Argentina in spring brings an experience comparable to autumn, with mild daytime temperatures, cool nights, and the palpable movements of nature. Wildflowers bloom across Argentina’s rural landscapes. These months are also the best time to visit Buenos Aires, as it’s brimming with the violet hues of jacarandas.

As spring arrives in Argentina, its streets come to life, the sunshine welcoming people from their warm abodes. This seasonal transition brings a dramatic shift in temperature in some areas of Argentina, especially its southern region.

Those who live on the northeastern coast welcome a pleasant warmth and muted humidity, possibly making spring, once again, the best time to go to Buenos Aires, whilst Patagonia joyfully invites spring’s mildness. Towards the end of spring, you can uncover the Argentinian summer experience but with the advantages of the shoulder season.

November sees highs of 25°C in Argentina’s subtropical region, preparing locals and visitors for beach season and welcoming you to marvel at the country’s best landmarks in a comfortable heat.

And there you have it, out detailed guide to the best time to visit Argentina.

When will you go?

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