Top tips for a tiger safari in India

Five top tips for your tiger safari in India 

Once upon a time, an unending stretch of forest formed a significant part of India’s wilderness and wildlife habitats. Today, this is divided into Panna, Bandhavgarh, Kanha, and Pench National Parks. These landscapes offer some of the best tiger safari experiences in India, bringing travellers face-to-face with the animal that denotes bravery and strength – two qualities you might want to adopt when your tantalisingly close to these rulers of the jungle. 


To get the most out of your tiger safari in India, I’ve detailed some of the best practices to adopt. Meaning, you’ll have to worry about nothing, other than enjoying yourself and creating wonderful memories. 

1. Book a tiger safari as early as possible

Tiger Reserves in India only have limited jeep capacity for park entries each day. The ticket sale begins 120 days in advance for the most popular parks and get sold out within a day or two of opening. Book in advance with your Luxury Travel Specialist to ensure that you will get access to the best zones of the park. 

Epic tiger encounters with Lotte Nash


2. Travel slow

Spend at least five to six nights to ensure that you have a good chance of having a tiger sighting, which depend on many elements: the weather and season, your driver, the naturalist guide, and pure luck. You may get lucky and have a sighting during your first tiger safari, or you may have a few drives without any sightings. To make it an enjoyable and fulfilling experience, you should not rush the process. Take it easy, take it all in, and the wildlife will follow. 

Wayfairer Travel Specialist Lotte Nash enjoying a sundowner in Satpura National Park after a day on safari


3. Visit more than one tiger reserve in India

If you want experience the best of India’s wildlife, we recommend going to at least two different parks during your holiday. For example, pairing Panna National Park with Bandhavgarh is a great way to see varied fauna and flora. Similarly, Kanha, Pench and Satpura provide a dynamic and varied experience of the jungle for those with more time on their hands. 


4. Learn about tribal culture in Madhya Pradesh

As Madhya Pradesh is mostly known for its impressive number of Bengal tigers, it is not commonly perceived as a destination for cultural immersion. However, the state has at least 40 recognised distinct tribes. The tribal sects live in harmony, and the rich population of tribal groups include the Bhil tribe the Gond, along with Baiga, Bheel, Kol and Korku – to name a few. Madhya Pradesh embraces its historical significance and culture just as much as its wildlife. It is well worth spending time learning about this on a visit. 

Experience rich culture in Madhya Pradesh alongside your tiger safari


5. Sleep in a Machaan overnight

Only for the daring! Local villagers sleep in machaans to watch over their crops during the night, mainly to protect them from being spoilt by deer. Now, some jungle lodges offer the chance to sleep under the stars on a risen star-bed or ‘machaan’ as it is locally called. It’s a romantic, once-in-a-lifetime experience where you’ll listen to the sounds of the jungle, growls and purrs of tigers and warning calls from prey. Staying in Jamtara Wilderness Camp offers this special overnight opportunity. 

Sleep under the stars at Jamtara Wilderness Camp

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