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Luxury Sri Lanka Holidays

Tea, temples, trains & traditions make up the island of Sri Lanka

Experience authentic cultures, historic destinations, diverse landscapes and exhilarating adventures on a luxury Sri Lanka holiday. Usually overlooked by its big brother and neighbour India, Sri Lanka is equally a cultural gem, but on a much more manageable scale. 

Referred to as India's Teardrop due to its geographic location & shape, Sri Lanka is a country covered with rainforests and tea plantations, the complex cultural history of Sri Lanka sits surrounded by nature.

The east coast of Sri Lanka is lined with golden sand beaches, the north is an undiscovered cultural paradise, and the central parts of the island are covered with national parks hiding elephants, leopards, buffalo and hundreds of bird species. 

Start your luxury Sri Lanka tour in the old port of Colombo, where the Portuguese, British and Dutch architectural influences have merged with Buddhist, Hindu and Muslim religious temples to create a truly multicultural capital.

Shop at the local markets brimming with fresh spices and locally picked tea leaves, wander around the important Gangaramaya Buddhist Temple or take a visit to the candy striped Jami Ul-Alfar Mosque.

Visit or stay overnight at a tea plantation and learn about the complexities of picking and processing different types of tea. Head to the southwestern city of Galle, which comprises of a dignified colonial fortress on a peninsula.

Galle offers a relaxed atmosphere and can be easily explored by foot, and if you are visiting between December and March then take a boat to glimpse whales and dolphins swimming in the nearby ocean currents.

No trip to Sri Lanka would be complete without visiting the imposing rock formation of Sigiriya. Climb the 700 stairs clinging onto the sheer vertical rock face to discover the flat peak covered with ruins of an ancient civilisation. The views of the surrounding landscape are well worth the climb.

Experience all of this and more on your Sri Lanka bespoke tour as it allows you the freedom to handcraft your holiday as you wish.

Our Sri Lanka holiday specialists will work with you from the very beginning by first understanding your vision for your trip, learning about your individual interests & needs to then tailor an itinerary that directly reflects that.

Enquire today to begin creating your luxury Sri Lanka trip.

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Featured Trips

Explore our range of Sri Lanka bespoke tours and holidays that cover the country's best regions and activities. Due to Sri Lanka's relatively small size, it allows travel between destinations to go by smoothly and fairly quickly. A luxury tour in Sri Lanka can maximise your experiences whilst minimising journey times. 

Sri Lanka is teaming with wildlife and as such offers ample wildlife encounters, a visit to national parks such as Gal Oya is a must, especially for bird enthusiasts as the park is home to over 150 species of birds. Our Luxury Tour in Sri Lanka itinerary covers the Cultural Triangle, where you will visit the Kingdom of Anuradhapura, explore Sigiriya (Lion Rock) and the ancient city of Polonnaruwa. As well as a visit to the Tea Country, a place of rolling hills covered in verdant plantations, experience the height of luxury in Sri Lanka's southern coasts and blissful beaches.

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When to visit Sri Lanka

Oddly enough, there isn’t a best time to visit Sri Lanka, as the country experiences sunshine and short downpours all year round. The official rainy season is October and November, but it can sometimes last all the way until January.

Luckily, the east and west coasts tend to have alternative weather patterns so rain can be avoided by crossing the island. The raised elevation of the tea plantations means that temperatures in the central hills are cooler all year round. Monsoons from the southwest occur during May and June, while a second monsoon season from the northeast happens between December and February.

Visiting the south between December and April lets you explore the coastal waters to see whales, dolphins and even a few flying fish as they move to warmer waters. Sri Lanka’s most important festival - the festival of the tooth - occurs around July/August depending on the lunar calendar, and involves an elaborate 6 day parade. Processions take the revered tooth of Buddha to different shrines around Kandy and the whole country, and some elephants, flock to the small city to partake in this important cultural celebration.

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Accommodations in Sri Lanka

We incorporate the top hotels in Sri Lanka on our Sri Lanka tours & holidays. From luxury 5 star resorts to smaller, more intimate, boutique accommodations, we ensure these properties are taking the initiative to positively impact their local environments & communities.

Located in the old town of Galle, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Fort Bazaar is a 17th century old building, formerly a merchant's private home which turned into a luxury, chic hotel, and ideally located for visiting Galle Fort’s historic sites and attractions.

A luxury lodge with a focus on wildlife conservation, Gal Oya Lodge is an ideal base to explore Gal Oya National Park from and to enjoy a range wildlife experiences & safaris in the park. 

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