Wayfairer Travel Guide: Mauritius

Are you planning on a trip to Mauritius? Our essential travel guide offers everything to know before setting off on your heavenly journey. 

Holidays to Mauritius offer much more than relaxing beach days. Encircled by the Indian Ocean, Mauritius Island and its smaller counterparts seep with mystery off the southeastern coast of Africa.  

A subtropical climate brings ease and contentment and intriguing landscapes tickle those who crave adventure. Rumbling volcanic terrain, sweeping rivers, and colourful coral reefs characterise Mauritius, where the dodo once roamed.  

With Wayfairer Travel, you can tailor your perfect Mauritius itinerary, wandering the island’s white sands, its winding hiking trails and culturally rich markets.  

Make a splash when visiting Mauritius with Wayfairer and make memories to last a lifetime.  



Where to go in Mauritius  

The Best Beaches in Mauritius  

Whilst Mauritius Island is small, its coastline is diverse, introducing its visitors to various beaches with unique flavours.   

One of the most popular beaches is Le Morne, a pristine stretch of sand on the southwest coast which sits ahead of the glorious Le Morne Brabant Peak (a UNESCO World Heritage Site).  

Another gorgeous beach is Tamarin Beach, which sits on Mauritius’ west coast and offers spectacular surf opportunities – you may even spot swooping dolphins if you’re lucky!  

Further opportunities for diving, swimming, and snorkelling among the barrier reef, extend from Trou aux Biches, Mont Choisy and the eastern Belle Mare. 



Black River Gorges National Park  

We encourage all our clients to venture into the wilderness of Black River Gorges National Park, one of Mauritius’ natural treasure troves.  

The Mauritius National Park welcomes curious travellers to explore its 50 kilometres of hiking trails, which wind through forested mountain terrain.  

Seventeen thousand acres of magnificent valleys, hills, rivers, and waterfalls are dressed in native forests, homing exotic bird species like the pink pigeon, wild boars, monkeys and deer.  

Watch as the white waters of Charamel Waterfall tumble downward, framed by lush greenery. Perch on the riverside, enjoy a rejuvenating picnic and absorb the curious ambience of Mauritius. 


Port Louis 

The precious capital city of Mauritius, Port Louis, has a burgeoning culture and alluring history. Remnants of its colonial history scatter Port Louis in its Citadelle Fort, its beautiful art gallery and colonial-age architecture.  

Natural beauty emerges from Port Louis’ Botanic Garden, a spectacle built in the 18th century, where scenic walks encapsulate the blend of natural and cultural beauty which defines Mauritius.  

The vibrant town of Port Louis brings colourful market stalls brimming with wandering locals and eager tourists. Experience the authentic local lifestyle of Mauritius and discover its relentless spirit.  



Things to do in Mauritius 

While Mauritius is more than a tropical beach oasis, we encourage you to clutch the serenity from its paradisical coastlines. Postcard-perfect scenes welcome days of lounging, swimming, and sipping cocktails.  

Stride further into the sparkling Indian Ocean and enjoy water-skiing, windsurfing, kayaking, and snorkelling amidst the sea life that lingers close to Mauritius’ shores.  

Meander the trails of Black River Gorges National Park, encountering giant bats and macaque monkeys, and enjoy the refreshing bounty of its river.  

Venture further into the fascinating history of Mauritius. Learn about the dodo at the Mauritius Natural History Museum or the country’s tragic colonial past at the Le Morne Brabant or L’Aventure du Sucre.  

Why not immerse yourself in the country’s thriving culture during your trip to Mauritius? Visit Hindu temples, where Mauritius’ Indian culture flourishes, or wander along the vibrant markets boasted by Port Louis.  



When to visit Mauritius  

The weather in Mauritius is part of what makes it such a beloved holiday destination, bringing sunshine year-round. Mauritius’ permanently pleasant temperament fits the mould for both summer and winter sun holidays for those in the northern hemisphere.  

You will only find a winter/summer seasonal transition in Mauritius, gradually alternating between humid heat and cool breezes. Mauritius’ winter (May-October) and summer (November-April) are popular, attracting fewer crowds in the shoulder months. 

 For more information on the best time to visit Mauritius, read our blog


Where to stay in Mauritius  

Embrace the idyllic coastline of Mauritius at the elegant oceanside accommodation LUX Le Morne, which sits at the foot of the Le Morne Brabant Mountain. Blending Mauritius’ wilderness with peaceful white-sanded beaches, this resort captures the essence of the island paradise.  

Stay at Zilwa Attitude, perched on the Mauritius north coast, a hotel which embraces the island’s cultural diversity. Explore the private islands owned by the hotel, striding out from the main island of Mauritius on a kayak or pedal boat. 

Another unique Mauritius hotel is the stunning SALT of Palmar, which overlooks the idyllic Quatre Coco Beach on the East Coast. Wander local villages gleaming with culture, explore the wilderness of the East Coast and wind down in the SALT spa.  



 Mauritius itinerary ideas 

Mauritius certainly packs enough excitement for a two-week itinerary. Start by traversing Black River Gorges National Park or trekking Le Morne Brabant Mountain. Complete your holiday on Mauritius’ enchanting coastline, accented by cultural landmarks. 

Why not expand your African bucket list, blending an incredible luxury holiday in Mauritius with a safari escapade in South Africa, balancing adventure with relaxation?  

Check out our fabulous Mauritius 10-day itinerary, which journeys from the iconic Kruger to the velvety sands of Mauritius. Beginning with a bewildering South Africa safari adventure, our Luxury Kruger & Mauritius Holiday is just one example of what you can discover on a holiday to Mauritius.  

Luxury Kruger & Mauritius Holiday Itinerary


Responsible travel in Mauritius 

Mauritius is especially vulnerable to climate change due to its geography. Its colonial history has also had a huge impact, so the country’s government has started making efforts to rebuild its forests. Visit the Ebony Forest project to join the country’s reforestation journey. 

You can help by not littering, avoiding single-use plastics and being mindful of your choice of accommodation. Make sure only to go scuba diving with water sports centres with a PADI Green Star certification.  

Speak to a Wayfairer Travel Specialist to learn more about travelling responsibly to Mauritius.  


Travel Essentials 

  • Getting to Mauritius: Fly to Sit Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport in southeast Mauritius or arrive by boat to Port Louis. You can fly direct from the UK on an avg. 12-hour flight or from the west coast of the USA on two avg. 12-hour flights.   
  • Currency: The official currency in Mauritius is the Mauritian Rupee. 1 Mauritian Rupee = 0.018 GBP or 0.023 USD 

  •  Language: English is the official language in Mauritius, but the country’s people also speak French and Creole.  

  •  Entry Requirements: UK and US passport holders do not require a visa to enter Mauritius.  

  •  Vaccinations: COVID-19 vaccination status is not necessary for travelling to Mauritius. Most travellers are only recommended to take the Tetanus vaccination, with some also being recommended Hepatitis A, B, Rabies and Typhoid jabs, depending on age and health.  

Check for the latest information on health-related entry requirements to Mauritius before your holiday.

So, there you have it, our advice on visiting Mauritius, hit the enquire button to find out how you can make your dream Mauritius holiday a reality.


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