Our Top Reasons for Visiting India

Have a look at some of the incredible sites to visit during your trip to India 

India is a world in one country, where 5,000 years of cultural and natural history have interwoven beautifully. Being the birthplace of four global religions, India embodies an amalgamation of cultural influences, exhibited in its art, architecture, and cuisine. 

Between grand historical monuments and bustling modern quarters are regions of spell-binding natural beauty. From the world-renowned peaks of the Himalayas to the glimmering Marble Rock Gorges in Madhya Pradesh, there are hundreds of natural wonders along India’s most intimate paths. 

Read on to discover our top reasons for visiting India and why we think holidays in India offer something uniquely mind-blowing.   


 India Is Known For Its Mouth-Watering Cuisine 

 Holidays in India captivate all five senses, tingling the taste buds of even the fussiest eaters.  

However, India’s authentic cuisine offers mind-blowing flavour combinations from spicy to sweet for those with more adventurous taste buds.  

Finding the best food in India perhaps feels bewildering due to the country’s mind-blowing vastness and cultural diversity. Northern and southern India offer slightly different cuisines, including a delectable spectrum of vegetarian and meat-based dishes. 

 You will find bustling markets in many of India’s cities (Delhi, Mumbai, Jodhpur), where food stalls and restaurants welcome you to taste local delicacies. Try the delicious savoury crepes named Dosa, in the north, or the warming mutton curry called Jungly Mas, in the south. Stride into the sweeter territory and taste the adored traditional Jalebi, widely found in street markets.  

Ask a Wayfairer Travel Specialist about our “A Taste of India Culinary Tour” to discover the best food in India. 




Encounter the Dazzling Indian Culture   

The unstoppable spirit of India sprouts from the country’s fascinating culture. India is home to communities with unique cultures, resonating through the country’s cuisine, traditional dress, music, and art. The colour of India’s fascinating cultural web is splashed around its villages, cities, and unmarked trails. 

Much of this heritage begins with the diverse religions practised around the country. Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism and Jainism were born in ancient India and embodied by a tapestry of customs that vary from north to south. Various vibrant festivals occur annually in India, ranging from the flowery ‘rangoli’ and bright lights of Hindu Diwali to the artistic endeavours of the Gujarat Kite Festival. 

Experience the Buzz of India’s Modern Sectors 

India’s rich ancient heritage is exhibited throughout the country, creating an intriguing contrast with the modern, trendy neighbourhoods in many Indian cities. India’s culture is ever-thriving, constantly introducing innovative twists on art, performance, and cuisine in India’s cosmopolitan areas.  

Experience the modern movements of India in its capital city, New Delhi, where boutique shopping paradises sit near fashionable bazaars. Touring Old Delhi and New Delhi, a fascinating insight into India’s historic and modern cultural landscapes can easily be attained.  

Visit Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya, where the fruits of India’s thriving cultures are manifested in exciting music events, trendy cafes, and picturesque golf courses. Holidays in India bring you a spell-binding range of opportunities, perfect for history lovers and boho travellers alike.  




Learn About India’s Captivating History 

Twisting tales seem to seep from the walls of India’s most significant historical monuments, echoing the feeling of ancient lives. India’s timeline begins with the Indus Valley Civilisation in approximately 3300 BCE, stretching to today, transitioning through eras and dynasties, each with their own fascinating history. 

India’s most famous landmark, the Taj Mahal, is a pillar of Indian history on the Yamnua River bank. The colossal building tells enthralling tales of the 17th-century Mughal Empire. Explore the hundreds of imperial forts resurrected around rural Rajasthan, listening to the evocative stories told by your local guide as you are pulled into India’s grandest eras.  

Check out our incredible “Rural Rajasthan”, a 17-day India itinerary, beginning in iconic Delhi and ending ahead of the magnificent “Jewel of Jairpur” Amber Fort: 

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Encounter The Abundance of Bengal Tigers In India 

India is home to a tapestry of incredible wildlife communities, crowning its expansive grasslands and forests with flourishing ecosystems. Setting off on an Indian safari is a brilliant way to encounter these magnificent animals. 

Surprisingly, safaris are a very accessible experience to embark on during a trip to India - the country is home to numerous national parks and wildlife reserves that protect their wild inhabitants. Ranthambore National Park, Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve and Kanha Tiger Reserve are all fabulous options, ranging in their concentration of Bengal tigers but staying true to their responsible ethos.  





Gaze At India’s Other-worldly Landscapes 

Broaden your mind before visiting India, as the country’s topography is amazingly varied, matching the diversity of its cultures. India’s vastness means that the best places to visit in India for natural beauty may not squeeze into a short itinerary. If you wish to encounter India’s most beautiful scenery, be prepared for an adventure! 

Beginning with the majesty of the Himalayas, you may journey through the dramatic slopes and cold desert climate of Nubra Valley. Perhaps you wish to explore India’s lush landscapes around southern India’s tropical forests and winding lagoons in Kerala.  

Further estuary beauty awaits you at Lonar Lake, its deep pink hues resemble something from a fairy-tale land. Making the cherry on top of India’s natural beauty, the country’s coastline is punctuated by palm-framed beaches in Goa, Calangute or Varkala.  




Artwork and Architecture  

The spirit of Indian culture oozes from its world-famous landmarks, hidden corners, and remote villages. The country’s religious heritage has sprouted awe-inspiring artworks which gleam with distinctive periodic styles. Visit the abundance of incredible art galleries dotted around Indian cities, like the Jehangir Art Gallery in Mumbai or the Jaganmohan Palace Art Gallery.  

Incredibly intricate architecture distinguishes many of India’s monuments, its numerous palaces and fortresses demonstrating the grandeur of its imperial past. The many temples in India exhibit the varied religious influences of Indian culture, containing elaborate shrines and each standing out uniquely in style.  

The carefully carved Ajanta Caves (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) and the Buddhist Brihadeeswara Temple on the Cauvery River bank resound with ancient voices. The geometric style of India’s modern architecture, like the Hall of Nations in New Delhi, contrasts beautifully with the country’s countless heritage sites.  




An Incredible Range of Accommodation  

From spectacular palaces to humble tree houses amidst tiger reserves, India offers a dazzling range of hotels across its 28 states. Many of its palace-like hotels resemble the baffling architecture of India’s historic buildings, welcoming you to revel in the splendour of Indian culture. Crowning this beautifully is India’s famed hospitality. 

If you’re looking for something more down to earth, an abundance of eco-stays and safari lodges blend luxury with natural beauty. Sleep close to the heart of India in Jamtara Wilderness Camp or the Lungmar Remote Camp, experiencing the country’s rich biodiversity in an incredibly intimate way. 

Speak to a Wayfairer Travel Specialist and learn more about the spectacular hotels and lodges which enhance all holidays in India. 

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