Botswana Safari: Where to go, where to stay and what to see

Thinking about visiting Botswana? Read our guide to to the best places to go

Are you hoping to set off on a dreamy Botswana safari holiday? Does its abundance of camps and reserves leave you bewildered with where to go?  

Leave it in our hands.

With Wayfairer, you have the opportunity to experience Botswana at its core, unveiling its raw spirit, encountering its liberated wilderness and staying in beautiful safari camps.

Here’s our “top tip” list of must-visits as you embark on a Botswana Safari, capturing the very best wildlife opportunities that the country has to offer.

Read on to uncover our favourite five destinations and the authentic Botswana safari lodgeswhich are homed there.

  1. Okavango Delta
  2. Central Kalahari Game Reserve
  3. Chobe National Park
  4. Kwando-Linyanti Region
  5. The Great Salt Pans


Okavango Delta

Truly a staple of any Botswana safari holiday, the northern Okavango Delta welcomes explorers to savours its photo-ready wetland landscapes. 

The Okavanga Delta is widely known to offer some of the best safaris in Botswana. Whether you travel by boat or 4x4, you find your eyes darting upwards and downwards. Whilst 85 species of fish loiter in its marshlands, 530 beautiful species of bird feed off its nutrients above.

The region’s dynamic eco-systems shift with the seasons, offering a slightly different experience depending on when you visit. However, its rich biodiversity flourishes year-round, dazzling visitors with up-close sightings of elephants, buffalo, hippos and big cats.

 Begin a life-changing “Botswana Safari & Victoria Falls” trip with a journey through the Okavango Delta.

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Where to stay

Visit the widely revered Moremi Game Reserve for once-in-a-lifetime safari trips mixed with cultural immersion.

Experience the Okavango Delta’s aquatic grandeur, stay at Pom Pom Camp, a hidden gem surrounded by the region’s mirror-like waterways. Embark on a boat cruise and explore the channels via mokoro.

For something a little different, the semi-mobile Pangolin Photo Camp brings you an intimate look into the delta. Brim your photo album with dazzling, up-close opportunities and learn the detailed art of wildlife photography.

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Central Kalahari Game Reserve

The Central Kalahari Game Reserve is another iconic Botswana safari spot. The reserve is nestled into the lush grasslands of the Kalahari Desert, but starkly contrasts the island landscapes of the Okavango Delta.  

Expect a semi-arid savannah, where a plethora of wildlife wanders, from the majestic black-maned lion to swooping birds of prey. The Central Kalahari is also home to brown and spotted hyena, mongoose and mobs of meerkats.

Alongside enthralling game drives, the remoteness of the reserve brings a sought-after sense of seclusion. Enjoy exclusive star-gazing excursions and nature walks into the untouched beauty of the Central Kalahari.

Discover more about the Central Kalahari Game Reserve and begin your adventure:

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Where to stay

The Central Kalahari Game Reserve homes a selection of exquisite Botswana safari lodges, ranging in their level of luxury and responsibility.

The luxurious tented camp of Evolve Back Kalahari enriches the solitude of the Central Kalahari. You are provided an expert guiding hand as you explore the 11,000 acre reserve, where the plains zebra and blue wildebeest roam freely.

Uncover further treasures of Botswana’s private concessions in the comfortable private oasis of Deception Valley Lodge. This intimate camp is surrounded by 43,000-hectares of undisrupted wilderness, on the border of the game reserve.



Chobe National Park

Just to the east of the Okavango Delta, Chobe National Park encloses 11,700-sqkm of immaculate terrain. The northern boundary of the park is shaped by the Chobe River, feeding into watering spots for giraffe, buffalo and blue wildebeest.

Chobe was established in 1967 as the first Botswana national park, inviting intrepid travellers to seek the treasures of Southern Africa. From this flourished lively wildlife communities, including 120,000 African elephants and a number of endangered African wild dogs.

This tapestry of wildlife has sprouted from Chobe’s copiously diverse landscapes. From the Chobe Riverfront extends sprawling floodplains, marshes and Riverine Forest, offering safaris via boat, 4x4 or foot.  

Find out more about Chobe National Park and become inspired today:

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Where to stay

There is an array of beautiful safari lodges dot around Chobe National Park.

Chobe Bakwena Lodge is one of our favourites, bringing you easy access to the national park as well as blissfully comfortable accommodation. Blend your exceptional Botswana safari with luxurious amenities and al fresco dinners.

Sleep under the stars at Savute Under Canvas, an off-the-grid lodge which embraces the quintessential peace of Chobe National Park. Wake up to nature’s chorus and spend your days absorbing the magnificence of Mother Nature.

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Kwando-Selinda-Linyanti Region

A spectrum of fascinating safari experiences await you, tucked into the northernmost region of Botswana. Venturing through Linyanti, Kwando and Selinda, you discover some of the best safaris in Botswana, crowned by picture-perfect scenery.

Enjoy the serene remoteness of the region, which encompasses the winding waterways of the Kwando, Selinda Spillway and Linyanti rivers. The surrounding floodplains and woodlands home a quintessential array of Botswana wildlife, including warthog, baboon, zebra and agile big cats.

The region mostly comprises of private concessions, supporting the revival of endangered species. Witness imposing herds of antelope, including waterbucks, reedbucks, kudus and impalas, snapping photos to your heart’s content.




Where to stay

Between boat trips along the Linyanti River, 4x4 game drives and footed safari trails, sink into the remote tranquillity of Selinda Camp. This stay crowns an adventurous Botswana itinerary, finding an ideal balance between relaxation and discovery.

Traverse the gripping trails of Kwando’s marshlands, retiring to the immersive setting of Lebala Camp, a luxury abode injected with Botswana’s spirit. Sleep in bliss and enjoy its peaceful riverside ambience.

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The Great Salt Pans

Uncover the changing faces of Botswana, stepping into the moonlike landscapes of the Great Salt Pans. You are welcomed by a remarkable natural phenomenon, made up of the Makgadikgadi Pans and the Nxai Pan.

Here, you are introduced to a Botswana safari like no other. Areas of lush grassland pose a stark contrast to the vast expanse of salty white, where intriguing wildlife roams. You you will encounter wild dogs and hyenas, charismatic meerkat colonies, lions and cheetahs. 

Get your safari checklist out and expect spellbinding scenery and an eclectic safari past a tapestry of wildlife, from elephants to springboks.  

Experience the unmatched essence of the Great Salt Pans as part of a luxury Botswana Family Safari.




Where to stay

Embrace the quirk of the Great Salt Pans, staying in accommodations which bring you close to its surreal landscapes.

Nxai Pan Camp is your ideal stay in the Nxai Pan, standing out from other Botswana safari camps through its perfected blend of luxury and cultural immersion. Here, you can sink into comfortable and stylish rooming, enjoy full-board dining and embark on exciting game drives. 

Absorb the unbroken beauty of the Great Salt Pans, sleeping in the simple bliss of Camp Kalahari, where 12 Meru-style tents are completely encompassed by pure wilderness.

Absorb the unbroken beauty of the Great Salt Pans, sleeping in the simple bliss of Camp Kalahari, where 12 Meru-style tents are completely encompassed by pure wilderness.

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