Best Places to Visit in Japan for Families 


Discover the joys of Japan on a remarkable adventure through its innovative theme parks and charming landscapes. 


Why embark on a Japan family holiday? 

Japan’s fascinating web of culture, history and elaborate art heritage seems to demand a more mature holiday crowd. Rest assured, however, that Japan’s wild and beautiful qualities appeal to younger eyes, too.  

Japan’s characteristic blend of historic splendour and modern whimsicality has made it one of the world’s best family holiday destinations.  

Whether you wish to stick to the traditional sightseeing in Japan or venture into something more modern and eccentric, there is an abundance of mind-blowing things to do in Japan.  

Visiting Japan with family 

Generally, the best places to visit in Japan are open to all ages, welcoming young people to discover the country’s culture and history. But what is a family holiday without a generous pinch of fun? 

Here are our top eight best places to visit in Japan to build a family itinerary which will educate, entertain and inspire: 

1. Disneyland Tokyo  

2. Okinawa Island 

3. Universal Studios 

 4. Happo-en Garden 

5. Niseko Ski Resort 

6. Jigokudani Monkey Park 

7. Nara Park 

 8. Ghibli Park 



1. Disneyland Tokyo 

As your kids reflect on their time in Japan, you want their memories filled with colour. What better way to animate the family holiday album than with a trip to Disneyland, where everyone’s favourite childhood movies come to life? 

Located in Urayasu, near Tokyo, Japan’s Disneyland captivates the imagination of all ages, merging fantasy and reality to create a world where happiness is the currency. Seven themed lands make up the park, offering musical parades, Disney-themed dining, and thrilling attractions.  

Tokyo Disneyland enchants your holiday in Japan with something special. Check out our “Family Summer Holiday to Japan” and include a trip to Disneyland in your next Japan itinerary:   


2. Okinawa Island  


A favourite amongst Japan’s smaller islands, Okinawa epitomises the subtropical beauty which emerges from Japan’s geographical diversity. Okinawa allures those who seek Japan at its most intimate, enticing climate and remote sandy shores bring a peaceful serenity to any Japan holiday. 

Calming seaside walks and authentic Japanese dinners at your family resort are balanced with wildlife spotting, snorkelling and fun water sports. Zanpa Beach is famous for being especially kid-friendly, with a low-sloped coastline and family kayak adventures.   

For a taste of history, visit Okinawa’s Nakijin Castle Ruins, a UNESCO World Heritage Site which brings the perfect overtone of culture to your thrilling Japan family holiday. 


3. Universal Studios, Osaka 

Another of the most beloved Japan tourist attractions, Universal Studios is like a Disneyland for older kids, located in the modern hub of Osaka. Rollercoaster lovers are in their element at Universal Studios - and those who prefer to stay on their feet are equally happy! 

Marvel at the magnificent Wizarding World of Harry Potter, where butter beer, broomsticks and the Hogwarts Express are all at your fingertips. Whizz around the colourful corners of Super Nintendo World, battling Bowser and saving Peach before settling down for a delicious family dinner.  

Sounds like something you’d like? Why not book our Family Summer Holiday itinerary to Japan? 





  1. 4. Happo-en Garden, Tokyo

Welcome your little ones into the warm embrace of old-world Japan, where vibrant flora blooms and majestic koi fish swoop. Happo-en Garden epitomises the beauty of traditional Japanese gardens, offering scenic spots that reverberate with the Edo period’s grandeur. 

Beautiful tea houses offer delectable Japanese sweets along with dainty bonsai, colourful cherry trees, and a shimmering koi pond. Tour Happo-en Gardens, leading your little ones backwards on Japan’s complex timeline to a place where nature holds centre stage.  



5. Niseko, Hokkaido

Encourage your family to release their adventurous side, striding into a lesser-known face of the country on a Japan ski holiday. Skiing in Japan can be an incredibly diverse experience, as the country’s northernmost island, Hokkaido, is brimming with stunning landscapes which offer more than just winter sports.  


Niseko is our favourite option for skiing in Japan, combining thrilling adventure sports like skiing and snowboarding with tranquillising onsen facilities and lush dining venues. The whole family can find peace, whether rushing down snowy slopes or reclining in a steamy hot spring bath. 





  1. 6. Jigokudani Monkey Park, Nagano

This mesmerising park is located in Tamanouchi, in the Nagano Prefecture, and is the only place in the world where monkeys bathe in hot springs. Japanese Macaques are fluffy and very social, often called snow monkeys (how adorable!)  

Walk along the entrance path past playful macaques, toward the manmade hot spring bath where bundles of monkeys relax and bond. Make sure to visit between December and March to unearth the celestial beauty of Japan’s snowy landscapes, perhaps staying in a relaxing ryokan (traditional Japanese inn) and reclining in hot spring baths yourself!   

Speak to a Wayfairer Travel Specialist to find out more about visiting Japan in winter or browse our other family-friendly itineraries. 


  1. 7. Nara Park, Nara 

Nara Park inspires those families enthralled by Japan’s cultural and natural richness. The park is one of Japan’s oldest and lies at the foot of Mount Wakakusa, steeped in history and geographic curiosity. All this makes Nara Park a must-visit Japan family destination.  

Dotted around Nara Park’s sweeping green are very friendly bundles of free-roaming deer. Your little ones can purchase crackers to feed the deer, enkindling a close bond with Japan’s wild heart.   

Nara Park also houses two Buddhist temples, Tōdai-ji and Kofuku-ji, which are magnificent spectacles of Japan’s ancient heritage. 




  1. 8. Ghibli Park, Nagakute

Studio Ghibli represents the distinctive artistry of Japan’s animation industry, bringing us spell-binding films like Spirited Away and Howl’s Moving Castle. Ghibli’s animation style has struck a chord with the entire world, stirring nostalgia in its adult audience and curiosity in children. 

Ghibli Park is located in Nagakute, on the outskirts of Nagoya, brimming your day out with studio secrets, exhibitions and awe-inspiring world reconstructions. Skip along the other-worldly paths of Dondoko Forest, the world of My Neighbour Totoro, and discover the intricacy of Mononoke Village.  

Discover the whimsical wonders of Ghibli Park as part of a riveting adventure around Japan on our Family Summer Holiday to Japan: 

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