Dale and Pamela's Antarctica adventure

A long-awaited trip of a lifetime to Antarctica

In January 2023, Dale and Pamela set off on their long-awaited trip of a lifetime to Antarctica for an expedition cruise to explore the surreal and incredible sights of the continent's wild ocean waters, glaciers and unique wildlife. 

Here's what they had to say about their Antarctica trip: 

“My wife and I recently returned from an expedition cruise to Antarctica partly arranged through Wayfairer. This was our third time using Wayfairer to plan and book our vacation (Namibia and Tanzania earlier) and I would highly recommend them. We could have booked this cruise on our own, but I decided to use Wayfairer for the extra level of service they provide. This trip was originally scheduled for a year earlier, but as COVID cases were rapidly rising, the cruise company cancelled the trip (and the remaining trips that season) at the last minute. Wayfairer was able to assist in the rebooking and scored a major upgrade in our room during the process. They handled the little details and ensured that we were ready with everything needed for our cruise A trip to Antarctica is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and I can't recommend it enough. The scenery was absolutely stunning and we returned with amazing photos and memories to last a lifetime. A big shout out to our Wayfairer concierge Toon who made sure we had a great trip.”

All images © Dale Johnson 

Taking in the spectacular views

Taking in the spectacular views

Some penguins spotted from the ship

Some penguins spotted from the ship

Day 1-3

Dale and Pamela flew into Buenos Aires and checked into the Buenos Aires Marriott, which they had booked, for 3 nights. They spent their days exploring the historic streets, taking in the sites and relaxing before their adventure began. 

Day 4

They jumped onto their flight from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia in Southern Argentina, where on arrival they stayed overnight at Hotel Albatross for a relaxing evening preparing for their expedition.

Day 5 

After breakfast they set off on their cruise. They embarked from a small resort town on Tierra del Fuego nicknamed ‘The End of the World’, as it's the southernmost town on the planet. That evening they sailed through the mountain-lined Beagle Channel and settled in for the night in their Grand Suite aboard their ship, The Hondius.

Balcony of the Grand Suite on The Hondius

Balcony of the Grand Suite on The Hondius

The Grand Suite on The Hondius

The Grand Suite on The Hondius


Days 6-7

For the next few days whilst crossing the Drake Passage, Dale and Pamela got to experience the cool, salty breeze of the southwest Atlantic, keeping an eye out for polar wildlife as they cruised.  Crossing the Drake Passage can take upto two days before passing into the cooler waters of the Antarctic upwelling zone, where the environment and marine life begin to change.  


Days 8-13

Over the next six days their ship sailed on through iconic views of snowy peaks and broken ice towers, past the Melchoir Islands and Schollaert channel and they slunk between Brabant and Anvers islands. At the Neumayer Channell the vessel took a pause on its journey so that the passengers could enjoy activities at sea such as kayaking and some land activities such as snowshoe hikes or soft-climb mountaineering. 

At the Pleneau & Petermann Islands, they went searching and found penguins, they also encountered humpback whale and leopard seals, which were all at the top of the bucket list! 

Near the end of their incredible trip, they passed the Melchoir Islands and headed back out into the open sea.

They managed to see so many extrordinary animals

They managed to see so many extrordinary animals

Whale spotting

Whale spotting

Days 14-15 

On their return voyage, during the crossing of the Drake, they were surrounded by a vast amount of seabirds with familiar sightings from the previous journey south, whilst they enjoyed their final night aboard. 


Days 16 

Sadly, the end was in sight, and after a final breakfast onboard their ship and saying goodbye to the expedition team and passengers, they stepped back on land in Ushuaia.  Later that day, they boarded their flight back to Buenos Aires and where they stayed overnight at the Hilton Buenos Aires. 


Day 17 

Dale and Pamela enjoyed a final day in Buenos Aires to spend at their leisure before they took their final flight back home in the evening. They took their flight home to Seattle finishing off their adventurous once-in-a-lifetime holiday having made the best memories. 




We understand that booking trips, especially adventurous and alternative ones such as this can be intimidating, so get in touch; we can take the stress out of your holiday planning and organise a trip you won’t forget!  


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