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Idyllic beaches with soft white sand and sapphire waters; exotic honeymoons await

Zanzibar is an exotic island paradise, encircled by some of the world's most amazing beaches. Lounge on the sugary white sand, swim in the crystal waters, and dive and snorkel through the stunning coral reefs; Zanzibar is the perfect way to end an adventurous holiday in Africa. 

The country is a haven for honeymoon trips, family holidays and those in need of some rest and relaxation after the action-packed safaris of the outback. Choose from any of our luxurious hotel recommendations, that range from honeymoon resorts to boutique beach lodges.

For those looking for more adventurous wildlife experiences, Zanzibar's oceans are brimming with an incredible array of marine life. World class snorkelling and diving provides the opportunity to swim with shoals of dazzling fish, float alongside the giant whale sharks that frequent the waters, and see pods of playful dolphins frolicking nearby. 

Beyond the palm-fringed coastline and clear blue skies, Zanzibar is a historical and cultural gem. With an eclectic mix of African, Arabic, Indian and European influence, the town is a vibrant hub of food, markets and attractions. 

Explore the world heritage site of Stone Town, the most important trading port in the Indian Ocean. The maze of alleyways are filled with colourful bazaars of clothing and spices, and you'll discover why Zanzibar is nicknamed 'the Spice Islands'. 

Turn a corner to see the amazing Sultan's Palace, the Portuguese Fort or the house of David Livingstone, before spending the afternoon soaking in a steaming Persian bath.

It's worth spending some time on the more relaxed islands of Pemba and Mafia, two breathtaking destinations that remain untouched by mass tourism 

Pemba Island is cloaked in alluring forest and lush valleys, offering an authentic Swahili experience away from the crowds. Since Pemba receives fewer tourists than Zanzibar's main island, the locals are just as curious about your life as you are of theirs, and you'll have the opportunity to experience some special cultural exchanges.

Mafia Island is completely laid-back, unspoiled and often described as what Zanzibar was like 30 years ago. It's unbelievably crystal blue waters are rich in wildlife and the diverse array of marine, mangrove and coral reef ecosystems are protected within a spectacular marine park.

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Example Zanzibar Trips

Our Kenya & Zanzibar Honeymoon is perfect for honeymooners looking to combine a unique adventure with a blissful beach paradise, while our lavish Luxury Kenya & Zanzibar Holiday can be customised for a romantic retreat or an extraordinary trip with friends. Explore the iconic Selous and Serengeti of Tanzania, then relax on the pristine islands with our Selous and Zanzibar Holiday or the Northern Tanzania Safari & Zanzibar holiday. Experience the ultimate African adventure with our Gorillas, Masai Mara & Zanzibar holiday, as you trek through the Virunga Mountains of Rwanda to meet gorillas, go on safari through Kenya's spectacular Masai Mara, then fly to Mafia Island to swim with whale sharks.

Best times to visit Zanzibar

Zanzibar boasts warm temperatures and blue skies most of the year, with guaranteed sun between June and September. This is the best time to visit as the ocean will be calm and clear and all the beach resorts are open. On the mainland, the annual great migration of wildebeest is occurring across the Serengeti in Tanzania and the Maasai Mara in Kenya, so your Zanzibar holiday can be combined with this spectacular event.

The months of January and February are dry but the months of March, April and May bring heavy daily downpours which restrict activities, delay travel and bring high levels of humidity. A second, smaller rainy season falls in November and December, but these showers usually last only a few hours and can be quite enjoyable.

Where to go in Zanzibar

Zanzibar is a breathtaking archipelago made up of several islands. Zanzibar Island (known as Unguja) is the main island where you'll find historic Stone Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a cultural melting pot of architecture, food, and alluring bazaars. Kick of your shoes and wander down the soft sandy beaches to see the Maasai, Swahili and Indian traders dressed in traditional attire as they go about their daily lives. 

Venture to the outer islands of Pemba and Mafia and be transported back in time, as you enter a tranquil world that remains untainted by mass tourism. These idyllic islands are absolutely pristine, boasting some of the finest beaches in the world and incredible marine life in protected marine reserves. Explore the lush jungle, traditional Swahili culture, and dive the gorgeous coral gardens to meet whale sharks, dolphins, turtles and huge shoals of luminous fish. Near Mafia Island is The Pinnacle, an impressive rock formation, home to moray eels, lobsters and occasionally manta rays.

Zanzibar Island Stone Town view from above
Mafia Island aerial view
Turquoise ocean and white sand beaches of Pemba Island near Zanzibar
Aerial view of tropical Zanzibar Island's beautiful beaches

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Accommodation in Zanzibar

Hotels in Zanzibar offer the best in luxurious, intimate accommodation with a choice of private island getaways, villas melting onto powdery white beaches, and luxury bungalows tucked away in tropical gardens. The Residence Zanzibar is an incredible luxury resort set on the beach in the southwest of the island. This secluded hideaway is seconds from Zanzibar's blissful shores and each villa boasts its own dreamy infinity pool. Unguja Lodge is a small luxury boutique lodge with only 12 bungalows, set on the southern tip of Zanzibar in the perfect location to access the island's unspoiled diving spots and nearby pods of dolphins. For those venturing to the pristine Mafia Island, a stay at Butiama Beach Lodge is the perfect way to unwind in nature, with luxury bungalows tucked in a tropical palm grove right on the beach, and hammocks on the verandas to relax and enjoy the ocean breeze.

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