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Idyllic beaches with soft white sand and sapphire waters; exotic honeymoons await

Zanzibar is an exotic island paradise, circled by long white sandy beaches and crystal waters; the ideal ending to an adventurous safari.

Zanzibar is a mixture of African and Arab culture, with a backdrop of tropical palm trees and clear blue skies. The country effortlessly caters for honeymooners, families and those in need of a little rest and relaxation after safaris into the outback.

Choose one of our luxurious hotel offerings and spend your days drinking cocktails by the pool or coconuts on the long sandy beaches.

The nearby ocean has an incredible array of marine life on display, so go swimming with schools of brightly coloured fish or float alongside the giant whale sharks that frequent the nearby waters.

Explore the world heritage site of Stone Town, the most important trading port in the Indian Ocean, and wander down the maze of alleyways to discover bazaars of clothing and spices.

Turn a corner to be amazed at the Sultan's Palace, the Portuguese Fort or the house of David Livingstone, before spending the afternoon soaking in a Persian bath. Stone Town is the embodiment of Zanzibar's nickname 'the Spice Islands'.

It's worth spending a night or two on the more relaxed islands of Pemba and Mafia. Pemba island is covered in dense forest and green valleys, just waiting to be explored.

Pemba offers you an authentic Swahili experience, as they receive fewer tourists than Zanzibar's main island, and locals will as curious about your lives as you are of theirs. Mafia island is completely laid-back, unspoiled and often described as what Zanzibar was like 30 years ago.


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Featured Trips

Thanks to its location, most visitors combine a trip to Zanzibar with one of our other destinations. Since Kenya is just across the water, consider a Kenya and Zanzibar Honeymoon, or for those already married our Luxury Kenya and Zanzibar Holiday is just as romantic. Check out the magnificent Selous Game Reserve or the stunning Serengeti National Park, both in Tanzania before your beach time. For a truly African Adventure, trek through the Virunga Mountains of Rwanda to meet gorillas, and then fly to Mafia island to swim with whale sharks.

When To Go

Zanzibar boasts warm temperatures and blue skies most of the year, with guaranteed sun between June and September. This is the best time to visit as the ocean will be calm and clear and all the resorts open. On the mainland, the annual great migration of wildebeest is occurring across the Serengeti and Maasai Mara national parks, so your Zanzibar trip can be combined with this spectacular event.

The months of January and February are dry and a great time to escape British winter, but in March, April and May, heavy downpours occur daily which restrict activities, delay travel and bring high levels of humidity. A second, smaller rainy season falls in November and December, but these usually last only a few hours and can be quite enjoyable.

Where To Go

Stone Town is one of Zanzibar’s most interesting areas, as it has been an important port and a cultural melting pot for centuries. The heritage town features influences from Arabs, Persians, Europeans and the original Swahili residents, making for interesting architecture and exciting bazaars. Wander down the long white beaches of Zanzibar and watch the traditionally attired Maasai, Swahili and Indian traders going about their daily lives in paradise. Visit the more rustic Mafia Island and relax in a hammock, or explore the beaches and blue lagoons.

Get off the islands and onto the water by taking a traditional boat trip across the crystal clear waters, hop into the waves for snorkelling or even windsurfing. There are also great diving spots in the archipelago: dive the marine reserve around Mnemba Island with whale sharks, dolphins, turtles and hundreds of different fish species. Near Mafia Island is The Pinnacle; an impressive rock formation, home to moray eels, lobsters and occasionally manta rays.

Zanzibar Island Stone Town view from above
Mafia Island aerial view
Turquoise ocean and white sand beaches of Pemba Island near Zanzibar
Aerial view of tropical Zanzibar Island's beautiful beaches

Call us on 0203 143 4293 to speak with our Africa Team and begin planning your bespoke & private Zanzibar holiday


Accommodation in Zanzibar

Our Zanzibar accommodation offerings are a mix of private island getaways, villas backing up onto powdery-white beaches and bungalows hidden in tropical gardens. The Residence Zanzibar is a spacious luxury resort in the south west of the island, and the secluded hideaway backs up onto the beach for easy access, and each villa has their own infinity pool. At the southern tip of Zanzibar is the Unguja Lodge, a small boutique lodge with only 12 bungalows, Unguja is the perfect location to access some of Zanzibar’s unspoiled diving spots or take a boat trip to see dolphins. Mafia island remains almost untouched by tourism and offers you a chance to truly unwind in nature. Butiama Beach Lodge offers bungalows tucked in a tropical palm grove, right on the beach, with hammocks on the verandahs to unwind and enjoy the ocean breeze.

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Call us on 0203 143 4293 to speak with our Africa Team and begin planning your bespoke & private Zanzibar holiday


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