Holiday Packing Calculator: How Much Can You Really Fit in Your Suitcase?

Discover how many items you can take on your next trip by using a handy holiday packing calculator

Everyone loves going on holiday, but virtually no one likes packing for a holiday.

There is so much stress involved with the entire process: remembering to pack everything you need, worrying you’ve forgotten something, arguing with your significant other – or yourself – about how much you really need that fourth pair of shoes for your one weekend away, the list goes on. But take a deep breath, because our luxury concierge service is available to help you make sure you have everything you need and nothing you don't and, when you book your trip with Wayfairer, our concierge service is included free of charge. Talk about a "weight off your mind."

Speaking of weight, possibly the most stressful thing is finally getting everything in the suitcase, zipping it up, only to weigh it and find your 5 kg over the weight limit.

Or if you’re really, really unlucky, not realising your 5 kg over until your actually at the airport, tickets in hand, arguing with the poor woman checking you in because you really don’t want to pay an extra £50, but what else are you supposed to do with your extra luggage?





Using a Holiday Packing Calculator

We love this Holiday Packing Calculator from Travel Closely, which calculates everything you’ve put into your suitcase, adds up the weight of each item, and tells you how much under or over your weight allowance you are. Handy, right? The calculator looks at all of the big airlines in operation currently, from British Airways to Jet 2, Emirates, and Thomas Cook, and there’s also an option to choose ‘Other’ which then lets you input your weight allowance.

It’s then split into adult’s items and children’s items, which of course will weigh less, and includes things like clothes, shoes, accessories, toiletries, electronics and entertainment. This can be anything from women’s jeans, to a cover up, socks, cotton or denim shorts, beach bags, umbrellas, heels, travel adapters, makeup, insect repellent and more.

Everything has been weighed and calculated as accurately as possible*. For reference, women’s jeans came to 247 g, while men’s jeans were typically 273 g. Women’s denim shorts, on the other hand, were typically 250 g while men’s were 220g. So, if you were packing two pairs of women’s jeans, one pair of men’s jeans, and a dress, your weight total would come to 1.211 kg.

Anything you can think of has been included, so now you don’t have to stress about getting to the airport and realising you’re over your weight limit. It might be a good idea to double check at home and weigh it yourself though, just to be sure.


*Note that every care has been taken to gather an accurate average weight for each item listed. Specific individual items may vary from the weights listed.

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What to pack on your holiday

Our Wayfairer concierge service will provide you with a comprehensive packing list ahead of your trip and will advise you on any special items you need to include or be aware of. For example, if your domestic airline has baggage type or weight restrictions. And if you ever have any questions they are on hand to advise you both before and during your holiday.

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