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Redefine luxury travel through a lens of responsibility

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“Eco by Wayfairer” is the culmination of a passionate effort to spotlight leaders in sustainable tourism. Within this exclusive collection of properties, we invite our travellers to celebrate the beauty of our destinations while honouring the responsible businesses that shape those journeys.


Our journey commenced with a meticulous outreach to our suppliers, commencing in Kenya. Each property underwent a rigorous evaluation of its sustainability commitments, facilitated by our Responsible Travel Executive. Those who demonstrated exceptional dedication to eco-friendly practices were further engaged. From pioneering efforts to reduce carbon footprints to spearheading conservation and community initiatives, these properties epitomise a steadfast commitment to nurturing our planet. 


“Eco by Wayfairer” stands as a testament to our dedication to redefining luxury travel through a lens of responsibility. By selecting one of these eco-properties, our customers will have a direct positive impact on their chosen destination, making a conscious choice towards a greener and more sustainable way of travelling.   

How we Selected the Properties

Wayfairer's Responsible Travel Executive meticulously established the Eco by Wayfairer accommodation category, ensuring properties met stringent criteria for environmental and social responsibility. A comprehensive survey, divided into three categories—Management and Efficiency, Conservation and Preservation, and Social and Community Impact—was crafted. Properties were required to outline reduction strategies for carbon, water, energy, and waste, with mandates for plans in all areas to qualify as eco-friendly. The properties were then selected based on their responses and chosen as the flagship eco-properties in Wayfairer's Kenya portfolio.