8 Luxury Winter Sun Holidays to Visit Now

Immerse yourself in the sun’s shimmering warmth, bidding farewell to winter’s chill as you embark on one of these luxurious winter sun holidays.

As the Northern Hemisphere embraces shorter days, crisper temperatures, and the clocks turn back, many of us yearn for winter holidays in the sun.

If you crave a reprieve from winter's icy grip, look no further — we've curated a tantalising list of opulent winter sun destinations that promise an escape and an indulgent experience.

Imagine spending your Christmas unwrapping gifts under the sun, welcoming the New Year in a locale that whispers of magic, and plotting a winter escapade that promises to be a beacon of warmth in the impending cold months.

Intrigued? Let the journey to your dream winter retreat begin with these recommendations.

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Our Destinations at a Glance

1.   Maldives

2.    Mauritius

3.    Seychelles

4.    Cambodia

5.    Vietnam

6.    Laos

7.    Thailand

8.    India


  1. Island Holidays

Luxury Winter Sun Holidays in the Maldives

When we think about winter holidays in the sun, the Maldives spring to mind as a year-round paradise.

From November to April, bask in the dry season's clear skies and sun-soaked days—ideal for lazy moments by the ocean or a refreshing dip in turquoise waters.

As temperatures reach 30 degrees Celsius, this is prime time for diving and snorkelling. This time of your is also excellent for seeing manta rays and giant whale sharks. Read our guide to the best times to visit the Maldives for more information.

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Top Tip: Winter in the Maldives is peak season, especially during festive holidays and Valentine's Day. Secure your spot by booking in advance and let our Luxury Travel Specialists add personal touches to your itinerary, like champagne on arrival and beach picnics.


Where to stay in the Maldives:

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Winter Sun Holidays in Mauritius

Mauritius is an enchanting island paradise in the Indian Ocean. It’s renowned for its warm hospitality, vibrant culture, pristine beaches, and lush green mountains. Due to its tropical climate, Mauritius is blessed with year-round sunshine. It only has two seasons – summer and winter –average temperatures are hot, sunny, and mid-to-high 20 degrees Celsius.

The summer months are between November and April (peak season), and this is the best time for diving or snorkelling enthusiasts. The warmer weather in Mauritius draws more marine life.

Winter months are between May and October, but there’s little chance of rain and lower humidity. Winter is a great time for surfers and windsurfers as these months are the windiest.

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Top Tip: To avoid peak season, we’d recommend visiting Mauritius between April and June or September and December.

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Winter Sun Holidays in the Seychelles

Seychelles, a tropical paradise with 115 islands, is the ultimate destination for your winter escape. Whether you crave lazy days on pristine beaches or seek adventure through water sports, the Seychelles is ideal for a winter holiday in the sun. Plus, temperatures hover around 30 degrees Celsius!

Despite its small size, the Seychelles boasts incredible biodiversity, from the granite formations of 40 central islands to the flat coralline geology of 70 others. Explore Bird Island's seabird haven, witness giant tortoises in Aldabra, and discover Mahé's picturesque landscapes and vibrant capital, Victoria.

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Top Tip: The best time to visit the Seychelles is between April to May or October to November. The latter makes the Seychelles the perfect destination to trade snowflakes for palm trees, and during these months, there is high underwater visibility and calm seas for sailing.

Where to stay in the Seychelles:

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  1. Culture Holidays

Winter Sun Holidays in Cambodia

When thinking about winter holidays in the sun, you must think of Cambodia.

Winter is one of the best times to visit Cambodia, as temperatures are warm and humidity is low.

Average temperatures are in the mid-20s, though they can drop at night, offering a cool respite from the sun.

Explore the serene southern coast, including Sihanoukville and Kep, where dry conditions and warm ocean waters create an idyllic setting for diving and snorkelling. Koh Rong's waters teem with marine life during this season.

Remember, December to February mark the peak tourist season, attracting visitors during the festive holidays. Angkor Wat bustles with activity, but the high Tonle Sap water levels in December allow enchanting boat visits to floating villages.




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Top Tip: Winter is the best time of year to observe Cambodia’s diverse birdlife. The best places for birdwatching are the northern plains of Cambodia at Kulen Promtep Beng Per Wildlife Sanctuaries, and Prek Toal Wetlands.

Where to stay in Cambodia:

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Winter Sun Holidays in Vietnam

The best time to visit southern Vietnam is between December and March. December has perfect conditions for city exploring; in Hanoi, temperatures average 21 degrees Celsius and a Halong Bay cruise is ideal.

In Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), you can expect blue skies, sunshine, and little rain. From the city, journey to Con Dao Island and Mui Ne Beach for a luxury winter sun holiday by the sea.



Top Tip: Weather in Vietnam can vary, and there are opposite monsoon seasons. So, some regions are better to visit during a specific season. Ask our luxury travel specialists for advice when booking.


  1. Active Holidays

Winter Sun Holidays in Laos

Laos is Southeast Asia’s hidden gem, offering rich culture, delicious cuisine, adventure activities and excellent weather. As far as winter holidays in the sun go, you couldn’t do better - temperatures average 20 to 25 degrees Celsius, with up to eight hours of sunshine each day.

These favourable conditions are ideal for trekking in Muang La and Phongsali, and outdoor excursions for caving, rock climbing and more.

On average, it rains only once per month during the winter in Laos, so the 4,000 islands are the perfect place to head to for rest, relaxation, and sun-worshipping.

Though January and February aren’t as busy (other than Chinese New Year), December is the most popular time of year to visit Vientiane and Luang Prabang, especially for Christmas. So, make sure you book well in advance to guarantee availability at your preferred accommodation.

Read our when to go to Laos guide to learn more.



Top Tip: High altitudes mean cooler temperatures, so pack warm clothing. This is especially important if you’re exploring the mountains in the north and east of Laos or stopping in Pakbeng for a cruise along the Mekong.

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Winter Sun Holidays in Thailand

Thailand, embraced by the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand, boasts an average daily temperature of 28 degrees Celsius, which beckons you to explore its beauty in every season!

Head to the Andaman coast for a winter sun holiday —think Phuket, Krabi, and Khao Lak. Their opposite monsoon season ensures rain-free bliss, making them perfect for beach holidays. Dive into crystal-clear waters with optimal visibility for snorkelling.

Up north, warm days and cool evenings await amid cloudless blue skies and lush green mountains. Ideal conditions for trekking adventures and immersing yourself in hill tribe visits.





Top Tip: December is a high season in Thailand, especially over Christmas and New Year. So, book ahead for accommodation and tours. Read our page on the best time to visit Thailand for more information.


 Winter Sun Holidays in India

Winter in India is, on average, warm and dry. The mountains of the north are cold with some snow, and there are cooler temperatures in the north of the country. However, clear blue skies with plenty of sunshine can be found in the southern states.

One of the best areas to visit in India for a luxury winter sun holiday is Kerala, a tropical paradise of serene backwaters, palm-fringed beaches, and verdant tea plantations. Average temperatures hit 28 degrees Celsius, and there can be up to nine hours of sunshine daily.

Winter is also peak season in Kerala, so book well in advance to ensure availability at your preferred hotel.




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Top Tip: Morning fog is commonplace in Agra in December and January, so if you visit during this time, make sure that you schedule your Taj Mahal visit for the afternoon.

Where to stay in India:

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We hope you’ve found some inspiration for your next winter sun holiday.

To learn more about luxury winter destinations and to start planning your sunny holiday, call our friendly team of Luxury Travel Specialists or fill out our enquiry form.

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