Wayfairer Travel Guide: French Polynesia Trips

French Polynesia offers a unique paradise; read how you can experience this magical place responsibly 

French Polynesia is a treasure trove of beauty and culture, encompassing 118 islands and atolls across the South Pacific. Its islands are filled with life, and each one has its distinct character, offering many magical holiday itineraries.  

Whether you are seeking a tranquil honeymoon, a fun-filled family holiday, or you’re a nature lover looking to explore the country’s raw beauty, French Polynesia brings a unique richness to any trip.  

Using expert advice from our travel specialists, here is our extensive Wayfairer travel guide for French Polynesia, containing all you need to know before jetting off on your phenomenal luxury holiday to French Polynesia.  



Where to visit in French Polynesia 

Amongst French Polynesia’s remote islands is a mixture of globally revered landmarks and resorts, and hidden pockets of beauty.  

Travel to Bora Bora, the most beloved atoll of the Tahitian islands, to experience the bliss which is so widely raved about. Discover its intrinsic peace, manifesting in a wave of smiles, where flawless Bora Bora beaches are a gateway to unmatched marine beauty. 

Explore rugged, volcanic landscapes on a trip to Moorea, embark on challenging treks and bond with Polynesian culture. Further colour is splashed around the dynamic villages of Rangiroa Island, whilst a trip back in time begins upon the tumbling hillsides of Raiatea.  

Wherever you travel to on your French Polynesia vacation, its abundance of island oases provides for a mind-blowing island hopping trip, accented by enchanting resorts and hotels. 

Have a look at our French Polynesia itineraries:

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Things to do in French Polynesia 

Whilst French Polynesia is widely adored for its array of celestial beaches, often used on holiday postcards, the ocean-bound nation carries much more with it.  



Cultural discovery  

Begin your exhilarating adventure holiday in French Polynesia, picking apart the glorious culture of Tahiti, Polynesia’s largest island. Visit museums, wander through lively markets, and admire the divine cascades of Faarumai Waterfalls. 

Hiking and outdoor adventure 

Venture through the wilds of French Polynesia, hiking through the luscious jungle which drapes across its mountainous islands and atolls. Moorea Island brings a myriad of hiking trails, epitomising the purity of French Polynesia’s natural landscapes.  

Beaches in French Polynesia 

Whether you are on a luxurious honeymoon in French Polynesia or a memorable family holiday, its enchanting tropical beaches shouldn’t be missed. Dipping your head beneath the ocean’s sparkling surface, a magnificent new world is revealed.  

Discover the best Bora Bora beaches and the white-sanded spots that scatter the islands, and embark on jet-skiing, paddle-boarding, scuba-diving, and scenic boat trips. 

Best time to visit French Polynesia 

Whilst a French Polynesia holiday is remarkable at any time of year, it is best to avoid the rainy season if you wish to embark on outdoor adventures. November to April is French Polynesia’s wet season. While rain is not always consistent, it is best to be prepared if you seek lower hotel rates. 

The best time to visit French Polynesia is typically between June and August when temperatures are hot yet comfortable, and rain is unlikely. If you want to explore the beaches in Polynesia and relax at your luxury French Polynesia hotel, this is a great time to go.  

The best luxury hotels in French Polynesia  

French Polynesia is embellished with glorious luxury beach resorts, many close to the alluring coastal waters. Experience the unparalleled delight of staying in the best French Polynesia hotels with Wayfairer, perhaps in an iconic overwater bungalow. 

Embrace the beauty of French Polynesia’s most famous island in a luxury Bora Bora island resort like Le Bora Bora by Pearl or the St Regis Bora Bora. Sleep surrounded by sleek modern luxury, moments from palm-framed beaches.  

Browse our selection of luxury beach hotels in French Polynesia. Whether you seek a sophisticated private island stay like The Brando or a hotel submerged in a cultural buzz, you are always offered a friendly guiding hand during a holiday in French Polynesia.  


Le Bora Bora by Pearl 

French Polynesia itinerary ideas 

To encounter the best of French Polynesia, embark on an awe-inspiring island-hopping holiday, experiencing the range this nation beholds. All of our fabulous itineraries journey through at least three different islands. 

If you are planning a honeymoon in French Polynesia, we have you covered with a phenomenal 11-day honeymoon itinerary, a holiday that captures the romantic essence of the Tahitian Islands.  

If you seek something more straightforward and laid-back, talk to a Wayfairer Travel Specialist and uncover our fabulous options for Bora Bora tour packages today.   


Responsible Travel in French Polynesia  

Tourism has recently boomed in French Polynesia, bringing economic growth to the tropical island nation. However, this growth comes with risk for French Polynesia’s outdoor environments and native communities.  

When on a French Polynesia vacation, you must always show respect to Polynesian people. Always listen to your local guides, refrain from taking non-consensual photos with locals and try to buy from local markets and businesses.   

When snorkelling, never interfere with coral reefs – French Polynesia’s coral cities are still flourishing but are fragile life forms. Similarly, do not approach wild animals on hikes, and make sure all rubbish is disposed of ethically. 

Wayfairer only partners with responsible and sustainable French Polynesia hotels and resorts, all of which exude a passion for their country and environment. 




Travel Essentials  

  • Getting to French Polynesia: You can fly directly to Tahiti at Faa’a International Airport from many countries worldwide. You can take flights from Tahiti to the most popular islands with Air Tahiti or Air Moana, while ferries also run regularly. 
  • Currency: CFP France (French Pacific Franc) – £1.0 GBP = 140.05 CFP Franc. $1 USD = 110.05 CFP Franc.  
  • Language: French is the official language of French Polynesia, whilst many islanders also speak Tahitian. English is well-spoken around the islands.   
  • Recommended Vaccines: Yellow Fever, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Tetanus. Ensure you are up to date with COVID-19 vaccinations, although you are no longer required to show proof. 
  • There is no need for an Entry Visa if you visit French Polynesia; you must show a return ticket.  

Check your government guidelines for foreign travel advice to French Polynesia. Find travel information here for those from traveling from the UK or the US.

 Talk to a Wayfairer Travel Specialist and discover your perfect holiday in French Polynesia

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