Top 10 Under the Radar Places to Visit in India?

Are you deciding on where to travel to next? Read our quintessential list of 10 incredible places to visit in India. 


At Wayfairer Travel, we celebrate the beauty of India. No country is more all-embracing in culture and history, its timeline championing an astonishing variety of architecture, art, and music.  

India’s natural beauty is equally mind-blowing, from sky-scraping mountains and mighty rivers to sweeping tea plantations and golden beaches. It spans over six climate zones and offers life-changing experiences.  

With all this offered to you, we’re here to help you discover the best places to visit in India which offer a more exclusive, unique encounter with the country. 

Whether you seek wildlife rendezvous, historical insight, or natural marvels, this list of the top 10 under-the-radar places to visit in India is your guiding hand.   

  1. Palampur (tea plantations) 
  2. Srinagar (culture and houseboats) 
  3. Ladakh (mountain treks) 
  4. Havelock Island (beach paradise)  
  5. Kaziranga National Park (wildlife)  
  6. Dudhwa National Park  (wildlife) 
  7. Kalimpong (religious heritage) 
  8. Badami/Hampi (ancient ruins and temples) 
  9. Munnar (tea plantations) 
  10. Chambal (rivers and folklore) 







Perfect For: Tea Sippers and Nature Seekers 

Stay at: The Lodge at Wah 

The perfect amalgamation of culture and nature, Palampur is a hidden gem in the Kangra District in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh.   

The small town of Palampur is surrounded by lush green and towering mountains, homing cultural landmarks like the Buddhist Sherabling Monastery and the elaborate Baijnath Temple.  

Those searching for a peaceful holiday in India find their glory in Palampur, the instinctively quiet ambience of its lush tea gardens bringing a rare sense of satisfaction.  

An abundance of trees decorates the pea-green slopes of the Palampur Tea Gardens, which sprawls ahead of its unforgettable backdrop: the snow-topped Dhauladhar mountain range.  

Palampur mountain side tea farm



Perfect For: River Dwellers and Culture Lovers 

Stay at: Sukoon Houseboat 

A trip to Srinagar is ideal for those intrigued by the diverse customs of Indian culture. The verdant Pir Panjal mountains encase this picturesque city and lie along the banks of the Jhelum River. 

The lifeblood of Srinagar is its watery landscapes, the sweeping, mirror-like waters of Dal Lake embodying the city’s spirit. Intricately painted shikaras glide across Dal Lake towards floating markets and wooden houseboats. 

Surrounding the lake, visit the splendid gardens of Nishat Bagh and Shalimar Bagh and learn of their imperial heritage. During a stay in Srinagar, you gain a profound understanding of India’s intimate rhythms, exploring one of its most unique localities.   

House boats on dal lake in india



Perfect For: Mountain Admirers and Avid Trekkers 

Stay at: Chulli Bagh 

Moving further around the high mountain passes of Jammu and Kashmir, the breath-taking plateaus of Ladakh enliven your inner adventurer.  

Ladakh is distinguished by jagged landscapes which freeze up in winter and reveal a sepia, rocky paradise during summer.   

We encourage all adventure travellers to visit Ladakh, its imposing peaks and steep valleys offering a tapestry of scenic routes and trails. Due to its secluded location, Ladakh is characterised by calm. 

During winter in India, you can join the Chadar Trek route, which encompasses a walk over the frozen Zanskar River. Meanwhile, white river rafting adventures arise on the same waters during warmer seasons.   


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Mountain road running along side blue river


Havelock Island 

Perfect For: Those who seek an Indian Beach Haven! 

Stay at: CGH Tilar Siro  

Havelock Island is a glistening gem in India’s Andaman Islands. The island has some of the best beaches in India, including the diving haven of Elephant Beach and the rocky shores of Vijaynagar Beach.  

Vibrant coral reefs encase Havelock Island, creating the ideal beach getaway whilst you travel in India. The remote, palm-framed oasis brings the perfect peace to your break from high-altitude hiking.  

While reclining on heavenly Havelock, you encounter rare birds like the Andaman serpent eagle and the golden oriole. Dipping your head into Havelock’s turquoise waters, the bright green parrot fish and white striped clown fish dash by.  

people on a beach on an island


Kaziranga National Park 

Perfect For: Wildlife Aficionados and Eco-Tourists 

Stay at: Diphlu River Lodge 

While planning your holiday in India, you may dream of a natural paradise where Mother Nature thrives. Kaziranga National Park is the place to be. 

Whilst some nature reserves and national parks in India attract bustling crowds, Kaziranga National Park marries the quintessential Indian wildlife adventure with a pacifying quietude.  

The park is located on the edge of the Eastern Himalayas in Assam, its remote location aiding its soothing ambience.  

Along Kaziranga’s peaceful grasslands roam the endangered Indian one-horned rhinoceros - the park is home to two-thirds of the world’s population! Besides these magnificent beasts, Indian elephants, wild water buffalos, and majestic waterbirds are idle.  

rhino in the wild


Dudhwa a National Park 

Perfect For: Those searching for Tiger Encounters 

Stay at: Jaagir Lodge  

Another of our favourite national parks in India is Dudhwa National Park, which is located in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh.  

The park’s enchanting forests foster remote walkways, where the golden sun is fractured by dense foliage. An abundance of Indian deer loiters amidst Dudhwa’s dimly lit woodlands. 

Big cat enthusiasts compose a vast portion of Dudhwa’s visitors, it being one of the quieter tiger reserves in India. Whilst colourful birds flutter around the park’s treetops, leopards, tigers and fishing cats slip silently below.  

You also have a good chance of spotting a Bengal tiger in Dudhwa National Park. 


tiger on safari track



Perfect For: Culture Enthusiasts and Architecture Lovers 

Stay at: Pali Ghar  

Perched amidst the quiet hillsides of West Bengal, Kalimpong merges its unique geography with an exhibit of India’s religious diversity. Kalimpong offers something extraordinary for those enthralled by India’s complex religious history. 

Begin with Zong Dog Palri Fo Brang Gompa, an ancient Buddhist monastery enclosing 110 significant Buddhist texts. Visit the Lepcha Heritage Museum and marvel at the relics of worship housed by this quirky mountainside temple. 

Alongside this cultural majesty comes glorious hilltop vistas from Deolo Hill and Durpin Dara Hill. The snow-sprinkled Himalayan peaks are revealed from Kalimpong’s best viewpoints, paired with the tumbling layout of the town’s houses. 



Perfect For: Ancient History Fanatics and Heritage Tourists  

Stay at: Wada1 

In the south Indian state of Karnataka, the ancient architecture of Hampi welcomes you to leap back in time. These Hampi ruins evoke a desperate curiosity, their scattered pieces telling elaborate tales of ancient glory. 

Nearby, the Hampi Bazaar lines dusty streets with family-run eateries, the perfect place to sit and absorb the town’s strange quietude, discussing the hidden histories of India you have just uncovered. 

Badami lies nearby, surrounded by orange cliff faces, alluring you with its whispers of the ancient world.  

Badami’s important 7th and 6th-century cave temples exhibit the architectural glory of India’s Chalukya dynasty, a tapestry of Hindu symbolism echoing the religious heritage of India.  

Gorgeous sandstone temple standing tall



Perfect For: Nature Seekers and Colonial History Lovers 

Stay at: CGH Lockhart Bungalow 

Bright emerald hues arise from Munnar’s sweeping tea plantations, where tales of the colonial era seep from the tranquil beauty of the Western Ghats mountainsides.   

Discover the most sought-after viewpoints in Munnar, along some of the best hiking trails in India, toward virgin forests, sculpted tea gardens and rare Indian flora.  

Nourish your bond with nature at Eravikulam National Park, meandering its scenic trails. Here, the beaming violet of Neelakurinji flowers meets the celestial white of the Lakkom Waterfalls. 

Learn about India’s colonial past, as Munnar manifests the era’s complex timeline. The town’s landmarks invite you to journey from India’s indigenous heritage through the tragic years of the British Raj.  

ariel view of tea farm over large hills



Perfect For: River Dwellers and Folklore Fanatics 

Stay at: Chambal Safari Lodge 

Chambal is a diverse region comprising the Chambal River and the enchanting valley which extends from it. The north-central region lies upon a foundation of folklore and tangled history.  

Whilst appearing pristinely beautiful, the river itself is widely considered cursed under the names of Kind Rantideva and Draupadi. The Chambal River is also known for its connections to the famous Indian Bandit Queen, Phoolan Devi.  

Chambal resounds with feeling “undiscovered”, often named the land of Bandits to capture its mystery and unholy heritage. Assisting this is the calm of Chambal, as its cursed past has steered away from commercialism.  

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