The Ultimate Guide to Every Type of Honeymoon

Discover 27 types of honeymoons and pick your perfect holiday


Honeymoons have come a long way since their humble 5th century origins, when newlyweds would drink honeyed mead after their first moon together.

The mead was believed to have aphrodisiac properties to help with conception, and wedding guests would give the sweet drink as a gift to the married couple. 

By the 19th century, honeymoons had evolved into a trip that couples would take to visit family and friends who couldn’t make it to their wedding.

Today, honeymoons can range from a small, intimate trip, to a round-the-world extravaganza, and the options are endless.

You can go zip-lining in the jungle, venture on safari in Kenya, trek the Himalayas, go from rustic camping to big cities, or lounge in a luxury tropical destination.

Every couple is different, from their interests, budget and timeframe, so to celebrate Valentine’s Day this 14 February, we’ve put together the ultimate guide to every type of honeymoon.

1. Adventuremoon

2. Babymoon

3. Beachmoon

4. Campmoon

5. Citymoon

6. Cruisemoon

7. Culturemoon

8. Earlymoon

9. Ecomoon

10. Engagement-moon

11. Familymoon

12. Foodiemoon

13. LGBT-moon

14. Luxurymoon

15. Manymoon

16. Minimoon

17. Partymoon

18. Railmoon

19. Roadtrip-moon

20. Safarimoon

21. Snowmoon

22. Spiritualmoon

23. Themepark-moon

24. Trekmoon 

25. Unplugged-moon

26. Volunteer-moon

27. Winerymoon

1. Adventuremoon

A thrilling honeymoon for the adventurous couple seeking outdoor adventure and an adrenaline rush. An adventuremoon is packed with action like hiking, abseiling, kayaking, scuba diving, skydiving, snorkelling and biking.

Where to go for an adventuremoon?

traveller stand up paddleboarding in antarctica at sunrise

Cape Town, South Africa, is the ultimate adventure destination, where you can hike soaring mountain ranges, see the Big Five in the wild, and dive with Great White Sharks.

Satisfy your adrenaline itch in Zambia, with thrilling walking safaris and the colossal Victoria Falls, where you can go bungee-jumping, white-water rafting, ziplining and swim to the edge at Devil’s Pool.

Thrill-seekers will also love New Zealand, especially the adrenaline capital of Queenstown, which boasts the Nevis Swing and the Nevis Catapult, the biggest catapult in the world.

For a truly intrepid honeymoon, head to Antarctica, the world’s last great wilderness and a place where few others have gone before. You can camp on the ice, go kayaking through icebergs and even take the chilly polar plunge.

2. Babymoon

The last holiday for a couple before their baby is born, often taken in the first or second trimester. Regardless of whether you’re engaged or getting married, a babymoon is a great way to relax and spend time together before the baby arrives.

Where to go for a babymoon?

bungalows overlooking crystal blue water in zanzibar

Many couples like to take their last child-free holiday somewhere relaxing and romantic. The Maldives is renowned as a couple’s paradise, with luxurious resorts and dreamy beaches. Portugal is another beautiful destination with gorgeous cities, sunny beaches and stunning architecture.

3. Beachmoon

A blissful honeymoon for the beach-bum newlyweds who love sun, sand and sea. Picture idyllic shores, tasty cocktails, fantastic snorkelling and peaceful retreats. You’ll spend your days exploring crystal clear waters, coral reefs, island jungles, or simply kick back with a coconut.

Where to go for a beachmoon?

idyllic white sandy beach and day bed in zanzibar

For pristine beaches, luxurious resorts and incredible marine life, head to the Maldives or Bora Bora. Both are renowned as honeymoon hotspots, but if you’re looking for something more off-the-beaten path, venture to Zanzibar, Mauritius or the Seychelles, renowned for their powdery white sand, waterfalls, wildlife, and spectacular coral reefs.

4. Campmoon

Perfect for couples who love the outdoors, a campmoon features scenic destinations, peaceful locations and an immersion into nature. Inject some romance into your camping honemyoon by staying at ‘glamping’ sites, which offer a private, luxury experience.

Where to go for a campmoon?

magic cottage luxury camping site lit up beneath the starry sky takou river new zealand

New Zealand is an incredible camping destination, with a number of lavish ‘glampsites’ in the pristine bushland. Our favourites are Hurunui Jacks in Hokitika and Magic Cottages at Takou River.

Cambodia is another great glamping destination, with the iconic Shinta Mani Wild offering sustainable, luxury camping in the jungle.

5. Citymoon

An urban escape, ideal for the cosmopolitan couple who love the culture, entertainment, sights and bright lights of the big cities. Wander the streets, sample the local street food, explore the museums and galleries, indulge in fine dining, head to the theatre or a concert, and shop ‘til you drop.

Where to go for a citymoon?

aerial view of Paris and the Eiffel Tower lit up at night

Renowned for its lavish malls, hotels and dining, Dubai is brimming with big city glitz and glamour, or head to Europe to be spoiled with choice - London, Paris, Rome, Amsterdam, Barcelona and Berlin are sure to seduce you.

For a citymoon in Asia that will ignite the senses, consider DelhiBangkok, Hong Kong, Singapore or Tokyo. In South America we love Buenos Aires in Argentina

6. Cruisemoon

A cruisemoon allows you to simply board a ship and kick back as you sail around the world. It’s ideal for newlyweds looking for a relaxing, intimate honeymoon, while visiting spectacular destinations.

Where to go for a cruisemoon?

bahamas beach with dock leading into the ocean

Where you cruise may depend on where you live. Those in North or South America are close to beachy Caribbean cruises, while newlyweds in Europe could consider a romantic European river cruise down the Danube, Rhine or Seine Rivers.

Those based in Australasia are well positioned for a Pacific Island cruise, taking you to magical islands like Fiji, Tonga, Samoa and Vanuatu.

If you’re looking for something more adventurous, venture on a cruise to Antarctica, where you’ll see penguins, seals and whales in a pristine, icy wonderland.

7. Culturemoon

This type of honeymoon focuses on soaking up the culture of a destination, and typically includes visiting museums and galleries, taking cooking classes, or attending festivals and events.

Where to go for a culturemoon?

maiko geisha walking in kyoto

Japan is bursting with fascinating culture and you can have some unique experiences such as soaking in an onsen or staying in a traditional ryokan. Peru is another culturally rich destination, with ancient ruins, superb cuisine and colourful towns.

From learning about the Vietnam war history in Ho Chi Minh or taking a cooking class in Chiang Mai, to learning to salsa in Medellin or taking a painting class in Florence, a culturemoon can be a romantic and enriching honeymoon.

8. Earlymoon

A pre-wedding honeymoon, usually taken a few months before the wedding day to unwind and spend time together. Planning a wedding can be stressful, so why not take some time out before the big day to relax and connect with your partner.

Where to go for an earlymoon?

train to ella rolling through lush forests and rice fields

We recommend Sri Lanka for an earlymoon. With plenty of relaxing, intimate experiences, this beautiful destination is filled with powdery beaches, colourful temples, and lush tea fields.

Take the romantic train ride through Ella, an enchanting town, surrounded by jungle-cloaked mountains and tea plantations.

9. Ecomoon

A honeymoon with a focus on sustainability, responsible travel and the world’s remarkable ecosystems. On an ecomoon, you’ll visit protected natural areas and wildlife reserves, and stay in romantic eco lodges.

Where to go for an ecomoon?

bright blue water surrounded by green jungle of a waterfall in costa rica

Ranked as one of the world’s best ecotourism destinations and a leader in sustainability, Costa Rica is the ultimate ecomoon destination.

Over 25% of the country is designated as a protected area, and you’ll find adventure in a myriad of stunning ecosystems including cloud forests, wetlands, rainforests, volcanoes and coastline.

Ecuador is another great destination for an eco honeymoon, with the Galapagos Islands boasting some of the most unique ecosystems in the world. It’s incredibly important to protect this natural wonder, and you can take steps to ensure your visit contributes to sustainable projects in the area.

10. Engagement-moon

What better way to celebrate your engagement than with a romantic holiday together? An engagement-moon is the opportunity to relish your ‘just engaged’ glow, before the wedding planning begins.

Where to go for an engagement-moon?

terraced rice fields and mountains in sapa vietnam

Amp up the romance with a trip to a city famed for its romantic nature, like Paris or Rome. You could also head to Sapa in northern Vietnam, to stay among the breathtaking terraced rice fields, or Bali in Indonesia for luxurious resorts, spiritual temples, and glorious sunsets on the beach.

11. Familymoon

A familymoon is for couples who already have children and want to enjoy their honeymoon as a family. Some couples also choose to have a destination wedding, with their family and guests making it a holiday for themselves too. Other newlyweds are simply happy to have friends and family join their holiday.

Where to go for a familymoon?

twelve apostles along the great ocean road in victoria, australia

Australia is a fantastic family-friendly destination, with plenty of diverse regions and experiences that both children and adults will enjoy. Ireland is another great choice, with scenic romance and welcoming locals.

You may also prefer to stay at an all-inclusive resort in Phuket, or the Lake District in Argentina, so you can relax with your partner, while your children enjoy activities like swimming, kayaking, snorkelling and nature walks.

12. Foodiemoon

Perfect for gastronomes and plain lovers of food, a foodiemoon will delight your tastebuds and take you to the heart of a country through their cuisine. Spend your honeymoon eating, drinking and learning about the culinary culture of your destination.

Where to go for a foodiemoon?

gourmet tapas board foodie holiday

Take a tour around Europe’s top foodie destinations - eat pasta in Italy, tapas in Spain, cheese in France and sample the local wines wherever you go.

Asia is another foodie hotspot, with tantalising smells wafting through the streets of Japan, India, Vietnam and Thailand. You can enjoy fantastic cooking classes from Bangkok and Hanoi, to Kyoto and Delhi.

13. LGBT-moon

This is a honeymoon for LGBT couples wishing to travel to a spectacular destination that is also LGBT-friendly. Many countries still discriminate against gay couples, so it’s important to pick a honeymoon destination where you can feel safe and free to express your love and celebrate your marriage.

Where to go for a LGBT-moon?

canals lined with boats in amsterdam

Tel Aviv in Israel is renowned as the gay capital of the world. It’s one of the most liberal cities, with gay beaches, gay bars, and the famous Gay Pride week held every year. The city also boasts year-round sunshine, beautiful beaches, fantastic food and constant events.

Amsterdam in the Netherlands is another top honeymoon spot for LGBT couples. As one of the first countries in the world to legalise same-sex marriage, Amsterdam has a wonderful LGBT culture and community, with plenty of gay bars, gay hotels and four gay districts, along with a myriad of gay pride parades every year.

14. Luxurymoon

A lavish honeymoon for newlyweds who want to indulge and be pampered in paradise. Think private beaches, impeccable service, gourmet food and wine, infinity pools and world-class spas, set in some of the most exclusive destinations in the world.

Where to go for a luxurymoon?

aerival view of song saa private island in koh rong cambodia

If you’re picturing a dreamy bungalow perched over dazzling blue water and white sands, head to Bora Bora or the Maldives, two renowned honeymoon havens.

For the ultimate luxury honeymoon, we also recommend Song Saa in the Koh Rong archipelago of Cambodia. This eco-friendly private island will personalise your honeymoon, from candelit dining and beach picnics, to private yoga and meditation classes and adventures around the stunning islands.

15. Manymoon

Couples who choose a manymoon, take a series of shorter trips throughout the first year (or more) of marriage. If you don't have time for a longer honeymoon, a manymoon is a great alternative, allowing you to stretch out your honeymoon bliss. 

Where to go for a manymoon?

couple kayaking in crystal blue waters

Everywhere! The beauty of a manymoon is that you can choose a few of your favourite destinations and visit them throughout the year.

16. Minimoon

If you can’t get away for your honeymoon straight after your wedding, consider taking a minimoon. This small honeymoon usually lasts around a week and is a great way to unwind after your big day.

Some couples also take a tinymoon, which is generally a weekend getaway in their wedding destination.

Where to go for a minimoon?

stairs leading through the dense green jungle to a waterfall in Laos

The best destinations for minimoons are captivating cities or regions that will keep you occupied for a week or less. We recommend lively Cartagena in Colombia, the tranquil jungle of Laos, the beaches of Koh Samui in Thailand, or a romantic European city like Prague or Budapest.

17. Partymoon

A honeymoon for the couple that loves to party. If you don’t want your wedding celebrations to end, head to a destination that’s famed for its clubs, events, balmy weather and festive culture.

Where to go for a partymoon?

heart-shaped hands in a crowd at a concert

Keep the party going in Brazil's Rio de Janeiro, loved for its beautiful beaches, friendly locals, dance clubs and the incredible Carnival, held in February each year. We also recommend Colombia, where the fun-loving locals love to salsa, or Buenos Aires, home of the sensual tango and a trendy nightlife scene.

18. Railmoon

A romantic trip by rail, this honeymoon allows newlyweds to take it slow and soak in the moment. A luxurious train journey offers lavish accommodation, cuisine, and the opportunity to hop off at some of the most beautiful destinations in the world.

Where to go for a railmoon?

oriental express train winding through the jungle

Take the iconic train journey from Singapore to Bangkok on the Eastern & Oriental Express, travelling through breathtaking landscapes with all the amenities of a five-star hotel.

You’ll find luxury train journeys around the world, from Japan and India to South Africa. Read our post on seven of the most incredible luxury train journeys in Asia and Africa for more honeymoon inspiration.

19. Roadtrip-moon

If you love and your partner love the freedom of the great open road, consider taking a roadtrip-moon. Wind through scenic roads, stay in romantic lodges, and revel in the spontaneous adventures of a road trip. All you need is a car, a map and your lover.

Where to go for a roadtrip-moon?

grassy road through rural New Zealand at sunset

With some of the most incredible scenery in the world and plenty of wide open roads, New Zealand is the perfect destination for a road trip honeymoon. You’ll never get tired of winding through the beautiful landscapes, with dazzling lakes, soaring mountains and enchanting forests at every turn.

South Africa is another great place for a self-drive honeymoon, famed for its spectacular Garden Route, while Argentina will take you into the clouds to a land of natural wonders and archaeological treasures on the Calchaqui Valley circuit. For a classic romantic road trip honeymoon, head to the USA, and get your kicks on Route 66.

20. Safarimoon

A safarimoon is well-suited to the animal loving couple, but it’s also one of the most romantic types of honeymoon. You’ll stay in world-class luxury lodges nestled in the stunning African bush, and spend your days on thrilling safari drives to spot the world’s most majestic creatures.

Enjoy champagne breakfasts and sunrise hot air balloon rides, private candelit dinners in the bush, romantic sundowners by the river, and relaxing beach getaways.

Where to go for a safarimoon?

affectionate impalas in south luangwa national park zambia

For the best safari and beach destinations, head to east Africa. You can go on safari in the renowned Serengeti in Tanzania, before taking a quick flight to Zanzibar, a stunning island archipelago.

You can also hop over to neighbouring Kenya, venturing on safari in the Masai Mara before heading to the southern Kenya beaches to unwind in paradise.

21. Snowmoon

If you and your partner prefer to ski than snorkel, hit the slopes for a magical snowy honeymoon. Spend your days skiing through the incredible landscapes, then spend your evenings soaking in an outdoor hot tub or getting cosy around a crackling log fire.

Where to go for a snowmoon?

cabin in the snowy woods surrounded by trees

You’ll be spoilt for choice with top ski destinations such as the awe-inspiring Swiss Alps and Austrian Tirol, the superb ski resorts of Hakuba and Niseko in Japan, or the famed slopes of Colorado in the USA or Whistler in Canada.

For the ultimate icy destination, take a cruise to Antarctica, where you can go cross-country skiing in the most remote wilderness on earth.

22. Spiritualmoon

This is a peaceful, intimate honeymoon that focuses on the spirituality and culture of the destination. You’ll spend your days exploring sacred temples, tranquil gardens, and monasteries where you can learn from monks and nuns.

Where to go for a spiritualmoon?

hot air balloons floating over ancient temples at sunrise in bagan myanmar

Head to Bagan in Myanmar to explore sandy plains strewn with ancient pagodas, and wake at dawn to take a romantic hot air balloon ride over the city, soaking up the ethereal sunrise.

Visit Luang Prabang in Laos to find enchanting waterfalls, sacred cave temples and observe the monks walking into the city at sunrise to receive alms.

India is another spiritual destination, packed with beautiful temples, fascinating history and holy festivals. For a truly unique honeymoon, consider a silent retreat in Bangalore or a yoga retreat by the beaches of Goa.

23. Themepark-moon

For the child-at-heart newlyweds, a themepark-moon is a fun-filled honeymoon that takes you to the best theme parks around the world. Spend your days getting an adrenaline fix on the rides, or win a teddy bear for your partner at the sideshows, then spend your evenings wandering the bustling city streets.

Where to go for a themepark-moon?

people swinging in the air on a carnival ride

From the classic theme park destinations of Florida and Los Angeles, to the glittering cities of Tokyo, Paris and Hong Kong, you’ll spend action-packed days exploring iconic Disney playgrounds and Universal Studios.

24. Trekmoon

For the active couple who likes a challenge, a trekmoon will take you to world’s most impressive hiking trails. Take on the world together, conquering soaring peaks in some of the most astounding destinations on earth.

Where to go for a trekmoon?

bright blue glaciers surrounded by snowy mountains in Patagonia, Chile

If you want to ascend to the roof of the world, venture to Nepal to tackle the hike to Mount Everest Base Camp, or Tanzania, to trek Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in Africa.

For some of the most staggeringly beautiful treks, head to Patagonia in Chile or Argentina, where you’ll find dazzling blue lakes, glittering glaciers and rugged peaks.

25. Unplugged-moon

This is the best honeymoon for the couple who wants to completely unplug from technology during their holiday. You’ll turn off your phones and disconnect from social media, instead connecting with each other in a blissful location.

Where to go for an unplugged-moon?

orange sand dunes in sossusvlei, namibia

Escape from the world for a while, and head into the remote bushland of North Luangwa in Zambia. Having only recently opened up for tourism, few people visit this wild national park, and you’ll relish the intimate camps and abundant wildlife.

Namibia is another great destination, offering peaceful camps set in the bush or even in the treetops, and an ethereal wilderness marked with stark orange dunes, dazzling white plains, bizarre trees and incredible wildlife.

26. Volunteer-moon

This honeymoon allows newlyweds to travel the world while giving back to the communities they visit. It’s an enriching and impactful trip and a powerful bonding experience for you and your partner.

Where to go for a volunteer-moon?

silverback gorilla in the jungle of rwanda

It’s important to do thorough research before joining any volunteer program, to ensure it is ethical, genuinely helpful and doesn’t leave a negative impact on the community.

At Wayfairer, our hearts are close to social and environmental conservation causes. We recommend visiting Rwanda or Uganda to volunteer with mountain gorilla initiatives and help protect this beautiful, endangered animal.

Speak with our Luxury Travel Specialists If you’d like to learn more about responsible volunteering opportunities for your honeymoon.

27. Winerymoon

A winerymoon is the ideal honeymoon for wine-loving newlyweds, or any couple who loves to indulge in exceptional food and wine, surrounded by wondrous nature.

Spend your days wandering the wineries, enjoying wine-tastings and indulging in leisurely lunches in the sunshine.

Where to go for winerymoon?

lush green vineyard

There are a myriad of wonderful options for a winery-based honeymoon. Provence in France is famous for its gorgeous vineyards and lavender fields, while South Africa is also renowned for its world-class wineries.

You’ll also find superb wineries in Mendoza, known as the wine capital of Argentina. Here, you can sip fine wines surrounded by the awe-inspiring Andes mountains, and learn about the ingenious farming methods of the native Huarpe people.

If you're ready to plan your perfect honeymoon or romantic escape, get in touch with our Luxury Travel Specialists to chat about your ideas, or fill out our enquiry form with details on your dream honeymoon.

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