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Walking wild across remote Laikipia landscapes

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Karisia Walking Safaris is an old-fashioned safari experience located in eastern Laikipia; a hot spot for diverse wildlife in Kenya. North of Mt. Kenya and just a two-hour drive from Nanyuki town and its airport, Karisia is ideally situated for easy access to some of the most dramatic displays of this region’s animals.

Karisia's mobile walking safaris follow footpaths that have been used for millenia and take guests through abundant and varied landscapes of bush, moorland, river valleys, dusty plains, and much more. Walking routes vary in length, group size, and fitness level. A trail of Samburu camels will carry your wares as you traverse incredible landscapes, before your trusty trail friends shed their heavy loads and staff set up a comfortable and fully functioning mobile camp for the evening. With custom built itineraries, different types of accommodation, and wonderful heartfelt service, Karisia’s mobile walking safaris are a truly memorable experience. 

As well as mobile walking safaris, you can also enjoy a few nights at Karisia’s Tumaren Camp; a semi-permanent, tented bush camp and their base of operations. With all the creature comforts and range of activities including game drives, tracking, walking, wild swimming, school visits and more, a stay at Tumaren Camp is a fantastic way to start or end your walking safari.

Although Karisia is proud to be an old-fashioned safari outfitter, there are a wealth of modern comforts and experiences available at Tumeran Camp and on their mobile safaris, which make adults and children alike feel very much at home. They tick all the boxes when it comes to luxury safari life including luxury bedding, personalized service and professional guiding and hosting. The wildlife doesn’t disappoint either; Karisia benefits from being able to roam across the areas that vehicles cannot reach, and considering that this area boasts the highest diversity of large mammals in Kenya, there is a high chance of a unique encounter with amazing animals. 

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The camp

Karisia Mobile Camps are walk-in tented camps with varying degrees of comfort according to your needs, including Luxury, Comfort and AirBnC. Walks vary in length, pace and interest and trips range from two to seven night safaris through multiple environments and guests through the most noteworthy parts of the region, such as the Ewaso Nyiro River, Mathews Range, and across the foothills of Mt Kenya alongside its famed majestic lakes. 

For those who like to stick to one spot, Tumaren Camp, by contrast, is a stationary, intimate tented camp with just 6 tents. We particularly like how homely they are and flexible arrangements allow for families to share a tent together if they prefer. Various delicious breakfasts, light snacks, gourmet lunches, three course dinners and hot drinks are shared communally throughout the day and there is plenty of time for relaxation between activities and these sumptuous meals. 


Karisia offers a variety of different accommodation options, mobile and non-mobile safari options, and knowledgeable guides.


Food is locally sourced wherever possible, and guests enjoy three course dinners and alcohol in the evenings. 

Why Wayfairer

Karisia is all about community support – they employ almost exclusively from local towns and villages and conservation fees go back to the people and the areas that need it the most. During the dry season Karisia opens the gates to Tumaren ranch, to allow local farmers access to dry season grazing. As dry spells and drought are commonplace at certain times of year here this extended grazing area is an invaluable support; it keeps community cattle herds healthy, which in turn provides income and food to local people. As well as this, when the guests wave goodbye and Karisia has a quiet day they invite groups of local students on safari with them, to help inspire and educate the next generation of conservation-minded kids.

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