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Discover the allure of Amboseli, where untamed beauty meets roaming wildlife beneath the legendary Mt. Kilimanjaro.

A man is setting up a long table in Amboseli National Park while others are horseriding. Enjoy a sumptuous lunch after horse riding with Ol Donyo.

Nestled at the foot of Africa’s towering pinnacle, Mt Kilimanjaro and bordering Tanzania, Amboseli National Park offers travellers an enchanting escape into untamed wilderness. Spanning 392km², Amboseli showcases a captivating blend of plains, acacia woodlands, and rocky thorn bushes, creating an exquisite canvas for wildlife encounters. Against the backdrop of Mt Kilimanjaro, standing at 5,895 meters, every Amboseli National Park safari moment becomes a timeless memory.Witness the spectacle of over 900 elephants roaming freely, alongside graceful giraffes, wildebeests, and zebras, painting a picture of harmonious coexistence. Delve deeper to encounter elusive predators like lions, leopards, and cheetahs, embodying the wild spirit of Africa.Amboseli holds treasures for the discerning traveller on holiday to Kenya, from rare sightings of wild dogs to the symphony of over 600 bird species filling the air with enchanting melodies. Ascend Observation Hill for panoramic views of the savannah, where elephants, buffalos, and hippos converge in a timeless dance.

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When to go to Amboseli

The best time to visit Amboseli is from July to October (dry season) when you can expect moderate temperatures, blue skies and very little rain. Wildlife viewing is fantastic during the dry season as animals congregate around the marshes and other water sources, making them easier to locate and photograph.

November sees the start of the short rains, which last for just a few weeks, and the long rains start in April, lasting until early June. If you visit Amboseli during these periods, there are likely to be fewer safari vehicles in the park, and the vegetation will be lush and green compared to the dusty dry season. Game viewing can be harder in the rainy season. However, it can mean you’ll have a greater sense of excitement on your safari drives as you actively search for wildlife.


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Where to stay in Amboseli

Our top pick in Amboseli is the lavish Ol Donyo Lodge, nestled in a private conservancy between Amboseli and Tsavo West National Parks. Situated on the slopes of the Chyulu Hills within the 275,000-acre Mbirikani Group Ranch, the lodge offers an exclusive Amboseli experience away from crowds and minibuses.

Ol Donyo Lodge

Ol Donyo Lodge

Ol Donyo Lodge provides an exclusive safari in Kenya experience, taking you into the heart of the Ch...

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