Borana Lodge is the ultimate launchpad for an adventure in northern Kenya

Cost Per Night: £ £ £ £ 
Discover the bespoke charm of Borana, where eight exquisite cottages blend seamlessly into the hillside, offering unparalleled natural beauty and privacy. Each cottage is a masterpiece of design, ensuring maximum comfort while presenting breathtaking views and immersing you in the untouched wilderness during your magnificent Kenya safari tour.  
Beyond its stunning aesthetics, Borana stands out for its array of unique activities—from exhilarating horse riding and quad biking to tranquil waterfall visits—and its deep commitment to conservation. Guests can immerse themselves in the Borana Wildlife Conservancy's magical landscapes, enjoying a sense of exclusivity unmatched by any other Kenya safari lodge.  
As a beacon of environmental stewardship, your stay supports vital community and conservation efforts. Borana caters to all, providing adventurous families with child-friendly experiences and offering avid equestrians the thrill of signature horse riding safaris. For a relaxed Kenya honeymoon, Borana Lodge provides the option to enhance your holiday with a splash of romance. 
Choose Borana for an unforgettable blend of luxury, adventure, and a touch of magic, knowing you're part of something meaningful. 

Two people are horseriding in Kenya at Borana Lodge.
A group of people are sitting on deck chairs looking at the countryside as the sun sets in Borana Lodge.

Key Property Features

Hands-on activities, like horse riding, quad biking  and rhino trekking on foot

Community projects and activities

The Horizon swimming pool 

Safari Spa with organic ingredients  

There are only eight rooms, providing an unmatched level of exclusivity with peaceful outdoor excursions

Wide range of safari experiences

Variety of dining settings and dishes featuring fresh ingredients

A room in Borana Lodge has floor-to-ceiling windows and double twin beds.
A group of people are looking at the zebra.
A Borana safari vehicle is parked and three people are sitting on a rock overlooking the countryside in Kenya.
A woman is sitting with tribes people in a thatched hut.
A lodge at Borana Lodge has an open floor plan with a balcony overlooking the countryside.
An infinity pool overlooking the Kenyan countryside.
Borana Lodge has camping tents with lanterns.
Borana Lodge's room has a bathtub with candles in the middle of the room.
A bathtub is placed in the middle of a room with floor-to-ceiling windows.
Twin beds front a wall with wildlife prints.

Borana Lodge's Positive Impact

Borana Lodge has earned Wayfairer’s Eco Gold Award for its steadfast commitment to sustainability, luxury, and community engagement. Recognised for its exceptional luxury, guiding, cuisine, and low-impact eco-activities, the lodge goes beyond standard practices, championing conservation and community initiatives. Operating within the conservancy, Borana Lodge channels guest profits directly into conservation efforts, illustrating a deep connection between travellers and the destination.
As a proud member of The Long Run sustainable travel movement, Borana Lodge upholds the values of Community, Conservation, Culture, and Commerce. Their dedication to sustainability earned them a prestigious Global Eco-Sphere Retreat Award in 2022, one of only 11 properties globally to receive this recognition. Borana Lodge is committed to setting new standards in hospitality through rigorous sustainability practices, aiming to create a regenerative safari experience that positively impacts nature, people, and conservation's future.
Some guests gaze at a rhinoceros, accompanied by a camp guide.

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A woman is horseriding among giraffes.

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