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Chanoud Garh - A restored 300 year-old palace

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The Chanoud Garh is a 200,000 sq. ft. palace, located in the remote countryside by the village of the same name, in Pali, India. A restored 300 year-old palace, the palace was once a stay for the Maharajah in his travels, and today it keeps the same preparedness to its rooms.

Seven richly furnished (and carefully renovated) suites await guests, each with their own history and personality. Meals are always a feast provided by the kitchens of the palace, all with utmost care for authenticity, without discounting the discerning royal tastes the Chanoud Garh was built for.

Marble pillared corridors and beautiful lawns and courtyards keep up the atmosphere of peaceful royalty infused throughout the palace.

More than just a palace, though, Chanoud Garh is a home. Upon arrival, guests will meet their hosts, the family that owns and keeps the palace, down through 14 generations at the place.

During the day, guests are also welcome to visit the nearby village (by camel or jeep safari or on foot), explore the saltpans and the Chanoud Lake. All these, of course, accompanied by guides well educated in the local history and life.

Chanoud Garh is the perfect example of a home-like stay in a place surrounded by age-old luxury and grandeur, far unlike your traditional hotel experience.

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The property

Chanoud Garh boasts seven unique suites (each with multiple rooms, such as an entry hall and dressing room), the Chanoud Garh was renovated to include unobtrusive modern amenities, such as air-conditioning, refrigerator and Internet access – all without detracting from its majestic, age-old grandeur. Each suite has its own purpose, history and personality, as befits such a splendid building.

As any palace, the Chanoud offers courtyards with beautifully kept gardens, where peacocks are free to wander as well as lively parrots. The family also lives within the palace, in another wing of the building, and thus guests will have direct access to them. Beyond the palace, guests may explore the nearby village and interact directly with the locals, especially the children. Other possibilities include exploring the Chanoud Lake and the nearby saltpans, the safari done either on camel or by jeep.

Why Wayfairer

It isn’t just the hotel that is full of grandeur and dream-like experiences. The surrounding village offers a very new experience, as guests are able to directly interact with and converse with the local shepherding population. The Chanoud Garh has educational initiatives around the village and the palace and the local population keep its owners in high regards.

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