Travel to Kyushu, an understated cultural and natural gem of Japan

Kyushu Lake is glistening and blue, surrounded by trees and shrubbery.
Stride into a world where man harmonizes with nature, where history is written on walls and cultural heritage is demonstrated by flavor and breathtaking scenery.

Kyushu is the southernmost of Japan’s four main islands, offering something especially unique. Bordered by the East China Sea and the Pacific Ocean, the island is surrounded by boundless glittering blue. Several smaller islands embellish the turquoise which encases Kyushu, like the lush green of the Amakusa Islands, bringing you further adventures.

The volcanic topography of Kyushu makes for an extraordinary adventure, blending with a subtropical climate to create other-worldly hiking trails. Mount Aso, the world’s largest active caldera, offers iconic treks for bold travelers. 

Kyushu is riddled with historical tales which construct its diverse culture, from which unique dialects, traditional crafts and distinct culinary traditions have arisen. The city of Fukuoka welcomes people with its famous culinary hotspots and pretty waterfront parks. Fukuoka exemplifies modern Japan’s synchronization with the country’s far-stretching history, as historic temples lay side-by-side with trendy Yatai food stalls. Nagasaki, on the other hand, bears a tragic history, exhibiting the strength of the Japanese spirit as it flourishes today, offering beautiful landmarks like the Confucian Shrine and the evocative Nagasaki Peace Park. 

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Kyushu, Japan's southernmost island, offers a captivating mix of volcanic landscapes and subtropical climates. Mount Aso's treks and hot springs, along with turquoise gems like the Amakusa Islands, create a nature-lovers haven. Rich in history, Kyushu also boasts a diverse culture, unique dialects, and culinary traditions. 


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