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Where snow leopards roam and rugged adventure in the Trans-Himalayas awaits

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Owned by Dorjay Stanzin and Abdul Rashid, famed conservationists and snow leopard trackers, the Lungmar Remote Camp is the world’s best destination for seeing the Ghosts of the Mountains. 

At almost 4,000 meters above sea level in the heart of 25,000 hectares of unique habitat, this remote bush camp is centered around a phenomenal encounter with nature. Alongside an award-winning team of conservationists and trackers, trek across the roof of the world. 

All guides have over two decades of experience, and craft legendary tours which reveal the great mysteries of the mountains. Beside a glacial stream, walk through ancient valleys and look out for Tibetan wolves, blue sheep, brown bears, ibexes and birds of prey patrolling the skies above.

Number one on the list is the snow leopard, which can be found in Hemis National Park at a higher concentration than anywhere else on earth. The largest national park in India, and the only one which is situated north of the Himalayas. 

A landscape shaded in deep purple and red hues reflect over 100 million years of geologic action. Remote Tibetan Buddhist Monasteries are beacons of human history throughout the otherwise vast and desolate landscape. 

Where the climate is cold, the people are warm and welcoming. Ladakhis welcome guests to explore the rich culture and history on village walks, visits and monastery tours. The lodge strikes the right balance of stripped back and authentic with comfort and elegance. It provides an inviting refuge from outdoors. 

Typically, days begin at 7am when the camp is alive and the expert trackers begin their daily mission. The light in the valley is a premonition for a day filled with new encounters and beginnings in a deeply historic and ancient landscape. 

With each visit, Lungmar Camp contributes $350 towards predator-proofing the local community’s land to reduce the conflict between agricultural communities and the leopards. 

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The Camp

The meeting place of India, Tibet, Kashmir and China - Ladakh is at the heart of the Great Silk Road. The high-tech camp is embellished with displays of ancient past and new exploration. The employee-owned property is purpose-built for cold winters that accompany snow leopard season. 

With just 10 rooms in 2 different styles, the Lungmar Remote Camp offers Predator Suites as part of the Sumdo Sarai Building which offer luxury comfort and space, with en-suite full bathrooms. Outdoors, 6 Kurkhang Tents offer guests a traditional take on the remote bush camp. All bedrooms are warm and well furnished and have access to the Hammam, a heated stone building with bathrooms and a small wood-lined sauna.


All suites are insulated, centrally heated, have full bathrooms with 24/7 running hot water. Guests staying in a Kurkhang have access to the Lungmar Hammām. The Hammām is a modern interpretation of a Turkish Bath combined with a banya, a traditional Russian sauna. The Hammām is a heated stone building, with three full bathrooms and a small wood-lined sauna. To prioritize warmth and reduce our carbon footprint, spaces are kept small.


At the crossroads of three valleys, the Sumdo Sarai is a stunning stone and wood building with a sweeping south-facing view of the mountains. The restaurant lies within the building, and provides modern dining experiences and more generally serves as a cozy lounge and central space where guests can gather and stories can be shared.

Why Wayfairer

Lungmar Remote Camp has identified that visits for snow leopard tracking allow remote communities to diversify their income, expanding beyond livestock herding. Their goal is to convert an animal viewed as a liability and a danger, into an asset. Community based conservation is a central tenet for Lungmar’s team, as 99% of the members have grown up in snow leopard landscapes. 

Through partnerships with non-profit partners and conservation specialists, the Lungmar operates conservation tourism focused training, invests in the development of community based tourism, and funds critical human-wildlife conflict interventions.

The camp has been thoughtfully designed to have a minimal footprint whilst ensuring guest comfort. With solar hot water systems, and all natural resource consumption audited, the camp is incredibly conscious of its ecologically sensitive landscape. 

On a Wayfairer tailor-made holiday, we ensure that all needs are catered for with a Luxury Concierge Service, and the most compassionate local guides in each location. Along with our care of clients, we also care deeply for the locations we enter into, respecting these and leaving places unscathed by our visit.

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