Nestled between the rugged Andes Mountains and the vast Pacific Ocean, Chile has diverse landscapes, from the arid Atacama Desert to the frozen wonders of Patagonia. 

Choosing the perfect time to visit this South American gem is like unlocking a treasure chest of experiences. Each season paints Chile in a different light, offering travellers a unique perspective and a myriad of adventures, from dancing and singing along to traditional melodies during February’s Tapati Rapa Nui Festival on Easter Island to sampling delicious wine in Casablanca Valley at autumntime.

 With all this going on, figuring out the best time to visit Chile can get confusing.

But fear not, our detailed guide will tell you when the right time is to visit according to your travel wishes.





When is the best time to visit Chile?

When you visit Chile depends on what you’re looking to do and which region you want to see. But first you need to know which months are the busiest, most expensive, and have the finest weather.

  1. High Season: November to February

Summer (December to February) is the most popular season, with hot, clear weather and the best conditions for trekking Patagonia and exploring southern Chile. However, his time of year also brings crowds, especially to beachy areas.

It’s also a great season to visit Easter Island, as the famous Tapati Rapa Nui Festival is held in February. Although the tropical island can be visited year-round.

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  1. Shoulder Season: March to May & September to November

Autumn (March to May) is a beautiful season to watch the country light up in golden, red, and orange foliage. It’s also the best time to visit the wineries, with plenty of Vendimias (wine harvest festivals) in the wine valleys, including the Casablanca Valley.

 Spring (September to November) is stunning, with temperatures warming up as a blanket of spring blooms illuminates the country. It’s particularly beautiful in the Atacama Desert, with a brilliant show of desert blooms.

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  1. Low Season: June to August

Winter (June to August) brings great skiing conditions to the slopes of the Lake District and ski fields outside Santiago and cooler temperatures to the desert landscapes of northern Chile.

 The cooler weather is also great for exploring central Chile, including Santiago and Valparaiso. However, due to harsh weather conditions and heavy rains, southern Chile and Patagonia are not recommended during winter.

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Best Time to Visit Chile by Destination

  1. The Atacama Desert

Northern Chile’s Atacama Desert is a popular tourist destination all year round. Strewn for over 100,000 kilometres, the Atacama Desert is renowned as the driest place on Earth. It’s so dry that scientists have used it to test prototypes of Mars rovers.

Spring is a great time to visit the Atacama Desert because everything is blooming. Still, the winter months offer an utterly contrasting experience with frozen lagoons and temperatures at night dropping to -20ºC. Winter months are also great for stargazing.

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  1. Easter Island

Easter Island has enchanted travellers for decades as one of the most mysterious and remote islands on Earth. December to February are the most popular times to visit Easter Island, with the warmest months being January and February. They reach up to 29ºC. This is a great time to visit the island’s Anakena Beach and try your hand at snorkelling.

Remember, February holds the islands’ famous Tapati Rapa Nui Festival.

Outside this season, the temperature is cooler and rainier, with fewer tourists. We recommend visiting Easter Island in March for the best of both worlds (warm-ish temperatures and fewer crowds).



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  1. Chilean Patagonia

Chilean Patagonia is one of the most striking landscapes in the world, spilling across the southern edges of Chile and Argentina. In Chile, you can visit the iconic Torres del Paine National Park.

As we’ve mentioned, summer is the best time to hike Torres del Paine National Park when temperatures are 20°C in the day. There’s also around 18 hours of light during this season, so plenty of time to explore the region.

However, spring is also a great time to visit Patagonia, especially if you want to see wildflowers blooming, and autumn offers an array of colour and natural splendour. Plus, more accommodation will be available at autumntime.

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  1. Santiago & Valparasio

Santiago is the humming capital city of Chile, brimming with lively neighbourhoods (barrios), fascinating museums and galleries. Valparaíso is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Chile, with a lot of street art!

Both cities are great between March and April when the autumnal leaves start to turn, and wine festivals are in full swing. Spring weather is pleasant, and temperatures aren’t too hot, making it another excellent time for exploring the cities’ streets.




  1. The Lake District

The winter months are a great time to visit The Lake District as it’s adorned with a layer of snow, transforming into a winter wonderland. Travellers will want to embrace the cosy charm of lakeside cabins and hot springs.

Our Five Favourite Things To Do in Chile

  1. Taste Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay in the Casablanca Valley
  2. Explore the Petrohué Waterfalls in the Lake District
  3. Kayak to The Marble Chapels on the shores of Lake General Carrera
  4. Go on an art tour of Valparaíso and discover how artists used art to send messages of radical social change
  5. Discover the famed moai statues and ancient archaeological sites on Easter Island


So, there you have it, our guide to the best time to visit Chile. Will you venture to this diverse region anytime soon?

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