Explore one of the world’s most beautiful and biodiverse landscapes.

A herd of deer are munching on grass with snowcapped mountains in the background.
While in Patagonia, we recommend that travellers explore its diverse landscapes.

Located in the southernmost region of Chile, this breathtaking part of Patagonia spans over 1,000 miles. It covers everything from the province of Llanquihue to Chilean Antarctica, taking in the Magallanes in between. And with this great expanse comes some of the world’s most unspoiled and spectacular scenery. From soaring mountains and pristine lakes to sprawling glaciers and luscious forests, this remote region is a haven for explorers and adventure-seekers alike. And they won't have to look far to find it.  

For adventurous hikers and wildlife enthusiasts, Torres del Paine National Park is a destination to behold. Covering a mammoth 1,814 km², visitors will be treated to every natural wonder your imagination could conjure; think towering granite peaks, rushing rivers and waterfalls and some of the clearest, most crystalline lakes. The best way to take it all in is by traversing the legendary W or O circuit trails. Each exhilarating step will take you deeper into the natural world - and far from life as you know it.  

Another natural marvel is Perito Moreno Glacier, which is in a constant state of flux, moving forward at a rate of approximately two metres (6.5 feet) per day. And this results in the continuous calving of icebergs into Lake Argentino. Intrepid adventurers can race to Isla Magdalena via speedboat from Tres Puentes Pier in Punta Arenas. Here, you can expect to find over 120,000 Magellanic penguins enjoying the natural habitat of these shores, as well as spotting humpback whales, orcas and dolphins.

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