6 Best July Travel Destinations

Our guide to the best places to visit in July to create the ultimate summer


As the summer creeps closer for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, many of us are itching to pack away our winter warms. Blue skies and poolside piña coladas feel evermore alluring, whilst our inner adventurers reach out towards the diverse cultures and landscapes which dance around the globe.

However, deciding to go on holiday is the easy part. It is deciding where to go that can become challenging. Dad dreams of watersports and swaying palm trees whilst Mum craves an exhilarating African safari tour.

This is where we come in! This blog is your ultimate guide on the best countries to visit in July, outlining all the dazzling experiences which are offered by each unique destination during this month.

From Arctic cruises to beach galore, discover your perfect holiday in July with Wayfairer!



1. French Polynesia 

  • Temperature in July: 29ºC high; 22ºC low
  • Season: Dry season

Best for: Honeymooners, Couples

A trip to French Polynesia makes all your July beach holiday dreams a reality, offering an ocean-bound cure to all your work-related stresses. This destination was a no-brainer to include in our top 6 best countries to visit in July.

French Polynesia holidays during this period encase the nation's opulent island resorts with incredible coastal scenery, creating a perfect tropical oasis. However, the main benefits of visiting French Polynesia in July are the reliably comfortable temperatures, as the nation’s sweltering heat mellows to accommodate for a more active holiday.

Whether you seek a trip to Bora Bora or a private island tour at The Brando or another luxurious French Polynesia resort, July is the perfect time to explore the country’s biodiverse landscapes. Venture on a jet-ski escapade and hop from island to island, trek through national parks and go snorkelling, all whilst avoiding rainfall and enjoying blue skies.




Check out our French Polynesia itineraries: 

Where to stay:

Our incredible French Polynesia itineraries are punctuated with the best resorts in Bora Bora and its neighbouring islands, including a selection of opulent properties owned by InterContinental Hotels, Four Seasons Hotels, Pearl Resorts and Conrad Hotels. Whether you seek the perfect French Polynesia honeymoon on a five-star spa resort or an exciting family escape filled with water sports, we've got your back with the best French Polynesia hotels going! 

Four Seasons Bora Bora


Intercontinental Bora Bora Thalasso


The Brando


2. Kenya 

  • Temperature in July: 26ºC high; 13ºC low
  • Season: Dry Season

Best for: Families, Safari Holidays, Couples 

For those who pursue our planet’s wildlife wonders, Kenya is certainly a top option for holidays in July. During this time of year, huge herds of wildebeest and zebra swarm into Kenya’s Masai Mara, crossing the magnificent Mara River towards the latter end of the month. This phenomenon is known as the Great Migration. 

A Great Migration safari is on the “must-do” list for many wildlife lovers, offering a natural spectacle matched by few others. To pair with your life-changing Kenya safari tour, there is a magnificent array of Kenya safari lodges which partner with local guides who are experts on the local and migratory wildlife. Whether you seek the Great Migration or a Big 5 safari, Kenya is a brilliant place to visit in July. 

Click the link below to find out more about the Masai Mara. Whether you crave a down-to-earth stay or a more luxurious option, we’ve got you covered!


Check out some of our Kenya itineraries:



Samburu & Masai Mara Safari in Kenya



Where to stay:

We are partnered with a plethora of gorgeous Kenya safari lodges which spotlight the country's biodiversity. Some of these specialise in showcasing the Great Migration, often being situated on the Mara River banks so that you can sit back and watch as hundreds of wildebeest and zebra tumble past. Speak to one of our Africa Travel Specialists to ensure that you stay at the best hotel to witness this spectacle! 

Elephant bedroom camp


Borana Lodge


Saruni Wild


3. Namibia

  • Temperature in July: 25°C high; 6°C low
  • Season: Dry Season

Best For: Families, Safari Holidays, Couples

Moving from one African gem to another, Namibia is one of the most diverse places on the planet, often being recalled as the “land of contrasts”. Namibia holidays bring an adventure between worlds, transporting you from an unforgettable Big 5 safari to an evocative tour of the Skeleton Coast.

July is the best time to visit Namibia for animal lovers, as the famed Etosha National Park is scattered with herds of animals gathered around watering holes during this time. Safaris in Namibia during this month are complemented by blue skies and minimal rain, welcoming animals into the open.

Stretch out on a stargazing experience at the doorstep of your Namibia hotel, or hike across the bright orange steeps of the world’s largest sand-dunes in Sossuslevi. Return home feeling revitalised by the incredible showcase of nature offered by your unique Namibia summer holiday.

Where to stay: 

Namibia is dotted with some of the best African safari camps, many of them mirroring the eccentricity of the country's landscapes. For example, Dead Valley Lodge perfectly captures the barren beauty of Sossuslevi, showcasing the dessert's captivating beauty through its panoramic viewpoints. Whether you seek the culture-infused, rustic beauty of Etosha Safari Camp or the more boutique take of Serra Cafema by Kunene River, hotels in Namibia will always elevate your summer holiday.

Check out our example Namibia itinerary:

Namibia, chobe & victoria falls family holiday






4. Madagascar 

  • Temperature in July: 18°C high; 5°C low
  • Season: Dry Season

Best for: Families, Honeymooners

For those who seek an especially unique African safari package this summer, a trip to Madagascar in July ticks all the boxes, offering warm temperatures and cooling breezes to pair with other-worldly experiences. Madagascar is known for homing over 100 species of lemurs, as well as a tapestry other species cloaked in its rainforests, making it a supreme hiking destination.

July is an optimal time to venture to the best beaches in Madagascar, where snorkelling, diving and boat trips are plentiful. During this time, migratory whales pass through Madagascar’s warm waters, offering yet another rare spectacle of Mother Nature.

For time to relax, luxury hotels in Madagascar offer glorious outdoor spaces encased by foliage, whilst July’s lack of rainfall keeps you comfortable, welcoming plenty of time for adventuring or relaxing amidst the hypnotising chorus of Madagascar's tropical jungle.


Where to stay:

The crystal blue ocean is one of the country's highlights and is often showcased by the magnificent array of luxury hotels in Madagascar, like the luxurious Miavana on the east coast of Nosy Ankao, a perfect base for relaxing in-between adventures. Many of the country's hotels exude character and culture, welcoming you to revel in romance or familial love whilst you are simultaneously introduced to Madagascar's wild beauty. Anjajavy Lodge is a great example of this.

Check out some of our Madagascar itineraries:

Highlights of Madagascar Tour Madagascar Honeymoon Adventure

5. Peru 

  • Temperature in July: Around 22°C high; 15°C low
  • Season: Dry Season

Best for: Families, Honeymooners

Unlike its other South American counterparts, July’s weather conditions make it one of the best times to visit Peru. A trip to Peru during this time brings drier and clearer conditions, a model counterpart to the country’s inviting natural playgrounds. Where Peru’s infamous ancient history sprawls between its high-reaching peaks, there is endless outdoor adventure to behold.

Revel in cool temperatures, which demand only a couple of layers, as you trek through the magnificent Andes Mountains towards the legendary reaches of Machu Picchu. Witness Peru’s magical Pacific coast at its calmest, spotting majestic humpback whales, and wander through the colourful streets and avenues of Lima.

From Howler monkeys to Giant River otters, Andean condors to jaguars, your Peru tour in July leaves you cooled down and energised by endless sights and scenic hikes.


Check out some of our Peru itineraries:

The Wonders of Peru


Peru Family Adventure


Introducing north peru


Where to stay:

From the Bohemian district of Lima to the cloud forests of Chachapoyas, there is a dazzling array of lodges and hotels in Peru, all of which make fabulous additions to our Peru travel itineraries. When you speak to our Travel Specialists and craft your personalised Peru holiday, you will discover the variety which comes with hotels in Peru. Each of them showcases a different facade of the country, for instance, Tambopata Research Centre offers a gateway to the remote wildlife trails of the Peruvian Amazon! 

6. The Arctic

  • Temperature in July: 15°C high; 5°C low
  • Season: Summer

Best for: Couples & Solo Travellers

Whilst many of us crave the warm sun on our skin, others may seek an escape from the summer’s heat. This is why Wayfairer stretches to the farthest reaches of our globe, to the extremities of the Arctic, a region of intense seasonal changes and dramatic landscapes.

The best time for Arctic cruises and holidays is during July, when the region’s pathways are cleared, and its best accommodations are open. Actually, most of the Arctic is inaccessible during winter, so why not grab your chance and release your inner adventurer this Summer?

Seek exciting excursions across the picturesque islands of Svalbard, or glide across the polar waters surrounding the Norweigian archipelago. Arctic holidays bring opportunities for ethical dog sledding, cold-water kayaking, and polar bear tracking, often pairing these intrepid activities with warming saunas and Michelin-star cuisine!




Where to stay: 

Depending on what kind of Arctic holiday you are looking for, our Travel Specialists will find you the perfect accommodations, offering state-of-the-art facilities, high-class cuisine and warm rooms with log-fires. Amongst these beautiful Arctic lodges are some incredibly unique options, like Basecamp Isfjord Radio, offering 5-course dinners and a free-standing sauna, and The Greg Mortimer, a phenomenal cruise ship with hydraulic viewing platforms.

Check out our Arctic itineraries:


Svalbard in Depth

Arctic winter dog sled

So, what are you waiting for? Begin crafting your July holiday with Wayfairer today, personalising your travel journey to your heart's content...



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