Encounter otherworldly opulence on Northern Argentina’s spellbinding salt flats.

Located on the edge of the Salinas Grandes de Jujuy, about 11,000 feet above sea level, there couldn't be a more surreal and secluded getaway than a stay at Pristine Camps. And that's because it’s home to one of the world’s most spellbinding neutral environments: Argentina’s ethereal salt flats.

On of Argentina's most unique lodges and a must-see

Travellers who embark on this mesmerising journey will be treated to one of nature’s most captivating spectacles. Just imagine a vast expanse of shimmering white - one that stretches as far as the eye can see - nestled under a sky so rich and blue it feels like an oil painting. 

Back on solid ground, the journey to this galactic glamping site will feel like a dream in itself. Travellers can expect to wild vicuñas and llamas dotted around this rugged terrain. That's because there are 33 communities of Kolla and Atakama indigenous peoples who are engaged in small-scale cattle breeding and agriculture here. However, it’s the view from the passenger window at the end of this trip that’s the most astounding. Just be aware that the 160 kilometres (99 miles) journey from Jujuy Airport to the Salinas Grandes takes around 2.5 to 3 hours, so exploration of these otherworldly surroundings might have to wait if you arrive after dark. 

But when you do arise in your luxurious tent - most likely because of those early morning sun rays illuminating the twinkling salt crystals, you’ll witness a dazzling display of light and shadow. Guests here can expect to step outside and feel the soft crunch of the salt beneath their feet, before exploring this hypnotic and enchanting wonderland. The crisp white sheet of salt that sprawls out into the distance makes a simple stroll feel like a trip into the beyond. As does the return back to see your futuristic, space vessel-like tent sitting on the horizon. 

These igloo-shaped domes are both pristine by name and by nature. Tastefully decorated to reflect the stunning natural surroundings - whilst also providing a relaxing haven of hospitality - you’ll sleep soundly in sumptuous comfort. If you want to sleep, that is. 

Nighttime on the salt flats unveils nature’s most captivating spectacle: the stars. Feeling utterly detached from the world, it’s an astral experience that’s quite unlike any other. As night falls, witness the stars emerge in all their glory, painting the sky with a million twinkling lights. Intrepid adventurers couldn’t feel further from the distractions of modern life here. A stay at Pristine Camps conjures up the silent sensation of space.

You don’t need to walk on the moon to experience the rich and cosmic jewels of the galaxy, though; a night on the salt flats is like standing in the centre of the universe. 


The Lodge

Pristine Camp is made up of four elegant, fully equipped domes. Together, the aptly named Sun, Moon, Star and Earth properties can house a maximum of 10 guests. And this adds to the silent, secluded feel of the place. Guests can choose between two lodging options at the camp; both offering different levels of luxury, Exclusive Suites can comfortably fit two and include a king-size bed (that can be split into two), a living room with a coffee table, chairs, a salamander-type stove and bathroom. The Premium Suites accommodate up to three guests and include all of the above, plus a minibar and an outdoor heated tub on a deck for soaking and stargazing.


With free Wi-Fi and breakfast included, guests have everything they need for a relaxed and comfortable stay here. Not that they usually feel like stopping inside for long; a stay at Pristine Camp includes a range of captivating excursions that are likely to leave you spellbound. Trek the surreal salt flats on guided walks, fully explore the rugged terrain by 4X4 excursion and witness breathtaking sunrises and sunsets that’ll be burned in your memory forever. But it’s when the sun goes down that this place really comes to life. Just sit back and immerse yourself in a spot of stargazing as the night sky slowly reveals its celestial wonders. It's just you and the universe out here. 


Chef Mariana García del Rio and her talented team understand that conjuring up the very best dishes doesn’t come from the mind; it’s found in your soul. With that in mind, these culinary creatives don’t try to replicate the unbeatable tamale you’d find in the town market; they simply nod to Northern Argentina’s rich gastronomic heritage, before turning its freshest regional ingredients into something both innovative and delicious. Enjoy three-course gourmet experiences with exquisite high-altitude wines from Bodega Colomé. Vegans and vegetarians are well-catered for here too.

How a stay at this lodge makes your trip more responsible

Pristine’s commitment to the climate doesn’t end with its use of renewable energy; it runs through the very foundations of the camp itself. That’s because this serene escape has been built on raised wooden platforms to help prevent soil erosion and preserve these beautiful natural surroundings. Importantly, the team contributes to the local economy and culture whenever possible. In fact, they were the first company in Argentina to establish a collaborative business model with an indigenous community in 2021. Essentially, Pristine Camp isn’t just innovative in its design; it's forward-thinking in its ethos too. In terms of responsible ecotourism, they’re mapping out an exciting path for what's possible in future.  

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