Black pearls, pink-sanded beaches and rippling turquoise lagoons, Rangiroa vacations bring a dazzling spectrum of colour and life.

Young Hawksbill turtle in coral reef in Rangiroa, French Polynesia
We recommend snorkelling or diving to see Hawksbill turtles amongst coral reefs

Rangiroa is one of the largest atolls in the world, home to a remote region of French Polynesia. Attracting eager divers and those who are intrigued by the ocean’s most hidden corners, Rangiroa vacations seem to uncover endless aquatic curiosities. Its surrounding lagoon holds unparalleled natural beauty and world-class snorkelling and diving opportunities.

Rangiroa comprises over 240 islets encircling its vast lagoon, all of which spotlight incredible coastal scenes. White, powdery sand fringes each islet, lined with swaying palm trees, leading you from idyllic luxury resorts toward Rangiroa’s western Blue Lagoon, a “natural aquarium” characterised by shallow cerulean water.

Polynesian culture thrives in Rangiroa island, as seen in the music, dance and craft traditions which spread amongst the islands and their respective villages. Some of Rangiroa’s most beloved villages are Tereia, Fenuaora and Otepipi, all of which are home to intricate religious landmarks and social hubs. 

Your Luxury Rangiroa Trip Ideas

Speak to a Wayfairer Travel Specialist and discover your perfect French Polynesia itinerary, where luxury coincides with nature and sustainability. Venture to Rangiroa, combining this beautiful atoll with a journey around its heavenly neighbours on a French Polynesia island hopping adventure.

Your Luxury Accommodation Options in Rangiroa

Rangiroa's resorts are renowned for combining fabulous luxury with extraordinary nature and responsibility. Travel to French Polynesia and discover the array of exquisite accommodations which scatter its atolls, bringing treasure troves of beauty.

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