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A vast area with a multitude of landscapes and wildlife, from chimps to tree climbing lions.

Safari to Queen Elizabeth National Park is in many itineraries and often a highlight for all adventurers. It’s picturesque scenes, particularly the stunning Mweya peninsula where two lakes are connected can be easily viewed from the lovely Mweya Lodge. This park is very large, at 1,978 sq km it’s one of the largest in Uganda and spans a multitude of habitats for you to explore.

The biodiversity created across the park is astounding, with 100 mammal species and 600 bird species! Ensuring there is something for everyone. We always try to include a Kazinga channel cruise, a slow boat ride down the channel is perfect to see a great number of birds as well as some wallowing buffalo, hippo, elephant and much more!

There is much to do in this park, from chimp trekking in the stunning Kyambura Gorge to Lion Tracking with the Uganda Carnivore Program. Or head to the southern reaches of the park to try catch sight of the famous Ishasha Tree Climbing Lions!

This park has a wide variety of accommodations available to suit all budgets, from those situated in the best area for wildlife and others for chimp trekking, birding, hot air balloon rides or simply relaxing! There is no wonder this is the most visited park in all of Uganda.

Unfortunately, you will not find giraffe or zebra at this park, however it’s easy to combine with Lake Mburo where both can be found. And with the amount of alternative activities on offer you surely wont feel like you missed anything.

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When To Go

As with most of Uganda Queen Elizabeth National Park is a year-round destination, the park is always open and ready to offer some of its splendour. The best time to visit is Jan-Feb when it’s dry, sunny and the herds are having babies!

With much of East Africa it’s best to avoid the more severe rainy seasons, this falls around April-May and again the short rains in November. The rains bring longer grass and muddy roads so best try to avoid, however the rains bring life and for those more adventurous these are great times to avoid the crowds.

Featured Holidays

Queen Elizabeth National Park is in most Uganda itineraries, its location ensures you almost always will travel through when exploring the south west. The vast size ensures you will find the activity and accommodation to suit everyone. If you travel through the spine of the park starting first in the northern areas, perhaps staying at the wonderful Mweya Safari Lodge offering fantastic views across the Kazinga Channel. Whilst here enjoy a cruise down the Channel, lion tracking with Uganda Carnivore Program and a sundowner with a view.

You then continue south, to the Ishasha region and the wonderful Ishasha Wilderness Camp where you will spot the famous tree climbing lions, enjoy a bush breakfast and perhaps spot a hyaena whilst out on your sundowner.

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