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One of the world most biologically diverse areas, this beautiful forest is home to much more than just the incredible Mountain Gorillas.

Bwindi is part of the larger area dubbed Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, located is south western Uganda in the western reach of the great Rift Valley. Sharing the border with Virunga National Park you’ll enjoy an impressive backdrop of mountains soaring to 4,500m.

This area is really spectacular, with vast species diversity, including 120 species of mammal, 350 species of bird (23 which are endemic to this area), 220 species of butterfly and so much more! Of course, the most famous inhabitant is the endangered mountain gorilla, with half of the worlds remaining population being found here.  

There are currently 22 habituated groups of Mountain Gorilla found in this area that you can trek to. This whole area is mountainous, perfect habitat for gorillas – with sometimes thick undergrowth and a typically damp climate not all treks are easy!

If you have more time, there are some excellent walking and hiking trails that can be done with a guide. Especially good for bird-watchers and flora lovers, the diversity of the terrain and the sheer rugged beauty of the landscape makes it a memorable experience. There are also community visits and village walks to enjoy.

Bwindi can be generally split into four areas, Buhoma, Ruhija, Nkuringo & Rushaga, from where you can begin your trek. Buhoma is the most popular area to start from, with slightly easier terrain and more groups available to trek each day has led to a great variety of accommodations available. Ruhija groups can be trekked when staying in Buhoma area with a drive to your start point in the morning. Nkuringo offers steep hills and sometimes tougher treks however this is the only area you can do the amazing Gorilla Habituation experience – a full 4 hours with a new family being habituated rather than the standard 1 hour, a fantastic addition to your itinerary.

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When To Go

Bwindi is typically a year-round destination as with much of Uganda. Due to its elevation and climate you have to expect some rain at anytime of year which leads to the lush surroundings and fertile ground.

 June to October & December to February are considered the best months to travel with a lower chance of rain and warm dry weather during the days. April and May can have more rain which can lead to soggy treks and bad road conditions.

Featured Holidays

Many trips to Uganda will incorporate Bwindi as one of your destinations. Trekking with mountain gorillas is on many people’s bucket list trips and this is one country that offers this and so much more! Stay at any number of fantastic accommodations, an example is Buhoma Lodge, a small boutique property and one of only two situated within the park gates. This fantastic location offers views across the forest and an easy walk to the trek starting point in the morning. Enjoy good food and a warm atmosphere whilst staying here – take advantage of your complimentary massage after your long trek or sit on your veranda and grab some binoculars to see some of the incredible bird species found in the area.

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