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Shojoshin-in is a traditional Buddhist Temple on Mount Koya (Koya-san in Japanese), one of Japan's most sacred mountains.

Mount Koya is located in the mountainous Wakayama Prefecture and unlike most places in Japan which are becoming easier to access, it is still fairly remote and off-the-beaten-track.

Despite its relative proximity to Osaka, travelling to Mount Koya can take some time and you’ll need to take a number of slow trains and a funicular railway, however the journey is an experience in itself and the destination is definitely worth the effort.

One of the main reasons people visit Mount Koya is to stay in a ‘shukubo’ - a Buddhist temple that provides accommodation for visiting pilgrims and tourists.

Mount Koya is one of the best places in Japan to experience ‘shukubo’ accommodation and on our tailor-made holidays which feature this sacred Buddhist pilgrimage destination we offer the opportunity to stay at Shojoshin-in, one of the oldest temples on the mountain.

Spending a night or two at Shojoshin-in is a unique experience which offers an insight into the simple, traditional lifestyle of Buddhist monks.

During your stay at Shojoshin-in you’ll be invited to join the resident monks in early morning prayers at the temple (this is a fascinating experience which should not be missed), and in the daytime you can explore the religious sites of Mount Koya, including Okunoin Cemetery, one of the most sacred places in Japan.

We’re sure that a stay at Shojoshin-in will be one of the highlights of your Japan tailor-made holiday!

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The property

The accommodation offered at Shojoshin-in is simple Japanese style tatami-mat guest rooms, which feature little furniture other than a low table and some thin floor cushions and sliding doors (fusuma). You’ll sleep on a traditional Japanese futon that will be spread on the tatami floor in the evening. The rooms at Shojoshin-in do not have any private baths or toilets – all facilities are shared.

There is also an option to stay in the ‘Hanare’ which is a private residence just off the main building. This lovely wooden cottage has three tatami-mat bedrooms, separated by sliding doors. There’s also a western toilet, a Japanese toilet, and a separate women's toilet, plus a shower and a traditional Japanese bath.

In the evening guests at Shojoshin-in are served Shojin ryori which is the traditional dining style of Buddhist monks in Japan. Shojin Ryori is vegetarian (and often vegan) and it typically uses local, organic, and seasonal ingredients. Shojoshin-in is not luxurious and it offers a very different to staying in a traditional ryokan, however it is a fantastic "only in Japan" experience and we highly recommend including a stay at Shojoshin-in in your itinerary.


The guest rooms have facilities including a safe box, TV, heaters and a wash basin. In the main building there’s a traditional Japanese bathtub with hot water.


Breakfast and evening meals are served in a communal dining room. The food is traditional Buddhist fare known as shojin ryori. (Please note Shojin-ryori is vegetarian in accordance with Buddhist practices).

Why Wayfairer

In most of our tailor made holiday destinations we offer an opportunity to experience unique accommodations such as a homestay in northern Thailand or a houseboat on the Kerala backwaters in southern India. We believe that this can enhance your trip and it is better than simply staying in hotels every night.

Staying at a Japanese shukubo (temple lodge), such as Shojoshin-in, offers an authentic insight into Japan’s Buddhist culture and it’s undoubtedly a much more meaningful travel experience than staying in a hotel. Plus the revenue that the shukubos generate from offering guest accommodation helps towards the upkeep and maintenance of the building and its grounds.

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