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Buena Vista is a large, modern hotel in Matsumoto, in the mountainous Nagano Prefecture in the centre of Honshu Island.

Matsumoto sits at the foot of the spectacular Japan Alps and guests at Buena Vista can enjoy scenic views of the surrounding peaks.

The hotel is located in the centre of Matsumoto and serves as an excellent base for those who wish to hike in the mountains, visit the famous Matsumoto Castle (also known as the “Crow Castle” because of its black exterior), relax at Asama Hot Springs, discover Nakamachi Street which is known for its traditional ‘kura’ storehouses, or explore the city or local countryside by bicycle (Guests can rent bicycles from the hotel).

Buena Vista is the best hotel in Matsumoto. It has 190 stylish guest rooms located on ‘standard’ and ‘executive’ floors, plus it offers excellent facilities, including a shop/bakery just inside the main entrance where you can buy magazines, souvenirs, plus fresh breads, cakes and pastries, and four fantastic restaurants.

Café Terraza is located on the first floor and it is the perfect place for a casual meal or snack. Also located on the first floor is a Chinese restaurant called Seishika, whilst on the 5th floor is Fukashiro, a Japanese restaurant serving traditional dishes including buckwheat noodles which Matsumoto is known for.

On the 14th floor the hotel’s French restaurant, Sorpresa has wonderful views of the town, Matsumoto Castle and the surrounding mountains.

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The property

Buena Vista has 190 guest rooms (189 Western-style and one Japanese/Western-style). The spacious rooms feature comfortable beds, a seating area, a flat-screen TV and a minibar. All rooms are ensuite. On the ‘Standard’ floors (floors 6-11) there are 60 Single Rooms, 53 Twin Rooms,  six Deluxe Twin Rooms, five Double Rooms and 30 Semi-Double Rooms, and on the ‘Executive’ floors (floors 12-13) there’s one Luxury Suite, two Semi-Luxury Suites, one Deluxe Double Room, seven Double Rooms, eight Twin Rooms, 23 Semi-Double Rooms and one Single Room with Shower Booth.

Guests staying on the Executive floors have access to a lounge room which offers complementary snacks and drinks, and the Executive rooms also feature 100%-cotton, waffle-knit pyjamas, as well as other exclusive room amenities.

The rooms and suites on the upper floors offer the best views of Matsumoto and the Japan Alps. Breakfast is an all-you-can-eat buffet featuring a variety of Japanese and Western food (including freshly baked croissants from the hotel’s onsite bakery). It is served in the restaurant on the 14th floor which means that guests can enjoy their breakfast whilst looking out over the Japan Alps and surrounding mountains.


The hotel features 190 guest rooms, a cafe/bakery and four restaurants. Drinks are available from vending machines on selected floors. WiFi is available throughout the hotel.


Enjoy fresh pastries at the hotel’s bakery, a Western lunch or buffet dinner at Café Terraza, dim sum at the Chinese restaurant, kaiseki at the Japanese restaurant, or French cuisine at the top floor restaurant.

Why Wayfairer

Buena Vista is committed to running the hotel in a way that ensures environmental sustainability and guests are requested to follow the environmental policies that they have in place. For example the hotel asks guests to turn off or turn down the air conditioning in their rooms when they do not need it, and ensure that they switch off the lights when leaving their rooms. They also encourage guests to explore Matsumoto and the surrounding area by bicycle or on foot and they provide information on walks and cycle routes (bicycles are available to rent from the hotel).

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