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Iwaso Ryokan - A luxury ryokan on the picturesque island of Miyajima.

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Located on the small island of Miyajima in the tranquil Seto Inland Sea, Iwaso is a luxury ryokan offering Japanese-style rooms, hot-spring baths and traditional kaiseki-style meals.

At Iwaso, you’ll experience exceptional service and authentic Japanese hospitality (you can expect to be treated like royalty!).

Iwaso opened in 1893 and it was the first ryokan on Miyajima. It is the most well-known ryokan on the island and previous guests have included famous authors, artists, and members of the Japanese royal family.

Officially named Itsukushima, the island is more commonly referred to as Miyajima which means "Shrine Island" in Japanese.

It’s famous for its iconic Itsukushima Shrine, and the spectacular torii gate which looks as if it is floating on the water at high tide. 

Iwaso is situated in the picturesque Momijidani Park on Miyajima. The park is renowned for its clusters of cherry blossoms which usually bloom in early April, and its 200 momiji (Japanese maple trees) which turn a beautiful russet red every autumn.

Iwaso’s location is ideal for walks in this beautiful park, as well as visiting the nearby Itsukushima Shrine, hiking to the summit of Mount Misen, the highest peak on Miyajima, or discovering Daisho-in Temple, a Buddhist temple at the foot of Mount Misen.

After a day exploring the island, you can relax in Iwaso’s hot-spring baths, and then enjoy a traditional kaiseki dinner which is served in the comfort of your own room.

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The property

There are 38 Japanese-style rooms located in three buildings - the Shinkan, the Honkan and the Hanare. The Honkan is the original building, built in the early Showa era it is more traditional than the newer Shinkan building. The five rooms in the Honkan building have shared bathrooms/toilets, therefore we recommend that our guests stay in one of the 30 rooms in the Shinkan building as they have private bathrooms. The three traditional Hanare wooden cottages were built in 1900’s (Taisho to Showa era) offer the most authentic and private experience, but these rooms also have shared bathrooms and toilets.

All rooms feature traditional Japanese design elements such as openwork screens, latticework and alcove posts, and sliding partitions, plus they also have modern conveniences such as air-conditioning and TV. The rooms have tatami mat floors and Japanese-style futon (note: The futon will not be laid out when you first enter the room, but ryokan staff will enter your room in the early evening and prepare your bedding for you). Most of the rooms offer views of Momijidani or the sea and the “floating” torii gate of Itsukushima Shrine.


Iwaso has a traditional tea lounge, library, restaurant with a lovely riverside veranda, open-air baths, souvenir shop and a karaoke room! A free shuttle is available from Miyajima Ferry Terminal.


A Japanese breakfast is served in the Momiji restaurant – this includes 'Koshihikari' rice, miso soup, Japanese omelette and grilled fish, and a traditional kaiseki featuring seafood and local ingredients is served in the privacy of your room in the evenings.

Why Wayfairer

At Iwaso the chef prepares traditional kaiseki for guests each evening. This multi-course meal focuses on using a variety of seasonal and sustainable ingredients. Iwaso’s kaiseki features carefully selected seasonal, local ingredients such as black rockfish, conger eels and oysters from the sea surrounding the island (the oyster season in Miyajima is during the colder winter months), and the chef even forages in the forests for ingredients including wild plants and herbs!

Using seasonal, locally sourced produce supports the local farmers and fishermen within the community, plus it is more environmentally friendly as it reduces gas emissions and energy consumption caused by industrial farming/fishing and long-distance transportation.

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