Revel in Argentina’s most vibrant neighbourhoods

A man and woman are dancing the tango in front of a building with a yellow wall and turquoise door.
We recommend learning the tango while in Buenos Aires.

Your holiday in Argentina is not complete without a wander through the miscellaneous streets of Buenos Aires, where esteemed elegance meets easy-going eccentricity. 

Buenos Aires, the Argentinian capital, is situated on the western shores of the Rio de la Plata, which stretches from the confluence of the Uruguay and Paraná rivers toward the vast Atlantic Ocean. The coastal city is where Argentina’s vibrant culture and modern infrastructure meet the majesty and excitement of the ocean, making it one of the most unique and diverse places to visit in Argentina. 

Buenos Aires’ unique yet strategic location has hugely impacted its economic and industrial growth; it has been an important port city in the past. As well as aiding the flourishing of Argentinian trade, the people of Buenos Aires today are often referred to as “porteños” due to the vast impact of boat migration on the melting pot population now proudly homed by the city.  

Whilst the “cosmopolitan capital” has endured political turmoil and hardships during its colonial years, its burgeoning infrastructure and ongoing multicultural harmony now resonate with communal dignity. Communities from all over the globe converge to create the enlivening hum of Buenos Aires’ busy plazas and gridded streets. 

Beauty has sprouted from Buenos Aires’ complex past, its immense urban landscape combining an impressive array of architectural styles. A trip to Buenos Aires brings a tapestry of aesthetic delights rooted in the city’s cultural variety, as a blend of European and indigenous influences is delightfully exhibited.  

The grandeur of neoclassical buildings, like the beloved Metropolitan Cathedral, contrasts with the quirky style of the city’s art nouveau masterpieces, like El Molino Patisserie.  

The widely adored, charismatic port neighbourhood, La Boca, is distinguished by brightly-coloured houses which line cobblestone streets brimmed with chatty locals and tourists. La Boca’s cafes and eateries open their arms to the hustle and bustle, which represents the very heart and soul of Buenos Aires, offering a laid-back ambience and eccentric interiors.  

Nearby, contemporary glamour oozes from the wide streets and well-kept gardens of Palermo, where trendy shops and high-class restaurants extend a taste of Buenos Aires’ more refined side. These diverging styles and facades blend together, culminating in the curious streets and skylines of Buenos Aires. 

As the sun sinks beneath the city’s aquatic horizon, Buenos Aires transforms into something completely new, its vibrant musical and culinary culture coming alive. The city’s younger population revels in lively bars and clubs, and bold tourists embark on cultural journeys which tantalise all five of the senses. Discover new-found flavour combinations at late-night dinner venues, sip malbec ahead of a sensual tango show and soak in the vibrations of Buenos Aires’ alluring streets.  

Your Luxury Buenos Aires Trip Ideas

All our Argentina itineraries start with a visit to Buenos Aires, where you’ll learn about the sensual tango, explore the trendy barrios (neighbourhoods), indulge in food and wine and stroll through the leafy parklands.  

Your Luxury Accommodation Options in Buenos Aires

Legardo Mitico is just six kilometres from Jorge Newbery Airport and is located in the heart of Buenos Aires’ most trendy neighbourhood: Palermo Soho. The hotel offers a sophisticated place to press pause, whether that’s from plunging into the whirlpool bathtub or resting in the spa with a massage, facial, body scrub or aromatherapy treatment. 

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