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Gorillas, chimpanzees and the Impenetrable Forest

Dense, dark forests home to wild mountain gorillas and sociable chimpanzees, tree-climbing lions and crocodiles meandering through the waters of the start of the Nile river; Uganda is home to a range of phenomenal wildlife experiences.

Often nicknamed the ‘Pearl of Africa’, Uganda is a lush, green mountainous region kept watered by all the lakes and streams. The town of Jinja, on the banks of Lake Victoria, is the source of the Nile river - the world’s longest river.

Take a boat cruise to see the Nile crocodiles or go white water rafting to explore the start of Africa’s most important waterway, then head to Sipi Falls, a beautiful waterfall on the slopes of Mount Elgon.

Visit local tea and coffee plantations in the region, or explore the nature by foot with our local guide and learn more about the flora and fauna around the extinct volcano.

While Uganda is home to Africa’s Big Five animals, it also offers a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet a mountain gorilla in their natural habitat.

Trek through the dense jungle to see these beautiful animals at rest and play, and carefully observe them for around an hour.

If you want to spend even more time with them, you can join the Gorilla Habituation Experience and support the crucial work habituating gorillas and ensuring their survival.

Immerse yourself in their world to understand our distant cousins, and watch how the troop interact with one another. This is also a great opportunity for close up photographs. 

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Featured Trips

Spend a week getting to know Uganda’s most popular primates in three different national parks with our Best of Uganda’s Wildlife tour or two weeks visiting Uganda’s highlights, from exploring the capital Kampala to going on traditional safari combined with chimpanzee trekking. To truly understand the country, our three week Discover Uganda itinerary takes you all over for a real African adventure.

Best times to visit Uganda

Uganda has pleasant temperatures all year round, usually ranging from 20-25°C. Like its neighbours, there are two rainy seasons, a long and a short one, and rain makes safaris and road travel in remoter areas difficult or delayed. The main rains fall from March to May, with lighter rains in October and November. The best time for bird watchers to visit is during the rainy season as this is when many species will migrate. The dry season is best for game viewing, especially towards the end of September where the vegetation is low and animals are easy to spot. The best time for gorilla and chimpanzee trekking is in the dry seasons, as they retreat into the dense forest during the rains. This is also the best time to climb to the summit of Mount Elgon, which can be dangerous during the rains.

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Thatched roofs, traditionally inspired Ugandan interiors, stunning views and unparalleled luxury come standard in Uganda. The intimate Buhoma Lodge is one of two lodges inside Bwindi National Park and the eight wooden cottages offer guests views of the forest canopy from their verandahs. Ndali Lodge is set at the top of a mountain and overlooks the Rwenzori Mountains and the volcanic crater that over the years has become Lake Nyindambuga. A great base to visit the chimpanzees of Kibale Forest from, Ndali Lodge creates an atmosphere to remember by only using candles and storm lamps to light the property. On the edge of Queen Elizabeth National Park is the unique Marafiki Lodge, handcrafted and decorated by local artisans. Spend the night in a Karamojong kraal, a tribe mostly untouched by tourism and incredibly welcoming. Experience their culture in a meaningful way, by sharing a dinner with them.

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