Saruni Samburu - a luxury safari lodge in Samburu land 

Cost Per Night: £ £ £ £ 
Nestled within the heart of the Kalama Community Wildlife Conservancy, Saruni Samburu offers an enchanting escape, just seven kilometers from Samburu National Reserve's northern border. Surrounded by some of Kenya's most mesmerizing landscapes, this sanctuary serves as a pivotal migratory corridor for wildlife, setting the stage for an unparalleled African safari package. 
Saruni Samburu caters to all with its array of family and single villas, each harmoniously blending modern luxury with traditional Kenyan flair amidst the rugged terrain. The revered Kenya safari lodge has a welcoming atmosphere, making it ideal for any traveler seeking solace or adventure. Here, activities abound, from day and night game drives and cultural village tours to helicopter excursions and warrior courses. 
Indulge in wellness treatments while enjoying views of the natural spectacle, or unwind in the infinity pools, guided by Samburu warriors eager to share their homeland's secrets. For photography enthusiasts, a state-of-the-art hide by a watering hole offers unforgettable close-ups of elephants and other wildlife. Saruni Samburu is not just a stay but an experience, promising both relaxation and adventure during your unforgettable Kenya safari tour. 

A hide with binoculars and cameras is in Saruni Samburu.
A picnic is laid out on a rock in Saruni Samburu.

Key Property Features

Scenic hillside location 

Range of activities like cave tours, warrior courses, and game drives  

Private dining and scenic picnics 

Wellbeing space with a spa  

Italian cuisine

Telescope for a closer look at the views!  

Visits to the local village: Kilitimany

Cultural decor and hand-crafted furnishings 

Samburu Mount has phenomenal countryside.
The bedroom in Saruni Samburu has an open-floor plan with a four poster bed and lanterns.
An infinity swimming pool is surrounded by countryside, sun loungers and cocktails.
The lounge in Saruni Samburu has an open floor plan with seats and carpets.
A safari vehicle with passengers is following a herd of elephants.
Saruni Samburu lodge with conservancy views.
Saruni Samburu lodge.
Saruni Samburu room with a view.

Saruni Samburu's Positive Impact

Saruni Samburu garners Wayfairer’s Eco Gold Award for its top-tier eco-tourism and luxury fusion. Recognized for its luxurious accommodations, expertly guided safaris, and locally sourced cuisine, the resort offers a plethora of eco-conscious activities amidst Samburu's stunning landscapes. Saruni Basecamp, a collaboration between Saruni and Basecamp Explorer, strives for a harmonious ecosystem where business, biodiversity, and humanity thrive together. Through wildlife conservation efforts and community engagement, they aim to empower guests to be agents of change. Environmental stewardship is paramount, with solar panels, waste recycling, and water conservation initiatives reducing carbon emissions. This commitment has earned Saruni Samburu a Gold-eco rating from Ecotourism Kenya, showcasing their dedication to sustainability beyond industry standards.
A Kenyan warrior sits on a rock in Saruni Samburu.
A lion is standing in front of a safari vehicle.

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Saruni Samburu mountain in Kenya.

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