Soak up the historical atmosphere of Kyoto whilst reclining into the comforts of modernity during your sumptuous stay at Dhawa Yura. 

Nestled into the heart of Japan’s ancient capital, Kyoto, a city steeped in history and culture, Dhawa Yura is your ideal boutique city stay. Peer into the soul of Japan, as Dhawa Yura blends a passion for Japanese culture with the luxury of contemporary amenities.  

Dhawa Yura pays homage to the heritage of the city through its exterior and interior design.
The bar at Dhawa Yura Hotel in Kyoto has purple sears, many tables and shelves of alcohol.
The restaurant at Dhawa Yura Hotel overlooks an indoor area with bamboo trees and greenery.
The lobby at Dhawa Yura has a square space with real bamboo trees.
The Twin room at Dhawa Yura has two double beds and extra seating.
The lobby at Dhawa Yura has sofas with vibrant pillows, complementary fruit and a drinks/coffee station.
The bathroom at Dhawa Yura has a large mirror, sink and walk-in shower.
The twin room has a seating area with lots of pillows and tea-making facilities.
There is a red umbrella and a purple umbrella surrounded by bamboo trees in the lobby of Dhawa Yura Hotel.

This fabulous hotel is located in Sanjo, just walking distance from the historic gems homed by Kyoto. You are given access to the well-preserved temples, imperial palaces and traditional architecture of the beautiful city.  

Dhawa Yura pays homage to the heritage of the city through its exterior and interior design, offering an insight into the fruits of Kyoto’s traditional craftsmanship. The gentle ambience which floats around Kyoto is extended through the spacious rooms and art-adorned hallways of Dhawa Yura. 

Experience the everyday movements of Kyoto, which make the city so special, purchasing unique pieces from Nishiki Market or wandering the narrow walkway of Pontocho Street.  

Wayfairer helps you to become fully submerged in authentic Japan, whilst Dhawa Yura is there to give you a splendidly soft landing at the end of an adventurous day. Be welcomed back by staff who feel like friends, culturally enriching food and a room which overlooks Kyoto’s iconic landscape.  

There is a single spa table in a box room with purple cushions, flowers and hot towels.
The gym at Dhawa Yura has two treadmills, weights and a bike.

The Hotel

Dhawa Yura is a city hideaway which embraces tradition and modernity at once. Locally produced textiles named Nishijin-ori are used throughout the hotel, combined with hand-crafted furniture and carefully selected artworks to create something exceptionally elegant.  

Elements like tatami mats, fusuma (sliding doors) and delicate woodwork reflect Dhawa Yura’s passion for Japanese tradition. Meanwhile, glossy flooring and tiling and an overall minimalist feel provide the hotel with a splash of glamour.  

Lush bamboo towers toward the ceiling in the hotel lobby, exemplifying the fresh ambience which distinguishes this stay. Completing this is the innovative choice of color which changes from room to room, discerning each individual room with its own character. 


Dhawa Yura is truly generous when it comes to its facilities, extending the attentiveness and warmth of Japanese hospitality to all corners of its communal spaces. 

You are welcomed into the “Nest”, where complimentary tea, coffee and sweets are available all day whilst you take a break between activities.  

The highlight of Dhawa Yura’s facilities is the 8lements Spa, a space which epitomizes tranquility. Warm lighting and gentle music complement the sumptuous treatments offered by the hotel’s expert staff.  


Two exquisite dining venues are offered at Dhawa Yura, beginning with the gorgeous interior design of Lounge & Bar 1867, where an extensive list of drinks and cocktails is provided. Enjoy a classy afternoon tea in the lounge, savoring every last moment spent in the beautiful Kyoto. 

Dhawa Yura’s culinary treasure trove, Grill 54th, serves three meals a day in a stylish open kitchen. Delectable grilled meats, fresh fruits and vegetables and seafood are shaped into innovative dishes, offered in the form of a buffet and a la carte menu. Taste the best of Kyoto’s cuisine, celebrating Japanese culture with all of your senses.  

How this hotel makes your trip more responsible

The Banyan Tree Company is committed to its core value of “Embracing the Environment, Empowering People.” The hotel company works closely with certification group EarthCheck to measure its emissions and waste reduction, paying attention to this in all areas. Its buildings and hotels are energy-efficient and built using locally sourced materials.  

Dhawa Yura encourages people to seek the intimate parts of Japanese culture, striving for its guests to experience authentic Japan. The hotel employs local people and motivates guests to connect with local communities.  

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