Explore the desert oasis at Tierra Atacama, the first solar-powered hotel in South America.  

Tierra Atacama introduces you to the definition of “off the beaten track”, transporting you to the heart of the ethereal Atacama Desert. This part of Chile is the driest place on earth, yet it springs to life before your eyes as the sprawling Andes and Domeyko Mountain Ranges surround you from the comfort of your hotel room. 

Tierra Atacama is all about luxury and adventure.
Crescent-shaped sun loungers overlook the pool and mountains in the distance that are purple from the sunset.
Twin beds have brown pillows and throw blankets and overlook a wooden coffee table and low sofa.
Tierra Atacama's rooms are light and airy with minimalist design and earthy touches like plants and animal-styled rugs.
The restaurant at Tierra Atacama has floor-to-ceiling windows and wooden tables that match its earthy exterior.
A canopy bed looks out of floor-to-ceiling windows that open to the garden.
Crescent-shaped sun chairs overlook a rectangular pool and garden.
A canopy bed overlooks an earthy rug, white armchair and airy curtains.

From your bedside or Tierra’s luxurious dining area and homely communal spaces, the towering Licancabur Volcano is a stunning centerpiece, reaching a staggering 5,919 m high. Peaceful solitude is paired with lively and rare flora and fauna during your time at Tierra Atacama, making for a beautifully unique experience completed by a comforting luxury.  

Excursions introduce you to various types of exotic birds, Llamas and small mammals, and various native plants, displaying the expansive diversity of even the most desolate parts of Chile. A rich anthropological heritage distinguishes Tierra Atacama’s surroundings, as the charismatic town of San Pedro de Atacama perches at 2,407 m above sea level and is characterized by its fascinatingly unique geography and small yet friendly population.

Many options for guided excursions offer a remarkably intimate insight into the cultural and natural history of the Atacama. The clarity of the desert’s sparkling night sky offers a mesmerizing stargazing experience, whilst educational tours immerse you within the traditional lifestyle of Atacemenos, who centralize a unity of man and earth. Whatever your desires, your desert adventure with Tierra Atacama will leave you spellbound. 

A group of four are horseriding in the desert.
There is a man standing in the middle of a brown-red cave.

The Property

Your serene private space at Tierra Atacama is distinguished by an attention to detail and a characteristic stripped-back luxury, showcasing the astounding views of the Andes and nearby volcanoes offered by large windows and a private terrace. Splashes of local artistic character accent your elegant room, including volcanic-carved furnishings and hand-woven blankets. Each assures plush bedding and a sleek slate bathroom of the rooms offered at Tierra Atacama. 

The Oriente or Poniente Rooms offer an ideal space for a romantic trip, as a spacious yet cozy space adorned in a neutral color palette, creating a light and airy ambience. Your private terrace overlooks Cordillera de Sal or the Tierra Gardens. An outdoor shower in the Poniente Rooms pulls you further into the otherworldly solitude of the Atacama Desert. The Apartments are perfect for a family trip as they comfortably accommodate up to six guests, sprawling over two floors to offer a homely space.


The Uma spa prioritizes your wellness and harnesses the rejuvenating powers of the wilderness. Massage therapies and treatments utilize natural ingredients to immerse your body, mind and soul in pure relaxation. An outdoor infinity pool, framed by wicker sun loungers, directly overlooks the Licancubar Volcano, offering a once-in-a-lifetime luxury and sensory experience.


Tierra Atacama’s main restaurant showcases local ingredients and flavors, providing a menu of traditional flavors made unique with an innovative, modern twist. This is paired with an elegant ambience aided by sleek yet simple interior design alongside panoramic desert views. The on-site bar offers light snacks, like homemade empanadas or a selection of cheeses, alongside exclusive modern cocktails and world-class wines.

How this property makes your trip more responsible

Tierra Atacama was South America’s first solar-powered hotel, setting the tone for the continent’s flourishing Eco-lodge industry, which moves toward total protection of its beautiful wildlife and habitats. As well as this, Tierra Atacama’s stunning architecture has been entirely achieved by locally-sourced, sustainable materials accented by work from local craftsmen. The hotel embraces local tradition, working in harmony with local communities, and its giftshop celebrates and sells local artwork.

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