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The World’s Natural Wonder, a colossal curtain of water that is terrifyingly awesome and absolutely divine.

Between Zimbabwe and Zambia, a spectacle takes place. Unprompted, solid earth gives way to a plummeting chasm. The Zambezi river follows in obedience. This infinite cloak of water in rapid motion is mesmerising enough to induce a trance.   

The hypnotic effect of gazing upon Victoria Falls is joined by a whole sensory experience.

For miles, visitors can still feel the reverberations of the ‘Mosi – Oa – Tunya’, or the Smoke that Thunders beneath their skin. The dewy taste of the life-affirming mist is complemented by the oh so familiar smell of freshly dampened grass. A constant gush of water fills the ears with white noise enough to send a restless baby straight to sleep.

Iconic and angelic, these falls are unmissable. Like an encounter with a long-lost love, tingles and heart-flutters will characterise a visit here. If a look is upon the Empress herself is just not enough, the lust for more can be satisfied easily.

Take a dip in the Devil’s Pool and look down upon the plummeting depths beneath you. If just looking awakens an urge for more, take the plunge on the world’s most scenic bungee jump. Take the ‘Flight of Angels’ by helicopter, microlight or ultralight for a truly enchanting sight below. Move at groundbreaking speeds on the strongest rapids or sit high on a plateau above aboard an original 1950's steam train for a three-course dinner in the glow of the golden hour.

The Victoria Falls is a place that will leave you breathless.

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Best times to go to Victoria Falls

The falls that you see will differ vastly depending on when you go. The falls are at their most visible and accessible from July to August. This is peak season as the climate in Zimbabwe is temperate and dry. Just enough spray for beautiful rainbows, and waters calm enough to safely swim in the Devil’s Pool and ride the rapids.

From September to November is when the falls are at their driest. Yearly, Victoria Falls’ waterflow decreases and the falls dry up significantly.

In December the rains begin again, and they come in full force. With dramatic thunderstorms the Zambezi river begins to swell. Until March, rain continues with rapid riding opportunities closed in February.

The shoulder season of April and June serves as a fantastic time to view the falls at their most dramatic – spectacular mists and spray. However, access to Devils Pool and rafting are not on the cards as water levels are too high.

Zimbabwe Holidays Featuring Victoria Falls

Stay in the small town of Victoria Falls, on the bank of the Zambezi or overlooking the grand gorge itself.

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