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Lonely Beach Resort is a paradise gem that will metaphorically and literally take you far away from a world that you are familiar with. Situated on the tranquil unspoilt north shore of Koh Rong Island, it’s hard to find a better way to experience serenity and nature than at this quiet and rustic eco-resort.

Surrounded by forest and a 45-minute hike to the nearest village, the resort is a unique hideaway far from the busier part of the island, only reachable via a three-hour boat ride. Distant from the south party beach, Lonely Beach Resort is the ultimate paradise, thoughtfully dedicated to minimising its own impact on the pristine and beautiful island.

Lonely Beach Resort has a location as isolating as the name suggests, situated on a secluded bay, surrounded by exotic forest. The property is comprised of private bungalows, which have their own bathroom and balcony facilities - ideal for those looking for a private and intimate getaway.

The accommodation aims to stay as true to nature as possible, with the intent of providing guests with a comfortable and spacious retreat into the natural world. The resort is uniquely located so that you can encounter the extraordinary plants and animals of the jungle and the coast.

To minimise its impact on this beautiful island and its wildlife, Lonely Beach Resort is proud to be constructed with natural, sustainable materials, and also generates its electricity by solar power.



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The property

Lonely Beach Resort's bungalows are equipped with private bathrooms and a balcony. With no immediate neighbours, these standalone properties are the perfect option for families or couples looking for peace and privacy. Every bathroom throughout the resort has Western toilets and Khmer bucket showers, to ensure the most eco-friendly yet comfortable facilities for your stay. We really love the way that the accommodation is generously spread over an extensive area where jungle and ocean meet.


Offering a remote experience, busy yourself with the natural facilities of offer, including snorkelling, jungle treks and a nighttime swim with fluorescent plankton.


The rustic-style restaurant and bar offer various Western and Khmer dishes, which can cater for vegetarians and vegans. Staff can buy requested food and drink from the mainland market.

Why Wayfairer

As an eco-resort, Lonely Beach Resort is dedicated to minimising its impact on the natural environment. The entire resort is run on solar power, thereby powering necessary equipment by resourceful, sustainable means. There is no WiFi or TV, thus minimising the use of unnecessary electrical equipment. The site is constructed from natural, sustainable materials, plus a compost system and vegetable garden. 

Read more about our values on responsible travel in our About section.


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