Puerto Valle invites you on a breathtaking riverside journey through the glittering flats of the Iberá wetlands  

Hop on a two-hour flight from bustling Buenos Aires and step out into the curious landscapes of the Iberá Wetlands. Hotel Puerto Valle is situated idyllically on the banks of the grandeur of the Parana River, which is second in length only to the Amazon, as its terrain fosters an area of vibrantly flourishing wildlife and forage. 

Relax in luxury while enjoying vibrant wildlife and landscapes at Hotel Puerto Valle.
The common space at Hotel Puerto Valle is a beautiful thatched-roof open-plan gazebo with lanterns and sofas to relax in.
Five sun loungers with a white umbrella overlook a small swimming pool surrounded by trees and water.
A double bed with yellow cushions and a throw pillow overlook a seating area and French doors that open to the garden.
A double bed with yellow cushions and a throw pillow overlook a seating area and French doors that open to the garden.
A spacious room features a large bed with a red throw blanket, two armchairs and a coffee table with breakfast placed on a tray.
A lounge with a long sofa, two armchairs and coffee tables is dimly lit with lantern-style lights.
The Casco Family Room has a large living room with red and white stripped carpets, a cosy sofa, lamps, and a coffee table.
An earthy-toned bathroom with dual sinks and mirrors opens to a walk-in shower.
A two-person table is set up on the lawn, overlooking the water and palm trees, with breakfast, pastries and orange juice.
A breakfast table is set up with china cups, teapots and pastries.
A white-cloth table is set up with a water glass, wine glass and fancy-looking cuisine.
The pastry is plated next to vanilla ice cream and edible purple flowers.

A stay here immerses you into one of the world’s largest wetlands, its evening sunsets crafting a canvas of lilac and ochre, its sunrises welcomed by the treetop chorus of howler monkeys. 

More than 14 hectares of a wildlife-rich reserve surrounds the Puerto Valle estancia, its geographically unique landscape fostering an ideal habitat for native and exotic species. Here, you will discover magnificent opportunities to connect with nature. You may opt to recline and observe from the hotel’s private pier ahead of the peaceful Parana, or perhaps a more adventurous day awaits you upon a kayak tour, bringing you closer to the river’s bounty.  

Hotel Puerto Valle is at the northwest end of Ibera National Park, providing endless opportunities to explore this unique Patagonian topography. An exclusive access point to Laguna Valle and Portal Cambyreta broadens your horizons.  

The hotel organises a range of experiences and excursions to aid your plunge into the wilds which surround your cosy abode, including a safari of the national park, which reveals roaming capybara, swinging monkeys and lurking caiman. 

A group of three are kayaking amongst trees as the sun casts an orange glow across the landscape.
Four adults and a child are horseriding next to the water as the sun sets.

The Hotel

Hotel Puerto Valle boasts 13 exclusive rooms, enhancing the tranquil and seclusive ambience which pervades the hotel’s grounds and surrounding reserve. Unique architecture and masterful attention to detail distinguish each of the rooms, as tall ceilings and revealing windows adorn both the Manor House Rooms and Deluxe Rooms, both of which are ideal for a couple’s getaway. A modern style, accented by muted tones and dark hardwoods, adorns each accommodation with a stripped-back feeling of luxury. 

A two-story apartment within the main building offers generous space for a luxury family holiday, expanding the already ample space in Puerto Valle’s beautiful accommodations. A view of the Parana River is assured wherever you stay, as well as an outdoor terrace to accommodate those slow mornings of coffee sipping. Taking this to the next level, your Deluxe Room is equipped with an outdoor shower, immersing your refreshing soak with a starlit sky. 


The hotel’s main pool is situated between tall trees and ahead of the still water of Parana, offering you a sheltered morning swim paired with the symphony of the awakening wildlife around you. On-site yoga and pilates sessions are an excellent option for those looking to balance their river adventures with time to unwind. 


Hotel Puerto Valle’s cuisine showcases the fruitful landscapes surrounding it, as fresh-caught fish, tropical fruits and other local ingredients equip your plate with refreshing flavours. The hotel’s quincho (BBQ hut) makes for a peaceful evening of sensory escapade, as Argentinian culinary culture is celebrated through traditional Correntino barbecues. 

How this hotel makes your trip more responsible

Being the first sustainable luxury lodge in the Corrientes Province, Hotel Puerto Valle holds the responsibility to the natural world close to its heart. The on-site organic garden ensures ethical sourcing for the restaurant, inviting you to learn about the hotel’s efforts toward sustainability through an educational experience. Highlighting this impressive effort, the property has been awarded the “Greener Hotels” sustainability certification, granted by the Hotel Association of Argentina. 

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