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A few hundred meters away from the village of Kratie lies the island of Koh Trong, situated in the middle of the mighty Mekong river. A small paradise which is ultimately an extensive and lush orchard, Koh Trong is a slower paced, un-modernised Cambodia which inspires visitors with its natural beauty and wildlife.

Rajabori Villas Resort offers guests a place to stay that perfectly reflects this island’s philosophy of tradition and nature. Consisting of 13 small natural wooden Khmer style buildings, Rajabori Villas community was created to ensure that guests can become a part of island life and minimise their impact on this unspoilt haven. 

The Rajabori Villas makes island life highly accessible by providing visitors with traditional accommodation which is both comfortable and eco-friendly. 

Comprised of 13 charming Khmer wooden houses, this resort is thoughtfully constructed to aid visitors to become fully immersed in old Cambodia. Nestled within the island’s beautiful countryside, the Rajabori Villas is a resort built by craftsmen, with the intent of continuing an architectural heritage originating a thousand years ago.

No cars operate around the island, which makes it perfect for adventure lovers and families who wish to experience this beautiful area by tuk tuk or horse cart. A fantastic way to explore the island is by bicycle, which the resort offers for free.

Those who wish to explore the local wildlife via the river can go on a Mekong river cruise organised by the resort. You can even rent a boat for your family. The resort also offers kayaking trips which can take you through dolphin hot spots, charming villages, mini rapids, and woodland areas.

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The property

Guests can stay in rooms, suites, or entire villas which are furnished in gorgeous and traditional wood and is decorated with curios from rural Cambodia. Each building is eco-friendly as electricity is dependent on a generator and solar panels. There is only one fan per room to limit the use of unnecessary energy, and water is heated by the sun. The resort is home to a small and intimate restaurant which has a surprisingly extensive menu of Khmer and Western cuisine. The seasonal ingredients are sourced from the market in Kratie and select suppliers on the island.

Every farm on the island is organic, meaning that a substantial amount of dishes in the restaurant are pesticide free. Next to the terrace restaurant is the pool which can provide cool relief from the weather. Not to be ill fitting to the rest of the resort, the pool’s filtration system functions by solar power and generators.


The resort consists of separate wooden buildings and provides solar generated electricity, bicycle rental, free WIFI, activity services, and a pool. 


The restaurant offers a wide range of Khmer and Western dishes for different meals, as well as a range of refreshing beverages.

Why Wayfairer

Rajabori Villas Resort is dedicated to minimising its impact on the natural environment as well as minimising energy use. The resort’s water is heated naturally by the sun, and the electricity is generated by solar power and generators. The pool’s filter system is partially run by solar power. There is only one fan in each room to minimise energy use. Ingredients used for the restaurant are sourced from the local market and island suppliers. They are used on a seasonal basis and all of the island’s food production is organic. 

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