We believe in Responsible Tourism

We believe in Responsible Tourism

What is Responsible Travel?

At Wayfairer, we believe that to travel is to live. The journeys that we take not only broaden the lives and minds of the traveller but also have an impact on the lives of those we interact with and who call these destinations their home. All human activity has an impact on the planet. At Wayfairer, we aim to reduce our business as much as possible, conducting our business with a conscience and being mindful of the path we tread and the people, animals, and environments we touch along the way.   


To us, responsible tourism means travelling in a positive, empowering, and regenerative way, causing no negative social, economic or environmental impacts on the places you visit. Travelling in this way means gaining untold knowledge, building cultural bridges, empowering underprivileged communities, regenerating the natural environment, and preserving cultural traditions. 

Animal Welfare (1)


Animal Welfare (2)
Animal Welfare

What Are We Doing Now?

We monitor our operations' social, economic, and environmental impact to lead a fairer industry, fostering innovative ideas for travellers, local communities, and the natural world. Our goal is to promote responsible travel, prioritise people and communities, promote animal welfare, and Protect the planet, starting with reducing our carbon footprint. We aim for transparency as we continuously integrate sustainability into our business model.

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About the people we work with

We believe that the true rewards of travel come from experiencing different cultures while also giving something back to the communities who make us welcome.  


We recognise the positive contribution that tourism can have to different communities and individuals around the world. We encourage our clients to broaden their travelling experiences and step into the lives of the local communities, truly immersing themselves in their culture.  


 However, we also recognise that as the demand for experiential travel and social, cultural and community-based tourism grows, so does the risk of negative impacts upon these communities. Therefore, at Wayfairer, we engage local communities in our travel itineraries and treat local people as stakeholders in our business. We employ local guides and support staff, with whom we pay fair wages, often exceeding government standards, which we still consider too low, and thereby remove the reliance on tipping for livelihoods.  



Our Charity Partnerships 





Ele Collection

Wayfairer is excited to introduce our latest charity partner based in Zimbabwe, Ele Collection.



Ele Collection is dedicated to creating a scalable and sustainable solution to the plastic pollution problem afflicting Southern Africa’s ecologically sensitive areas. Ele Collection’s immediate goal is to clean up Victoria Falls City and the surrounding National Parks. Once achieved, their efforts will expand to encompass the entire KAZA Region. Their ultimate goal is to permanently close the plastic loop by driving the collection of plastic waste from all corners of the environment and recycling it into products that protect our communities and ecosystems from harm.


Plastic not only damages these landscapes but has been found to be damaging the beloved species, such as elephants, that call these destinations their home. Elephants and other mammals that are ingesting the plastic are subjected to ‘Plasticosis’ or plastic poisoning that is altering their behaviour in an aggressive manner and increasing human/wildlife conflict. By permanently solving this plastic problem, Ele Collection are not simply cleaning up the landscape, but conserving iconic species too.






Animal Welfare (4)


Animal Welfare (6)
Animal Welfare (8)

About our animal protection policy

Astounding animal encounters are one of the main aspects of a trip, and they truly impact the traveller. Whether witnessing a majestic herd of elephants against the backdrop of Kilimanjaro or an elusive polar bear stalking a seal across the ice, these experiences can inspire, impress, and create awareness of the beauty of our animal kingdom.  


 At Wayfairer, we recognise the positive contribution that responsible wildlife tourism can make to animals, communities, and individuals. We love celebrating the educational and conservational benefits that can arise from our travellers' journeys. By supporting truly ethical animal initiatives and encouraging our customers to do the same, Wayfairer Travel can harness tourism’s potential to be an economic rationale for the protection of wildlife and nature.  


We believe that travel should benefit and not harm both the visitor and the visited. We apply this to the land we step across, the communities we interact with, and, equally, to the animals we engage with.  


Animal Welfare (9)

How we help the planet

At Wayfairer, we recognise the significance of the well-being of our planet and the existence of the tourism industry. As a global industry, we have a global impact that reaches every stretch of the planet to which we send our travellers. We believe that the further we stretch in exploration and discovery, the more we must equally extend our commitment to creating valuable impact, fostering sustainability, and driving positive change.   


Biodiversity is essential for the travel experience. Whether it is trekking through lush rainforests, diving in pristine waters, or encountering exotic wildlife, these experiences are irreplaceable and must be conserved for future generations. As an industry, by collectively committing to sustainable practises, embracing biodiversity conservation and promoting responsible tourism, we can work towards a future where travel enhances lives, supports communities and safeguards the beauty of our planet for years to come.  


Our Carbon Footprint

At Wayfairer, we are aware that travel leaves a footprint. In September 2023, we decided to partner with ecollective, a carbon consultancy that is currently helping us calculate the carbon footprint per person per night of all our trips. This includes transport, accommodation, meals, activities and guides. Having this data for 2023 will allow us to recognise the components of our trips with the most negative carbon impact and allow us to set targets for 2024 to reduce these emissions.  

This data allows us to be totally transparent with our customers about the carbon impact of their trip and helps us guide them to the most environmentally friendly options that they could include to become more responsible travellers.  

Our work with ecollective is currently underway, so we will update this section of our website accordingly when our data has been collected and our 2024 goals have been established. We know there is a huge amount of work to be done here, and we aim to be as transparent as possible with every step along this journey.  

If you have any questions or would like to know more about what we are doing now, please contact [email protected]  


"Eco by Wayfairer spotlights sustainable tourism leaders. Our exclusive properties invite travellers to honour destinations' beauty and responsible businesses.


Read more here.

At Wayfairer, our commitment to responsible travel extends to every aspect of our journey, including the accommodations that we choose and the suppliers that we work with. We take care in selecting establishments that align with our responsible travel aims, not only providing a comfortable and memorable experience for our travellers but also adhering to sustainable and ethical practices.  


We believe that where you stay should reflect the values of responsible tourism, contributing positively to local communities and minimising environmental impact. This dedication to mindful accommodation selection is integral to our mission of creating meaningful and responsible travel experiences for our clients.  


As part of our carbon footprint reduction strategy, we have decided to begin reducing our supply chain emissions. This means partnering with and prioritising the sales of hotels and lodges that have set their own carbon reduction targets and have strategies in place to reduce energy, water, and waste at their properties. Through the sales of these properties, we are not only supporting the most cutting-edge businesses in terms of sustainability but also reducing our carbon footprint in the process.  


‘Eco by Wayfairer’ is the accreditation we have given to properties that we have identified through rigorous examination as being at the forefront of responsible tourism. Click here to see our range of eco properties commencing with Kenya and to learn more about the positive impact that you will have by choosing to stay with them. 

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