Seychelles, Maldives or Mauritius

Looking for some winter sun? Here are some of our favourite places in the Seychelles, Maldives and Mauritius

Looking for a tropical beach paradise where you can snorkel and sunbathe your worries away? Surrounded by deep blue fringed by palm trees and powdery sands, these three island nations capture the twinkle of the Indian Ocean. 

Whether you visit the Seychelles, the Maldives or Mauritius, you are guaranteed an idyllic holiday destination year-round. These classic tropical destinations boast exquisite accommodations, charming beaches and unique landscapes but also have their own distinct edge.  

Read further to discover whether the Seychelles, the Maldives or Mauritius fits your island desires.  





Perfect For: Nature lovers and deep-sea divers  

Why go to the Seychelles? 

The Seychelles is a tropical paradise, exhibiting the fruits of protecting nature, as its multi-ethnic population peacefully co-exists with vigorous ecosystems.  

Tantalise your five senses on a trip to the Seychelles, indulging in Creole cuisine, island-hopping on boats, and relaxing in your luxury Seychelles hotel. 

As well as being an idyllic beach escape, the Seychelles is your gateway to uncovering the mystique of the Indian Ocean. The islands are popular among deep-sea divers, introducing you to the vibrant marine communities which bustle beneath the ocean’s surface. 

Embark on a scuba-diving adventure on our Cosmoledo Scuba Diving Trip to the Seychelles: 

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Honeymoons in Seychelles 

 The Seychelles offers an astonishing array of romantic island stays, welcoming couples to revel in their unique blend of seclusion and excitement. The islands embody the quintessential peace of an Indian Ocean getaway, balancing this with exhilarating aquatic adventures.  

Striking landscapes complement amorous candlelit dinners. Rocky beaches, rolling hills and botanical gardens leave you to create a Seychelles honeymoon itinerary like no other. 


Family Holidays in Seychelles 

 Curious kids and animal lovers thrive in the Seychelles, as incredible scuba diving and snorkelling opportunities bring intrepid travellers close to colourful marine life. An underwater city of exotic fish, sea turtles and manta rays await your discovery. 

Giant tortoises are also associated with the Seychelles, as they roam the protected areas guarded by the nation. Stay in one of the Seychelles’ many eco retreats and bring your kids closer to the wildlife that embodies our planet’s very heart.  

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Perfect For: Private island peace and snorkelling  

Why go to the Maldives? 

The Maldives are defined by natural beauty, embodying 35,000 square miles of glittering lagoons and picture-perfect beaches. There are 1190 islands to explore in the Maldives, providing abundant possibilities for your Maldives itinerary. 

The Maldives homes some of the world’s most opulent private island resorts. Whether you seek a kid-friendly hotel or an exclusive honeymoon retreat, you will find the perfect stay. The remoteness of its islands pairs your snorkelling adventures with the instinctively still ambience of the Maldives.   

Read more about the best islands in the Maldives here: 


Honeymoons in the Maldives  

The Maldives is the place to be if you and your loved one seek quietude. Its gorgeous hotels and resorts are nestled into remote islands, surrounding you with endless ocean. 

The Maldives is packed with sumptuous spa facilities and countless restaurants and bars. Indulge in fresh-caught seafood, sip on piña coladas and dip into the warmth of the Indian Ocean. Finding a Maldives adults-only island is a simple task, providing the perfect space to soak up the romance. 

Check out our example itinerary and tailor your perfect Maldives luxury honeymoon here: 

Maldives honeymoon




Family Holidays in the Maldives 

Whilst the Maldives is renowned for its peace and quiet, the country has recently become popular amongst jet-setting families. Many luxury resorts in the Maldives welcome young children, making the perfect environment for parents to relax and for kids to explore and play.  

For those families looking to snorkel, dive, kayak and seek nature, many of the best islands in the Maldives home fabulous facilities for aquatic adventure and water sports.  

Check out LUX* South Ari Atoll, the perfect Maldives stay for adventurous families: 




Perfect For: Adventure seekers and culture enthusiasts  

Why go to Mauritius?  

For those keen to venture into the wilderness, a Mauritius holiday is ideal for avid hikers who also crave quietude. Mauritius island’s enchanting coastline houses rows of beautiful beaches and coral reefs, whilst its inland embodies something wilder. 

Whether you want to nourish your bond with the natural world or discover Mauritius’s vibrant culture, this island escape marries tranquil beach days with insightful experiences. When you say goodbye to Mauritius, you’ll feel as if you’ve left a piece of your heart with its friendly people and dynamic wildlife. 

How about pairing your trip to Mauritius with a safari adventure in South Africa on our tailor-made Luxury Kruger and Mauritius Holiday: 

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Honeymoons in Mauritius  

Honeymoons in Mauritius are punctuated by gentle morning strolls along Port Louis’ vibrant market stalls, evenings in dimly lit restaurants and afternoons spent meandering the island’s wilderness.   

Mauritius is your perfect tropical getaway if you and your other half are keen to fill your itinerary with activities, ranging from snorkelling to museum visiting. Complete your Mauritius holiday with a stay at one of the island’s dazzling adults-only hotels. 



Family Holidays in Mauritius 

There is no better way to bring the family closer than spending time around nature, teaching your little ones the value of our wild neighbours. Embark on scenic treks and bathe in the river beside macaque monkeys in Black River Gorges National Park.  

There is a vast array of luxury family resorts in Mauritius, many of which are perched on the island’s pristine coastline. Sleep in sumptuous accommodations, while your family unearths Mauritius’s captivating history, culture and wildlife.   

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