Introducing our new Eco by Wayfairer selection

Wayfairer launches 'Eco by Wayfairer' and 'Gold Eco by Wayfairer', what does this mean and why have we done it?

"Eco by Wayfairer" is the culmination of a meticulous and dedicated effort to showcase those at the forefront of sustainable tourism. Through this range of properties, we invite our travellers to celebrate not only the beauty of our destinations but also the responsible businesses that shape those journeys.

"Eco by Wayfairer" is a testament to our dedication to begin to redefine luxury travel through a lens of responsibility. By selecting one of these Eco-properties, our customers will have a direct positive impact upon their chosen destination, making a conscious choice towards a greener and more sustainable way of travelling.

Ololo_Lodge_kenya-_Vanessa_s_Pick_029_kar3w4-2One of our Eco range hotels, Ololo Lodge in Nairobi National Park, Kenya

Our process began by individually reaching out to our suppliers, beginning with Kenya. Each property was asked to provide a comprehensive insight into their commitment to sustainability, which were evaluated, connecting further with those who went above and beyond in their dedication to eco-friendly practises. From reducing carbon emissions to championing conservation and community initiatives, these properties exemplify a commitment to making a positive impact on our planet.

We created a questionnaire for our suppliers to fill out, splitting the questions into 3 sections of sustainability: Management and efficiency, Conservation and Preservation and, Community and Social Impact. These answers were then reviewed and those properties that confirmed that they had initiatives in place for reducing their carbon footprint, minimising waste, conserving energy and decreasing their water usage, were selected to qualify for eco-properties.

Have a look at some of our Eco by Wayfairer's hotels:

estancia cristina Emboo river camp ol Pejeta cottages


The launch of 'Eco by Wayfairer' is the first step in our company's carbon footprint reduction journey. At the beginning of 2024, with the help of ecollective our carbon accounting team, we decided on a carbon footprint reduction pathway in order to curb our total company emissions by 5% each year.

One of the initiatives that we decided upon was to cut down the emissions within our supply chain. To decarbonize our extensive supply chain, we need to connect with our suppliers and identify those who are at the forefront of sustainability initiatives, whether it be specifically in carbon reduction, or in broader categories such as waste removal, water supply and organic produce to name a few. All of these initiatives have a positive impact on a hotel's carbon footprint and by pushing the sales of these 'green' properties, it will lower our emissions in the process.

nomad-121_ubtg4t dtc_01diver_b8ukll
The Sands at Nomad , Kenya is one of the hotel featured in the 'Eco range by Wayfairer' The hotels has many important marine sustainability initiative's such as being home to the Diani Turtle Watch


'Eco Gold' by Wayfairer

Eco Gold by Wayfairer" is an extension from the Eco by Wayfairer, a selection of properties that don't just go above and beyond in terms of sustainability but also in luxury, standards of guiding, levels of hospitality, restaurants and dining, and experiences that make their property stand out.

To qualify for Gold, these properties must not only answer our Eco Survey and have stand out answers for those, but also answer a second survey which goes into depth about these unique and luxurious elements to their properties. We asked the suppliers for information on guiding, the unique experiences that they have on offer, the location and exclusivity of their properties, the quality of training that they provide to their staff, and the culinary experience that is offered to the guests.

Awasi_Iguazu_-_Master_Villa_.15_PH_Susette_Kok_3_ngdcau-1 eolo_patagonia_window_u3ndch
Awasi Iguazu, Argentina is park of the Eco Gold range  Another one of our Eco Gold range hotels, ELOLO Patagonia 

Once the responses had been collected, our Responsible Travel Executive assessed them and hand-selected those properties whose answers really exemplified what it means to be a top player in luxury, responsible tourism. 

To be launching this project for Wayfairer is a really exciting move into making more conscious choices about where we are sending our guests and thinking about the ripple effect of responsibility that starts with us as individual members of the sales team and a travel company as a whole. Without our guests, these lodges cannot successfully operate the incredible community and conservation initiatives that they have in place, and so as a company, we are growing in awareness of the scale of impact that we can have through pushing the sales of these outstanding properties.

Read more about which hotels we have feature in Eco Gold by Wayfairer range:


So many conservancies, charities and initiatives rely directly on tourism funding, and many of these receive this funding directly through the guest fees at the lodges, so with Wayfairer's support, we can ensure they continue to thrive.

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Introducing our new Eco by Wayfairer selection

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