A nation of idyllic islands, luxurious resorts and multicoloured reefs in protected marine parks.

Wander along the endless white sandy beaches in the Seychelles

If you want to spend all day on the pristine beaches or prefer a more active holiday indulging in a variety of water sports, the Seychelles has got you covered. 

Made up of 115 islands, this diverse archipelago is a small speck in the Indian Ocean some 1,500km east of mainland Africa. It is thought to have been uninhabited prior to discovery by Europeans in the 16th century, where it then faced interest from both the British and the French. In the late 18th century, the islands came under British control but proclaimed independence in 1976. It is an eclectic mix of African, French and British influences which can be experienced by visitors in its art, music and cuisine. 

Despite being made up of over a hundred islands the Seychelles is one of the world’s smallest countries and most of the islands are uninhabited. 40 of the islands in the central region are characterised by their granite formation and consist of a narrow coastal strip of white sandy beaches with the backdrop of lush vegetated hills; another 70 are largely flat and coralline in their geology and don’t support a resident population.    

The Seychelles has an incredible amount of biodiversity for such a small region. For example, on Bird Island you can be immersed in the sight and sound of millions of seabirds, including terns, shearwaters and frigate birds. Visit the large atoll of the Aldabra Islands home to thousands of giant tortoises; Jonathon, the world's oldest land animal at over 187 years old originates from these islands, although he now resides on the island of St. Helena. The main island of Mahé contains more than four-fifths of the total human population (around 70,000 people) and many of these are in the capital city of Victoria. A major tourism destination, it's a picturesque island of endemic plants, rare orchids, a few towering peaks (at over 3000ft )and miles of stunning beaches. Mahé is also an adventure playground of nature, with imposing rocks on the beach, botanical gardens and fresh seafood buffet lunches.  

The Seychelles is the perfect getaway for honeymooners, either by itself or alongside a safari in, for example, South Africa, Kenya or Botswana .  The Seychelles is also a great destination for families with children of any age. 


Featured Seychelles Trips

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Maggie Asbury Luxury Travel Specialist
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Where to go in the Seychelles

Comprised of 115 islands, you won’t have time to visit them all. Most islands are private resorts, so choose from our range of handpicked resorts, hotels and villas floating above the clear waters. Once you have chosen your dream bedroom the rest is plain sailing. Most resorts offer a range of island and water-based activities, and Mahé is a developed island with a French and Hindu influence catering for couples who want to dress up and explore world-class restaurants. Explore the deserted beaches of Anse Étoile and Anse Nord d’Est in the north of the island. Head to Ste. Anne Marine National Park and snorkel or dive to explore an underwater world equally beautiful to the island paradise.

Where to stay in The Seychelles

From the inner islands and their quintessential towering boulder beaches to the sweeping coralline islands of the outer Seychelles, there are a huge range of resorts, luxury hotels and boutique beach listings to suite even the most discerning of travellers.


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