Breathe in fresh mountain air and experience the magic of Estancia La Maipú, a luxury lodge which champions the unrelenting glory of Patagonia. 

Located on the western Argentinian border, near El Chalten, Estancia La Maipú is a large private reserve which enhances your eclectic Patagonia itinerary. The stay encompasses 450-sqm of virgin terrain and represents the authentic beauty of the Patagonian wilderness.  

You sleep at the foot of the glorious Andes during a stay at Estancia la Maipú
The exterior of the estancia is dressed in white wood-panelling with a red roof.
A colourful flower bed sprawls across the estancia's gardens, creating a sheath of lilac and pink.
A triple room at the estancia is equipped with comfy beds dressed with chocolate-brown bedding and decorated in a simple style.
The bathroom window in the estancia looks out at a mesmerising view of Lake Argentino and the tumbling mountains behind it.
The porches of the private bedrooms lead directly to the estancia's gardens. They are lit with warm lighting and fronted by white picket fences.
Two horses, one with a brown coat and one with a cream coat, stand ahead of Lake San Martin.
A line of guanacos wander up a steep hill ahead of a bright blue sky.
Three people cosy up in sleeping bags beside a log fire, ahead of an evening scene of the lake and the tumbling Andes.
The on-site museum represents the estancia's agricultural past, equipped with relics and workshop items.
A delicious dish of freshly-made ravioli is laid out on a plate.
Some freshly-caught fish is being slow-cooked over a log fire, ahead of an evening scene of Lake San Martin.

Journey across the sprawling foothills of the Andean Mountain Range, one of the best places to visit in Argentina, then rest on the breezy shores of Lake San Martin. Trek up hillsides towards astonishing views or traverse curious petrified forests, as La Maipú provides a perfectly soft landing following exhilarating adventures.  

You won’t find a stay more true to Patagonian culture and its unity with Mother Nature. Estancia La Maipú embraces the agricultural heritage of the region, maintaining the purity of its surroundings so that its streams still produce the freshest water and its soil the best produce.  

A horseback journey across La Maipú’s landscapes familiarises you with the colourful gaucho lifestyle, whilst early morning birdwatching brings you up-close encounters with the Andean condor.  

Estancia la Maipú exposes the beating heart of South America, and you return home feeling you have left a piece of your heart in Patagonia. 


A Magellanic woodpecker perches on a branch on a sunny day. Its plumage is a mixture of bright red and dark grey.
A man is fly fishing in Lake San Martin on a beautiful sunny day. The Andes Mountains rise ahead of him.

The Estancia

La Maipú provides warm and comfortable living spaces for your down time. There are only six rooms in the luxury lodge, with private bathrooms and heating, creating an air of exclusivity during your stay. These rooms are secluded in their earthly situations, disconnecting you from the bustle of urban life.  

La Maipú’s rooms maintain a true estancia style, utilising a neutral, muted color palette to showcase the vibrant landscapes at your window. You may opt between a large double-bed, a triple room or two double beds, all of these options ensuring ample space for a gentle evening spent reading and reclining. 


The Estancia centralises natural living, pulling back from the distractions of the modern world and demonstrating the instinctive pleasures which emerge from time with nature. A range of on-site activities and excursions help you release your adventurous side during a stay at La Maipú, proving that off-grid can be synonymous with fun.  

The on-site Pioneer’s Museum offers further wisdom about Lake San Martin’s elaborate past. This helps you bond with the estancia's beautiful surroundings and the intriguing culture which attaches to it.



Estancia la Maipú utilises its fruitful landscape and fertile soils to create fresh, replenishing flavours, immersing you within the vibrancy of Patagonian cuisine. Local meat, vegetables from La Maipú grounds and fish from Lake San Martin are served within a homely setting so you may enjoy delicious menus beside an open fire.  Enjoy the effortless luxury of the traditional Patagonian asado, accompanied by like-minded people and the fresh air of the Andes.

How this estancia makes your trip more responsible

We only choose accommodations which match our passion for the natural world and the exciting curiosity brought by cultural diversity. Estancia La Maipú exemplifies a pure love for its natural surroundings, as it has been subtly integrated into its landscape and uses minimal electricity to further this.

Ethical sourcing is a core value of La Maipú, as the estancia ensures extensive knowledge of the sourcing of all its ingredients, stretching to its wines and sweets. All the food you consume has been sourced thoughtfully or retrieved from the estancia's private reserve and neighbouring lake.

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