Sleep beneath the stars, and wake up to the calls of endemic bird species just outside canvas walls. 

Enter the land roamed by wild giant tortoises right on the borders of the Galapagos National Park, and you'll be welcomed to this lodge, which is small by design and exclusive by definition.

Immersed in lush vegetation, use this camp to explore off-the-beaten-track in Ecuador

Staying in Galapagos Safari Lodge is an opportunity to become immersed in the unseen areas of the Galapagos, away from the ocean but no further from nature. 

This family-owned camp is ideally located, private and far from any crowds. It’s the perfect base for those seeking a more off-the-beaten-track experience of the Galapagos islands, or indeed those who want to become familiar with the raw nature that has been a marvel for centuries.

African-style tents are entirely surrounded by lush vegetation. However, there is no compromise on stunning views across miles of Santa Cruz. This destination is all about slower paces, intimacy with nature, and warm, sincere family-orientated hospitality. 

The lodge is positioned on the rim of an extinct volcanic cone, which went on to inspire the property’s design. The arc greets the sun in the morning to the east, and the light lasts right until the end of the day. 

Days at Galapagos Safari Lodge are spent out on safari, following the trails of the Galapagos tortoise, visiting the Charles Darwin Research Centre, and heading out on a smaller vessel to explore uninhabited islands overflowing with wildlife. 

When you return for a lazy afternoon, enjoy a dip in the plunge pool and take a nap beneath moss-laden trees. As the bright sunlight of the equator fades, follow the trail to the rustic viewpoint to see the orange light turn magenta. 

Evenings spent with a warming drink by a crackling fireplace, as the stars light the sky, is the perfect end to a day at the Galapagos Safari Camp. This is the ideal spot for the beginnings and ends of a Galapagos adventure.  


The Property

Galapagos Safari Camp is exclusive, with only 9 safari-style tents, a family suite, a main lodge, a pool and a viewpoint expanding over 55 hectares of land. 


Safari tents are covered by three layers of canvas for comfort and shelter. Features include private balcony decks, hammocks, several electrical sockets, sun-powered hot shows, an en-suite, a swimming pool, lounge and lobby areas, and viewing decks. 


Enjoy dinner al fresco on the veranda or indoors at the long hardwood table. The four-course tasting menu offers a nightly journey across Ecuadorian cuisine with locally sourced products and a carefully curated wine list. The food here is fresh, healthy, and delicious. 

How this resort makes your trip more responsible

At Wayfairer, we promote sustainable and positive tourism to all our clients who choose to travel with us. This means that all stays actively benefit the countries we visit, and experiences give back to the wildlife and communities we interact with. We only partner with lodges, hotels and tour operators in Ecuador who share our ethos. 

Galapagos Safari Camp is on board with the reforestation efforts of the areas surrounding, and guests are welcome to help out with it if they like. They've begun growing native cacao plants, they use purified rainwater across the camp (you'll feel it in the silkiness of your skin and hair), and most produce served here comes from their farm. They share our sustainable tourism ethos and are passionate about bringing guests on this journey with them. 

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