Are you and the family feeling restless, ready to set off on your next adventure? Perhaps you have always dreamed of exploring the wild, rugged landscapes of Chile.

Wayfairer is here to answer your prayers, offering a family trip to Chile which encompasses the country’s quintessential beauty. This life-changing 11-day Chile itinerary ventures along unbeaten pathways towards mystical landscapes and cultural corners.

Revel in the bliss of Chile adventure travel and prepare the family for a journey like no other. Travel from trendy Santiago to the remote splendor of the Atacama, from the tranquil banks of Lake Llanquihue to the forested pathways of the Patagonian Andes. Return home with endless stories to tell.

What's Included:

  • All accommodation fees mentioned in the itinerary
  • All meals mentioned in the itinerary and that are included in the accommodation fees
  • All transfers in a private luxury vehicle
  • Tickets to national parks and reserves
  • Bed & Breakfast at all accommodations
  • Full board at Parque Futangue
  • Domestic flights

Trip Itinerary


Days 1-2: Santiago

Day 1 – Arrival in Santiago

You arrive in Santiago, Chile’s vibrant capital city, ready to kickstart your remarkable Chile luxury vacation. A Wayfairer representative meets you for a smooth transfer in a private vehicle past the city’s historic streets.

You are welcomed into Pullman Santiago El Bosque for a relaxed evening and a blissful night’s sleep. Nestled into the outskirts of the exclusive neighborhood of Las Condes, this luxury hotel ensures space and comfort for the family.

Fish Market in Chile.

Day 2 – Half-Day Gastronomic Tour and Cooking Class

Indulge in a colorful buffet breakfast, preparing for the perfect beginning of your family trip to Chile.

Begin your day in Santiago’s Fish and Seafood Market, selecting ingredients for your culinary escapade. Next, be warmly welcomed into the chef’s apartment in the sophisticated El Golf neighborhood. A freshly made cocktail is offered to parents whilst the kids get ready for a hands-on cooking class.

Complete your day with a homemade family meal, each flavor being perfectly paired with a Chilean wine. Return to your luxurious hotel feeling inspired and ready to plunge into Santiago’s cultural majesty.

Vineyard landscape in Casablanca Valley, Chile.

Day 3: Casablanca Valley

Day 3 – Full Day Casablanca-Viña del Mar-Valparaiso

Today is packed with discovery, transporting the family along Chile’s winding timeline. You begin today’s Chile tour package at Casablanca Valley, where you can taste delicious wines in the company of a rejuvenating vineyard breeze.

Next, you visit Viña del Mar, or ‘The Garden City’. Notice the city’s pretty floral gardens and trendy boulevards. Viña del Mar is the perfect spot for history fanatics, offering relics of the country’s regal heritage as well as a moai, an ancient statue carved by the Rapa Nui people.

You complete the route at Valparaíso, a picturesque city encircled by rolling hills. Valparaíso is laced with important maritime history, its winding streets transporting you and your family back in time.

Valley of the moon in San Pedro de Atacama.

Days 4-6: Atacama

Day 4 – Transfer to San Pedro and Half Day Moon Valley

Begin your day with a nourishing breakfast at the hotel, ready for your transfer to Santiago Airport. Fly onwards to Calama Airport, where your guide will meet you for an easygoing transfer to San Pedro de Atacama.

You arrive at Noi Casa Atacama, a luxurious eco-retreat set on the edge of the Atacama Desert. This boutique hotel brings you the height of eco-luxury paired with scenes of Chile’s most remote natural region.

Your afternoon transports you into the heart of the Atacama for an evening voyage of the mystical Moon Valley. Move through a series of unbelievable spots, marveling at geological formations which seem like they are pulled from a fairytale.

Flamingos drink water from Salar de Atacama.

Day 5 – Full day Alt. Lagoons & Piedras Rojas & Chaxa

An early morning start transfers you to Salar de Atacama, an expansive salt flat bearing a tapestry of bewildering landscapes. Your journey begins at Chaxa Lagoon, where elegant flamingos roam a mirror-like terrain, the perfect opportunity to fill the family photo album with quirky pictures.

Your next stop is Piedras Rojas, a spectacular mountain landscape tinged with copper-colored hues. Venture upward in a 4x4 to a height of 3,800 meters, where a spell-binding walk awaits you, punctuated with views of crystalline lagoons and jagged rock formations.

The day is crowned by a visit to two charming towns, Socaire and Toconao, both widely recognized for their immaculate surroundings and secluded atmosphere.

El Tatio Geysers in San Pedro de Atacama.

Day 6 – Full Day Tatio Geysers

Before dawn breaks, you set off on a journey to the iconic El Tatio Geysers, situated in the world’s highest geothermal field at an altitude of 14,100 ft. Upon arrival, you notice the marked path which leads your adventure.

You feel your stresses melt away as you breathe in the pure air of the Atacama before marveling at this magnificent display of nature. The Tatio Geysers leave the family in awe, their hissing streams of boiling water erupting in what seems like a planned performance.

Your trail back to the vehicle is accented by native flora and fauna, providing you with the perfect final slice of the Atacama’s secluded beauty.

Chile Santiago Sanctuary and Virgin Mary Statue at Cerro San Cristobal.

Day 7: Santiago

Day 7 – Travel back to Santiago

Arise from a heavenly final sleep in Noi Casa Atacama, prepared for a morning of travel. Your journey to Santiago is relaxed, becoming the perfect time for the kids to rest their feet. Retell stories of your Chile adventure so far, preparing for the next step of your exhilarating family trip to Chile.

You arrive at your comfortable airport hotel, prepared for a peaceful evening. As your little ones splash about in the indoor pool, you enjoy a revitalizing glass of wine.

Aerial view of Puerto Varas with Sacred Heart Church and Osorno Volcano.

Day 8: Puerto Varas

Day 8 – Full Day Petrohue Waterfalls & Osorno Volcano

The morning begins with a flight to Puerto Varas from Santiago Airport. Puerto Varas is a scenic Chilean village with distinctive German-inspired architecture, homing Hotel Cabano del Lago, a rustic luxury hotel which perches on the banks of Llanquihue Lake.

A full day of discovery awaits you at Vicente Perez Rosales National Park. Observe llamas, deer and emus from Mirador Onces Bellavista and listen to the soothing sounds of the Petrohue Waterfalls.

The next part of your Chile adventure tour commences with a boat ride across the Todos Los Santos Lake, then a trek towards Mount Osorno’s awe-inspiring lookout points and craters.

Ranco Lake in Chile.

Days 9–11: Futangue Park

Days 9–11 - Futangue Park

A nourishing breakfast prepares you for your journey to Parque Futangue, a private reserve located near the scenic banks of Ranco Lake.

Your resort offers you a phenomenal Chile tour package for the family, encompassing the wild beauty of Chilean Patagonia, married with exquisite luxury. You uncover mesmerizing views of the region whilst the hotel facilities keep all ages entertained.

Parque Futangue encourages you to take a bold step into the Patagonian wilderness, offering a range of excursions categorized into “Soft Adventure”, “Active Experience”, and “Fly Fishing”. Whether you are a thrill-seeker looking to plunge into rafting and rappelling, or you wish to uncover Chile at a slower pace, the family are ensured an adventure.

The city of Santiago in Central Chile is surrounded by mountains and interspersed with skyscrapers, clusters of buildings and trees.

Day 11: Santiago

Day 11 – Travel back to Santiago

Wave goodbye to the magnificent Futangue Park as you set off back to Santiago. The Chilean capital welcomes you back with open arms, so you settle into a cozy evening amidst the vivacity of the Las Condes neighborhood.

Perhaps you wish to spend your last evening enjoying a meal in a nearby restaurant, tasting traditional Chilean flavors and reminiscing about your thrilling family vacation in Chile.

The mountains behind Santiago city are red from the vibrant sunset.

Day 12: Home

Day 12 – Journey Home

Your glorious Chile family vacation has come to a close, leaving you with special memories and stories to pass down generations. Over a final, delicious breakfast at the Pullman Santiago El Bosque, you revisit the multitude of sparkling moments which have accented the trip.

Embark on a smooth-sailing flight back home, pondering on what your next adventure with Wayfairer may be. Tell us where you want to travel next, and we can make it happen for you.

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