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Wind-chiselled golden beaches, mysterious lines etched into the sand, soaring dunes

Ica is a desert region of Peru that stretches along the Pacific coastline, 160 miles south of Lima. An enigmatic land where civilisations over 4,000 years old have left their mark, journeying here introduces visitors to unsolved mysteries and incredible land formations. Ica is where a desolate landscape proves its own vitality through its ancient history and unique wildlife.

Our coastal lodges in Paracas provide a stepping-stone into the many sights of Ica. The crashing ocean waves and severe winds have cut spectacular shapes into this dramatic landscape neighbouring the Pacific. 

Voyage the seas dotted with archipelagos rich with wildlife. Thanks to the Humboldt Current, these colder waters are a fertile feeding ground for wildlife and over 200 migratory birds. On a boat trip to the Ballestas Islands, spot Humboldt penguins, hundreds of sea-lions and turtles before heading onwards to learn about the ancient gyrograph, the Candelabro. 

Perhaps one of the greatest draw factors to travelling to this region is the mysterious Nazca lines that remain embedded in the sand, two hours south of Paracas. The signs of ancient civilisations are laced into this landscape, and yet since their discovery in the 1920s no one has uncovered how they got there. 

Charter a private jet for an optimum birds-eye view over the Nazca lines and hear tales of the different stories as to how they got there. Debate has taken place over centuries as to what their purpose is, and some scientists even argued that the lines (some up to five miles long) were used for extraterrestrial landings. The mythology surrounding the lines is part of their allure. 

For even more exhilarating adventures in Ica, head to the vast sand-dunes of Huacachina for speeding buggy expeditions. Heading just half-an-hour north afterwards, finish up at the South America’s oldest distillery, La Caravedo, that provides succulent grapes for Peru’s national drink - the Pisco. 

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Best times to visit Ica

There is no bad time to visit Ica, Paracas and the Nazca lines. The Paracas Desert occupies the northern portion of the Atacama Desert, the driest in the world. The sun shines on this coastal desert year-round and there is little to no rain. Summer here is different from the inland regions such as the Sacred Valley and December to February are the hottest months to visit Ica with temperatures routinely hit the high 30°C’s. Sea-lion pups birth at the Ballestas Islands in January. 

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Accommodation in Ica

Most of our accommodations in Ica are on the coast around Paracas. From here, all the highlights of this region are accessible and you can have a relaxing base on the beach. Hotel Paracas, Luxury Collection looks out onto the coast from plush casitas set around three different infinity pools. With its own pier jutting out into the ocean, we can easily organise your own private trip to the Ballestas Islands just a short amble down from your suite.

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