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Windswept landscapes, dazzling coastline and the Big Five with a twist: Namibia is the ultimate safari choice for the discerning couple

If you think you’ve been on safari, think again. Namibia is home to some of Africa’s most enigmatic landscapes and precious species, and yet is often overlooked by travellers. For honeymooners seeking a secluded, private safari honeymoon destination, Namibia is the transcendent choice.

Here, animals outnumber people and deserts stretch so far they’re known as ‘sand seas’. This is a region that has cause to call itself an originator of the world: its deserts are the oldest in the world, and the native San people (formerly known as Bushmen) are thought to be our common ancestors, due to their high genetic diversity.

There are many ways to explore this beguiling destination. Opt for a self-driving itinerary that takes you south from the Kalahari desert, spotting zebra, oryx and meerkats with San Bushmen, to Etosha National Park, famed for its busy waterholes. For an ultra-special spin on your dream honeymoon, charter a luxury light aircraft and indulge in a private flying safari. From the air, Namibia’s landscape opens up. Enjoy the sight of vast elephant herds, gangly giraffes and great flocks of salmon-pink flamingos.

The iconic Skeleton Coast offers a unique opportunity to meet researchers who are fighting to protect the region’s endangered desert-adapted animals. Here, rare elephants, lions and hyenas have eked out an existence. Meanwhile in Damaraland, some of the world’s best-preserved ancient rock art competes for attention with the opportunity to track black rhino.

If you’re seeking a cultural element to your honeymoon, time spent with the San of the Kalahari and the Himba people will offer you a wonderful insight into life in Namibia for tribal peoples. Wayfairer Travel care deeply about indigenous peoples’ rights, and only partner with communities where there is a clear benefit for the tribe themselves.

For couples on honeymoon, enriching cultural and wildlife experiences such as those detailed above are matched only by accommodation in terms of priority. You can rest assured that in each location, our properties have been hand-picked for their remarkable location, attention to detail, stellar service and sumptuous surrounds.

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